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  1. Scripps National Spelling Bee Ends in (Adorable) Tie For First Time In 52 Years

    Stalemate: s-t-a-i-doh!

    Today in sports we care about, last night's 89th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee was one for the books. For the first time since '62, two charmingly precocious smartypants tied for first place in what co-winner Sriram Hathwar described as a "competition against the dictionary, not each other."

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  2. Spelling Mistakes Can Be Really Expensive For Online Businesses

    You would think that with the invention of spell check and the rise of digital text, the problem of spelling errors would have disappeared entirely. Maybe not from pen and paper correspondence, but at least from word processed text. Or you might have been thinking that around the time spell check was invented, because by now you probably know all too well how misspelled words can just slip right by you like they're actively trying to. Yes, spelling errors are still occurring even in spite of those magical red squiggle lines, and according to a recent interview conducted by the BBC, they could be costing internet businesses millions of dollars. At face value, the proposition that spelling counts for millions of dollars seems a little far-fetched, but when you think about the way we interact with digital media, it makes a lot of sense. First of all, there's the issue of search engines. If your product is misspelled, you aren't going to get nearly as many hits as you deserve, a situation that is made even worse by search engines that will correct a misspelled search term, robbing misspelled results from even getting any "a stopped clock is right twice a day" hits. On top of that, digital sales interactions are just plain sketchier than brick and mortar ones because you don't get to see people right in front of you. Sure, there are plenty of reputable sites out there, but the minute you end up off the beaten path and see one too many spelling errors (or just one), you find yourself wondering if there's a person at the other end or just a computer with a really bad dictionary.

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  3. U Mad? Study Says Internet Leads to Bad Spelling Among Children

    This may come as no surprise to anyone who's visited an online forum lately, but according to a study recently released by the English Spelling Society, online social sites have made incorrect spelling of words a widely accepted phenomenon. To an extent, that makes sense: If one is writing something quickly in a chat window and accidentally sends out the word "liek" instead of "like," the general meaning is still conveyed, and the person with whom he or she is talking can quickly guess that such a typo occurred. But the brazen younger generation wants more than mere understanding: They want change. According to the study, 66% of the 18- to 24-year-olds surveyed "believe that dictionaries should contain variant spellings."

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