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Squirrel Girl

  1. Pull It Together: Hawkeye, Saga, and Squirrel Girl Return!

    We've got issues. Lots of issues.

    Welcome to Pull It Together, where the goal is to narrow the massive field of comic book titles to the ones you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list; it’s about what could be on yours!

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  2. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2

    Marvel's The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 just hit stores this week (check out our interview with writer Ryan North!) but Marvel Comics just dropped a super-cool exclusive at our door - The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2!

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  3. Interview: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’s Ryan North Talks Nuts, Fighting Galactus, & Hazelnut Lip-smacking

    The all-ages friendly comic is in stores today!

    The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, in stores and available digitally today, is being written by Ryan North (Adventure Time, Original Sins) with art by Erica Henderson (Bravest Warriors, Subatomic Party Girls). Just before the launch of the book, I email interviewed the dinosaur-loving (purely platonic) North for The Mary Sue. Find out what he had to say!

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  4. Pull It Together: Squirrel Girl, Peggy Carter, Lady Killer, and More!

    We've got issues. Lots of issues.

    Squirrel Girl! Peggy Carter! Ms. Marvel's creator takes over X-Men! Stepford Wives who are really hitwomen! COMICS!

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  5. Nut Up: It’s a Marvel Preview for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1!

    "I'm currently re-evaluating the choices that lead me to a criminal liiiiiife!"

    The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, the first ongoing series for the unlikeliest rodent-based superhero since Batman, is hitting shelves in a mere month (and four days)! Enjoy this cover, two unlettered pages from the interior of the first issue (featuring everybody's lion-head-as-a-vest-wearing-villain), and two pages of preview pages featuring the Squirrel Girl theme song we'll be singing all holiday season.

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  6. This is Not a Drill: Marvel Announces Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Ongoing Series

    It's a good day to be a Great Lakes Avenger.


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  7. Things We Saw Today: Cyberpunk Sailor Senshi

    If Usagi found herself in Ghost in the Shell.

    W. Scott Forbes took our favorite Sailor Senshi and cyberpunk'd them. We will now never rest until we get a run-down Crystal Tokyo dystopian cyberpunk Sailor Moon remake. (via Tumblr)

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  8. So Marvel Is Doing Something With Squirrel Girl as Evidenced by New Trademark

    If we're going to buy talking raccoons...

    On July 18, 2014, a trademark was filed by Marvel to protect Squirrel Girl. Ohhhhh boy. That's relatively big news for the character, considering Marvel mostly files such trademarks when it feels it has something new to protect—like, say, a character in an upcoming TV show or movie.

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  9. You Can Now Play As Squirrel Girl in Marvel Heroes, And She’s Maybe Kind Of Awesome?

    Her squirrel sidekick is named Monkey Joe, and that's about as much sense as this character ever makes.

    Marvel Heroes, the Marvel Universe MMORPG penned by Brian Michael Bendis, already allows you to combat evil as a bunch of your favorite superheroes. They've even got some obscure-ish folks on the roster, like Cable, Rocket Raccoon, and Nova. But, guys, everything is about to get awesome, because now - now you can play as Squirrel Girl.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Live Long and Prepare Baked Goods with This Vulcan Oven Mitt

    Things We Saw Today

    Vulcan oven mitt, available at ThinkGeek, via That's Nerdalicious!

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