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  1. I’m A Sucker For These Octopus Chandeliers

    It Belongs in a Museum!

    You may be one of those people who already find tentacles beautiful but artist Adam Wallacavage makes them even more so. And suitable for home use! Take a look as some of the gorgeous chandeliers he's created using the creepy-crawly bits  (you can also see more on his blog). (via io9)

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  2. Oceanographer Edith Widder Explains How She Found the Kraken for the Discovery Channel

    she blinded me with science

    Edith Widder is an oceanographer and inventor who, as she explains in her TED talk, put together a camera rig designed to be as interesting and unthreatening to a giant squid as possible. And while hearing about her process and reasoning behind the rig that captured much of the first footage of living giant squid in their natural habitat is definitely interesting, I think the camera that captured the reaction of these scientists and biologists upon seeing the squid for the first time deserves special mention as well. (via Gizmodo.)

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  3. Daily Tentacle: A Teaser for the First Footage of A Giant Squid in its Natural Habitat

    Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

    About a month ago the Discovery Channel announced that a group of its filmmakers, equipped with a submersible and some unfortunate bait, have captured the first footage of a living giant squid in its natural habitat in history. Since then, we've been waiting a they teased us with the knowledge of its existence. Okay, maybe I've been waiting, but then I was a kid who always inched with horrified fascination over to the darkest corner of the Hall of the Oceans in the Museum of Natural History to peer into the murky squid/spermwhale diorama to glimpse that battle of titans. Anyway, the Week has found a Japanese program who got just a little bit of the footage as a teaser.

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  4. Squid Girls Can Hula Better Than You

    eye candy

    You may think hula is easy but it actually takes a lot of skill and practice. Unfortunately, those of us with only two legs and arms are at a disadvantage next to these pretty squid girls by artist Erika Taguchi-Newton

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  5. Things We Saw Today: P. Pony Ponyson (and Thor We Saw)

    Things We Saw Today

    Giving a bad name to tabloid, sensationalistic pony journalism. (At Full of Whoa)

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  6. Things We Saw Today: The Gentleman Squid

    Things We Saw Today

    Well, good evening to you! (Laughing Squid)

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  7. Geekolinks: 7/1

    Foreign Policy weighs in on zombie invasions (FP)

    Neat video of deep-sea squids in action (Culturing Science)

    Gameblogguu: Something Awful's Kotaku parody (Something Awful)

    Fans express their displeasure with The Last Airbender (YouTube)

    30 years later, we can finally pause Atari 2600 games (Retro Thing)

    Kinect preorders in the UK are very low (Gamerzines)

    Sorry, Etsy seller, but that is not remotely steampunk (Regretsy)


    (title image via Sean Malstrom)

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