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  1. Things We Saw Today: Perfect PJs For The Space-Time Travelers We Currently Are

    These Apollo 11 spacesuit PJs are exactly what I want to lounge around in after hurtling through space into the future on New Years' Day!

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  2. This Series of Superheroes and Villains As Squirrels Is Just Plain Nuts

    In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

    We've shared a few of Santiago Perez's superhero squirrels with you before, but it'd be absolutely squirrely of us not to show you the whole set. Yes, there is a Squirrel Girl squirrel. (via: Geeks Are Sexy)

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  3. Biologists Discover The Giantest Of All Giant Squirrels

    I can see the Syfy Original Movie already.

    Forget Megashark vs. Giant Octopus - we've got something even more terrifying to occupy your nightmares, and this one really exists. A team of biologists, apparently determined to make the world uncomfortable, has found a new species of flying squirrel which is the biggest squirrel species ever - and this sucker is big.

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  4. Bulletproof Squirrel Most Hardcore of All Squirrels

    Pics or it didn't happen? Oh, we've got pics.

    We've talked about the hellscape squirrels will launch us into when they disable our electrical grid. Some of you might think, "Well why don't we just shoot all the squirrels?" Nope! You can't, because squirrels don't care about getting shot. At least this one squirrel doesn't. He was hit with a bullet and just keeps right on squirrelin'.

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  5. Somebody’s Filed a Freedom of Information Act Request To Find Out More about Squirrel-Related Power Outages

    It's called the Freedom of Information Act for a reason, after all -- the hippies finally got something right.

    America's enemies are targeting our power infrastructure and the government is hiding it from us. And no, I don't mean terrorists -- I'm clearly talking about the squirrels who keep chewing through our power lines, as the NYT reported last week. Thank god one courageous woman is ready to get to the bottom of this consquirrelacy.

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  6. The Number of Power Outages Caused by Squirrels this Summer is Nuts

    Maybe if we just give them more nuts they'll stop attacking our power infrastructure?

    Squirrels are pretty much going to launch us all into a nightmare Revolution-like future that, like the show Revolution will be boring and difficult to sit through. At least that's our unfounded takeaway from a New York Times piece outlining a surprisingly high number of power outages caused by squirrels this summer.

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  7. There’s Going to Be a Movie About Killer Squirrels, And Here Is Its Trailer [VIDEO]

    What It Says On the Tin

    I've always said that squirrels are evil masterminds bent on taking over the world! (Seriously. Some friends and I made a short film called The Blair Squirrel Project when I was in high school. We were cool teens.) And now director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) is apparently doing a documentary horror film on that very subject, the pre-production trailer for which you can see above. I say "apparently" because I'm having a hard time believing this movie is really real. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. But whatever. Even if it's part of some hoax cooked up by the squirrel overlords to keep us off our guard in advance of their inevitable attack, it's still a funny trailer. Hit the jump for a synopsis of the (supposed) film.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Breakfast Puns

    Things We Saw Today

    Reddit, via Geeks Are Sexy. Who would Leia be? Princess Leia Omeletta? Is a cinnamon bun reference too easy?

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  9. Squirrels Teach Robots To Lie, Nobody Questions Whether That’s A Good Idea

    Disappointed that your Roomba can't clean your house while also telling you that you that shirt your girlfriend hates looks great on you? Researchers at Georgia Tech are working hard to solve that problem by teaching robots to lie, and they're taking lessons in lying from some of nature's most deceptive animals -- squirrels. Because hey, what could possibly go wrong with that plan, which you can see in action below?

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  10. Animals as Superheroes, Squirrel and Manatee Edition

    Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

    Say it with me: OH, THE SU(per)MANATEE! Thank you, thank you, why yes, I do spend all my time on the internet. You should probably stop listening to me now and just look at the pretty pictures.

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