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Star Wars Day

  1. Things We Saw Today: Happy Star Wars Day from Samuel L. Jackson

    Things We Saw Today

    Yeah, it's a day late, but you needed to see this. (Digital Spy)

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  2. R2D2 And The International Space Station Wish You A Happy Star Wars Day [Video]

    TK-421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?

    May the Fourth be with you! Our lightsabers are polished, our blue milk is chilled, and our tauntauns have been assured that no one will sleep in them. We're ready to party. Star Wars Day isn't just a planetside holiday, though. As this NASA-sponsored video tells us, there are some fans in low Earth orbit, too. They're just going to need a little help from everybody's favorite astromech droid if they want to get the word out. (via Geekosystem)

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  3. You! Yeah, You! We Want Your Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day Pics!

    May The Force Be With You

    This weekend’s a big one for geekery: Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day (ICYMI, here are the two reviews we did of this year’s offerings), and Sunday is Star Wars Day. We know a lot of our readers are going to be cool cats doing cool cat things on one or both of those days, whether it's dressing up to go to your local comic book store, hosting an Original Trilogy viewing party, or Force choking someone for questioning your ability to squash a Rebel army. And we want pictures! (Unless it's the Force choking thing. We're pretty sure there could be a legal liability issue there.) Here's what we need:

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  4. Quirk Books Staged a Preview of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars On The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Steps

    Did everyone have a lovely Star Wars Day yesterday? Our friends at Quirk Books celebrated May the Fourth with a flash mob preview of their upcoming release William Shakespeare's Star Wars, which as you can probably guess, is a version of Star Wars written in the style of William Shakespeare. The audio in the video isn't great, but they've subtitled it to get the full emotion of Obi-Wan's final battle with Darth Vader across.

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  5. Chris Hadfield Misquotes Yoda, But Has Enough Geek Cred To Get Away With It

    Yesterday was Star Wars Day, and everyone tried to ride the wave of "May The Fourth Be With You," but some did it better than others. Surprisingly, geeky space heart-throb Chris Hadfield misquoted Master Yoda's most famous line in a tweet. We're willing to forgive Hadfield considering all the great things he's done, but also because he sent that tweet from freaking space.

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  6. The Origin of “Do Not Want”

    A factoid in honor of Star Wars day, which is today ('May the Fourth be with you'): The Internet memelet 'do not want' has its origins in a Chinese bootleg version of Star Wars Episode III. Not LOLcats.

    When used as an interjection, No! is often said as 不要 (literally, "do not want" or "do not"). The now-infamous bootleg version of Star Wars Episode III, poorly translated from Chinese to English, translated Darth Vader's cry of "Noooooooo" (不要) as "Do not want"; this translation error became an internet meme.

    (Wikipedia via Eric Spiegelman via Nick Douglas)

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  7. The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Starring … You? [JibJab]

    Today is Star Wars Day, apparently -- something to do with the pun "may the 4th be with you." As our friends at Switched point out via Twitter, a lot of people are apparently searching Google for Star Wars quotes and Yoda quotes right about now. Maybe it's a British thing? The more substantive bit of news on the discerning Star Wars geek's calendar is that the 30th anniversary of the theater release of The Empire Strikes Back is coming up on May 21st, and LucasFilms is going to be making an event of it, with lots of red carpet screenings and charitable events. The folks at online humor studio JibJab have come up with a novel way to celebrate: In collaboration with LucasFilms, they've rolled out a feature on their site that lets you insert the faces of you and your friends into scenes the original Star Wars trilogy. The effect is strange, to say the least:

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