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  1. Spain Is Working on an Unauthorized Middle-Earth Theme Park

    The world is indeed full of peril.

    Welcome... to MIDDLE-EARTH!

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  2. Game of Thrones Will Film in Spain This Fall, Has Already Attracted Thousands of Extras

    My, that's a lot of Spaniards.

    Game of Thrones is set to begin filming its fifth season in Belfast sometime this month, but in September they're also going to begin filming in southern Spain. You know what that means—Dorne is coming! Dorne is coming!

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  3. A Town in Spain Hired a Poo Detective, Sorry Space Lawyers, There’s a New Most Entertaining Job

    Magnum P.O.O.

    We've all, at one time or another, stepped in a pile of someone else's pet poop and thought, "Man, if only I could find the person responsible for this and make them pay." Well, a town in Spain finally made that a reality by hiring a poo detective to seek out and find these dastardly poo-petrators.

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  4. Apple Uncovers 15th-Century Hospital Ruins While Building New Madrid Store

    I guess when you're digging in a city as old as Madrid you're bound to find some ruins.

    Apple is currently building their fourth store in the city of Madrid, Spain, but they've hit a small snag. During construction they unearthed some ruins of a 15th-century hospital. Fun fact: They were actually expecting to hit some 15th-century ruins. We guess it happens a lot. It sounds like it would be harder to dig in Madrid and not find any ruins.

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  5. You Can Get Your Hands on the First Firefox OS Phone, but Only in Spain

    Tu quieres Firefox OS phone?

    The ZTE Open, the first commercial Firefox OS phone, released this month, but so far it's only available in Spain with a few other countries coming soon. The specifications hardly compare to high-end smartphones, but you really can't beat the price. The ZTE Open retails for €69, or about $88.

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  6. School Bus Service in Spain Gets Cut, So Mothers Pose for a Semi-Nude Calendar to Pay For It Their Own Darn Selves

    Assuming Direct Control

    Spain, as much of the world, isn't doing too well economically. After the country's construction bubble popped the government instituted sizable budget cuts, including to schools, many of which now charge way too much for lunches and have had to cut bus services. Dozens of kids at Evaristo Calayatud in Valencia now have to walk nearly four miles over unpaved roads to get to school. But a group of mothers aren't having it. If the government can't afford school buses, well, they're just going to raise the money themselves. By posing for a semi-nude calendar.

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  7. Prehistoric Nest Suggests Flamingos are Among the Planet’s Longest-Surviving Species

    The extremely exclusive list of prehistoric creatures that are still alive and kicking just got a little bigger. Based on creatures like the horseshoe crab and the crocodile, known for evolving to their modern forms millions of year ago, you might expect the new addition to be reptilian or some deep-sea creature. You'd probably never even think about the majestic flamingo, which scientists believe may have been around over 18 million years ago.

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  8. First Solar Power Plant That Can Generate Electricity Without Sunlight Opens

    A recently opened solar power plant near Seville in southern Spain, is the first of its kind to be able to generate electricity from sunlight during the day and still retain enough heat to continue generating energy all the way through the night. The $410 million Gemasolar plant has a output of 20 megawatts, although at the moment, it does not produce at full capacity when the sun isn't out.

    The plant is of the heliostatic variety, meaning that it doesn't derive its power from photovoltaics, but rather from the raw heat energy of sunlight. A series of concentric mirrors, 2,650 in this case, direct the sunlight at centrally located salt tanks. The heat melts the salt, which boils water around it, and the steam generated turns the turbines. The salt tanks' ability to retain heat is what affords the plant up to 15 hours of sunless energy generation.

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  9. Spanish Government and Google In Court Over Right To Be Forgotten

    While many in the United States are working on search engine optimization and crazy antics to get more and better hits on Google, there are at least 90 people in Spain who are doing just the opposite. The Spanish government, having ordered Google to remove people who attempted to "opt out" by sending formal complaints to Spain's Data Protection Agency, is now engaged in a lawsuit with the Internet giant and the rift between European ideas of privacy and American ones has been brought to bear.

    The whole issue started as a result of an official Spanish government gazette in which certain information about citizens is published by law. All was well and good until the gazette was digitalized and subsequently indexed on search engines at which point individuals have complained, citing their right to privacy and right to be forgotten.

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  10. Spanish Police Reportedly Arrest 3 Men Suspected of PSN Hack

    According to the New York Times, Spanish police have detained three men "suspected of computer hacking in connection with recent cyberattacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network as well as corporate and government Web sites around the world." Sony's PSN woes have been the tech security fiasco of the year to this point, with the online gaming network brought down for more than a month following a breach that may left "customer names, addresses, usernames, passwords and as many as 2.2 million credit card numbers" exposed.

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  11. Amazing Human Towers [Video]

    Nothing makes you feel like you've accomplished nothing with your day than watching hundreds of people join together for amazing feats of human strength and ingenuity. This is Castell, a Catalonian game in which a team builds and disassembles a human tower repeatedly. Interestingly, the tower is not considered complete until a designated team member surmounts the structure, crossing over and down the other side. But as you can see from the failed towers, it's clearly not for the faint of heart. Especially since in this game, the people form the safety net. (via The Next Web)

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  12. Spanish Woman Wants To Charge Everyone To Use The Sun, Which She Now Owns

    Angeles Duran, like many before her, has decided that a weird quirk of international law makes it possible for individuals to make claim on extraterrestrial real estate. Unlike others, however, she decided to make a claim on a celestial body that actually has a minute to minute effect on at least half of the globe at any time. And that's not counting its reflection off the surface of the moon. Ms. Duran, of course, has made a notarized, registered claim on the star we call the Sun, and says she's going to start charging people to use it.

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  13. Five More Rivalries We Need Paul the Psychic Octopus to Settle

    Paul the psychic octopus, everyone's favorite animal oracle who's guessed the outcomes of Germany's 2010 World Cup matches with 100% accuracy, has made his selection for the winner: While his owner has cautioned that Paul's expertise is in German matches, Paul has come to the conclusion that Spain will ultimately beat the Netherlands.

    With a perfect record so far, there might just be something to this tentacled teller of fortunes. And that's why we've decided to ask Paul five more pressing questions that need an official answer. Which choices will Paul ooze his way into? Only Paul knows. And with some of the world's most important debates presented before him, Paul will have to summon the full power of the cosmos. Or however the flip he does it.

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  14. Auf Wiedersehen? Psychic Octopus Predicts German Defeat in World Cup Semifinal Match Against Spain


    Achtung, Deutschland: The so-called "psychic octopus" that's thus far predicted the outcomes of Germany's 2010 World Cup matches with 100% accuracy, most recently calling the German victory against Argentina, has a rather more gloomy prediction for Germany's quarterfinal match against Spain, which takes place tomorrow at 2:30pm EDT: He's predicted that Spain will win the match. But there's still a glimmer of hope for Germany's fans:

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