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  1. Things We Saw Today: A TARDIS Tortoise!

    Try saying that ten times fast.

    Headcanon: this is actually Sherlock's pet tortoise, Clyde, who has run off to be with an even more eccentric British gentleman.

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  2. Shut the Front Door, Starbucks To Sell Alcohol Across The US

    Everyone prepare your ridiculously elaborate drink order now.

    Four Loko may be banned, but a strategically covered mermaid is ready to fill the nation's caffeine and alcohol void. Starbucks has announced they will start selling beer and wine across the US as part of an ongoing attempt to fulfill America's every beverage desire.

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  3. What Kind Of Coffee Would Princess Leia Order At Starbucks?

    I See What They Did There

    Now you know. Previously in Star Wars

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  4. Starbucks Introduces System That Lets You Tweet a Coffee to a Friend in Need of Coffee

    You can find us on Twitter @geekosystem. Just throwing that out there.

    Let's say you have a friend on the other side of the country, and you notice from their Twitter feed they've hit a mid-afternoon slump and could use a pick-me-up. Too bad there's no way to send them a coffee through the Internet -- except now there is. Starbucks will let you send friends coffee through Twitter with Tweet-a-Coffee. The future!

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  5. Google Will Provide Better Wi-Fi For All Starbucks Locations

    If their connectivity speeds come in weird pseudo-Italian sizes, though, then I will quit.

    Between being able to monitor our email inboxes, chat logs, and even our Internet history, Google knows almost everything about us -- why not add our coffee preferences on top of that? Because today Google released a blog post saying that starting in August, they'll be in charge of the Wi-Fi connection for all 7,000 Starbucks locations nationwide.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: The Littlest Bender

    Things We Saw Today

    A reddit user recently shared this old Halloween picture of his daughter. I feel like she needs to be holding a sippy cup. (via i09)

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  7. Starbucks Wants to Sell You a $1 Reusable Cup for Your Morning Coffee

    Coffee leviathan Starbucks wants you to kick your morning habit -- no, not your coffee. God, they're not monsters. They just want to see you ditch the disposal cups that so many of us use and then toss into a garbage can -- or, yes, at a particularly annoying co-worker before our second cup. The retailer is banking that they can get more customers using reusable tumblers for their morning joe by crashing the price point, introducing a new reusable coffee cup in their stores in North America that will cost just one dollar.

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  8. Boba Fett Serves You Coffee At The Disney Starbucks

    Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

    Starwarsbucks? Yes, this is exactly the kind of nightmare you had when you heard about Disney buying LucasFilm. It's ok though, Boba Fett is just using this as an undercover opportunity. Previously in Star Wars
    • Online Petition To Build Death Star Is Gaining Traction
    • Samuel L. Jackson Wants Mace Windu Back In Star Wars VII. Obviously.
    • A Star Wars LEGO Proposal!
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  9. Researchers Boost Shared Wi-Fi Signal Strength Up to 700%, Coffee Shop Patrons Rejoice

    Having access to wi-fi in places like coffee shops is wonderful, unless those places get crowded with other people using the same wi-fi connection. That's when speeds drop and problems begin. It's almost enough to make you want to carry around your own hotspot, but thankfully researchers from North Carolina State University have a new way to increase wi-fi speeds up to 700% on crowded networks.

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  10. New Technique Could Turn Day Old Pastries Into Plastic, Slight Upgrade From Current Cardboard State

    We've all tested that el cheapo "Day Old Baked Goods" basket at the cafe, and most of us have been burned by it, whether it's with a chocolate chip cookie that goes to dust in your mouth or a scone you could use to hammer nails. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong, working in conjunction with coffee giant Starbucks, have developed a new use for pastries that have overstayed their welcome. By treating the pastries in a bio-refinery, lead researcher Carol S. K. Lin and her team break down the baked goods into their most basic forms -- strands of simple sugar molecules. Those simple sugars can then get a new lease on life as bioplastics or detergents, turning food bound for the dumpster into your next plastic water cup.

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