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Stanford University

  1. New Study Explores the Nature of Altruism Using Random Acts of Pizza

    Protip: be poor and sad.

    Want a pizza but don't feel like doing that thing where you pay for it? You can always ask the Internet to send you one. If you're on the right part of Reddit, they actually might, which has some Stanford University researchers curious about why.

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  2. Stanford Researchers Analyze World’s Greatest Picture to Discover Recipe for Reddit Success

    What makes a successful post on Reddit? A lot of things, but laser-eye Abraham Lincoln certainly doesn't hurt.

    After tireless analysis of reams of data, researchers at Stanford University think they've uncovered the formula for success on Reddit. With this weapon in their hands, we can fully expect Stanford scientists and students to conquer Reddit in short order, with the "funny" board becoming 100% devoted to jokes about UC-Berkeley science programs by 2014.

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  3. High-Speed Cameras Create Beautiful Slow-Motion Bird Videos for Science

    Birds: How do they work?

    We know birds can fly, because they do, but we don't know much about how they fly. It probably has something to do with their wings. Part of the problem with studying birds is that they move much faster than we do. That's why students at Stanford University have been using high-speed video cameras to capture slow motion video of birds in flight. The resulting video is really quite beautiful.

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  4. Arguing Could Lead to Better Science Education

    Sometimes it seems that no matter how well an idea is accepted by the scientific community, there's someone out there not willing to believe it. That's why Jonathan Osborne, professor of education at Stanford University, says we should be teaching students how to argue based on evidence, not just cram facts into their head. The challenge, Osborne says, isn't in getting students to argue -- it's getting teachers on board with teaching "argumentation." Why not just argue with them until they agree?

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  5. Here’s What the World Looks Like If You’re a Humboldt Squid

    Stanford researchers have managed for the first time to get an idea of what life looks like from the point of view of the Humboldt squid. You can get a glimpse of things from a squid's perspective in video below as Stanford professor William Gilly explains what National Geographic's Critter Cam helped researchers learn about the animal by following it in it's own habitat.

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  6. Peel-and-Stick Solar Panels Now Reality, Solar-Powered Unicorn Stickers Likely Not Far Off

    One of the most limiting elements of solar power technology so far has been that panels require a rigid surface to support them, making their placement an effort and cost-intensive chore. A new process discovered at Stanford University though, may allow thin and flexible solar panels to be applied to virtually any surface in the near future. The new panels work like decals that can be applied with an adhesive to almost any surface, meaning that middle school children of the future may be able to power their mobile devices with the Lisa Frank stickers on their notebook. Truly, we live in an age of wonders.

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  7. Not Your Imagination: Humanity Getting Progressively Dumber and Crazier

    When the news of the day consists of things like Elmo's underage sex scandal, it's easy to think sometimes that the world and everyone in it is just getting more awful by the minute. According to a recent paper published in the journal Trends in Genetics, it appears that may be exactly the case. In even more depressing news, it seems to be because being intelligent and empathetic are no longer traits that are evolutionarily selected for. Man, we could have told you that.

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  8. Vampires Had It Right: Blood Transfusions From Young Subjects Improve Brain Performance

    In what has to be a strong contender for creepiest news of the week, researchers at Stanford University have found that a transfusion of blood from young mice makes the brains of older mice sharper and more effective. The research is not only ghoulish, but totally galling, meaning that not only vampires but also dictator Kim Jong Il  -- who was long rumored to receive blood transfusions from young virgins, because hey, what's even the point of being a tyrannical dictator if you're not going to be a little batshit loony about it sometimes --may have had a point about the life restoring qualities of other people's blood.

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  9. South Korean Court Upholds 10 Month Jail Sentences For Being A Dick On The Internet

    If anyone was wondering how seriously South Koreans take their rappers educational backgrounds, the answer is: very. A judge in South Korea has upheld the jail sentences of eight people for attempting to defame rapper Tablo on the internet by claiming he did not, as he claimed, have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Stanford University.

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  10. Cooling Glove Works “Better Than Steroids;” Barry Bonds Totally Pissed Off

    Stanford University resarchers may have stumbled on the next wave of performance enhancers for athletes -- a way to cool the core temperature of the whole body with a glove that pulls heat out through the hands. The glove, which has been in trials for years and is getting ready for a commercial debut, uses veins in the hand designed for heat transfer to rapidly cool athletes following workouts, decreasing the time they need to recover and allowing them to get the most our of every moment.

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