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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

space travel

she blinded me with science

Let’s Hear From the Lady Astronaut Who Taught Gravity‘s Sandra Bullock About Life in Outer Space

We’ve been a bit obsessed with Gravity as of late, for several reasons: Space! A lady astronaut! Alfonso Cuarón! All those amazing, terrifying trailers! So, needless to say, we were very interested when an interview with Cady Coleman crossed our path. You see, Coleman is the NASA astronaut who taught Gravity star Sandra Bullock about living in space… from space.


To Boldly Go

At Least 78,000 Want Off Earth, Sign Up For One-Way Ticket To Mars

An application went out two weeks ago from a Dutch non-profit organization called Mars One. They were looking for a few people who want to go to Mars. Forever. They had 78,000 people respond. 


she blinded me with science

Star Wars Has Lied to Us: Traveling Through Hyperspace Would Actually Look Pretty Boring

Also, there is just no way you can measure Force sensitivity with a blood test. I refuse to accept that. George Lucas, you’ve tricked me for the last time.

Physics students at the University of Leicester took it upon themselves to discover what the view from a spaceship traveling near the speed of light would actually look like. And… well, it’s the right side of the image up above. Just a blurry circular gradient. Bummer.


To Boldly Go

Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Tweets At CSA’s Commander Hadfield

It’s one thing to see science and science-fiction collide in something like the real sonic screwdriver, but it’s another when characters are involved. Star Trek’s own Captain Kirk, William Shatner, was recently spotted tweeting at the Canadian Space Agency’s Commander Chris Hadfield. About space. While Hadfield was actually in space headed for the International Space Station. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

(Why Evolution is True via Tipster Rebecca)

Previously in Star Trek


The Final Frontier

Warp Drive Might Actually Become a Real Thing; We’ll Wait

Well, we already have communicators and hyposprays; Microsoft is working on the Holodeck; and now it looks like humanity might invent the warp drive in the (probably still not very near) future.



NASA Did It – We’re One Step Closer To Vacations On Mars

“Nothing like this has ever happened before,” said James Holdren, President Barack Obama’s space advisor. “It’s an enormous step forward in planetary exploration.” After sailing through space for more than eight months, the Mars Science Lab–also known as Curiosity–touched down on Mars last night, landing inside a really ancient space crater. 


Good News Everyone!

China’s First Woman Astronaut Triumphantly Returns From Space

Remember Liu Yang, China’s first female taikonaut, who blasted off into space earlier this month? She returned to Earth today when the the Shenzhou-IX spacecraft landed safely in Inner Mongolia at 10:05 local time (02:05 GMT).


Today in Boobs

As China’s First Woman Sits In Space, Sally Ride Celebrates The 29th Anniversary Of Her Mission

We were thrilled to bring you the news last week that China had chosen Liu Yang as their first woman astronaut. Read on for details about the launch, which coincidentally enough, happened very close to the anniversary of trail blazer Sally Ride’s first space mission. 



The International Space Station Crew Gets A Private Screening Of The Avengers…IN SPAAAAACE!

Marvel Comics characters have plenty of experience with space stations. The Lighthouse, Avalon, and Sentinal Space Stations have housed all kinds of intelligent minds but until now, the real-world International Space Station hasn’t housed any superheroes (that we’re aware of). That’s about to change. Marvel has arranged for the crew to get a special screening of The Avengers


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Alfred, The Only Sensible Member Of The Batfamily

This is a fan-made take on the recent Dark Knight Rises posters which featured Batman, Catwoman, and Bane. Only Guilherme Zanettini decided to spotlight some of the secondary characters like Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and Deputy Commissioner Foley. And well, it is raining in these posters afterall… (via MTV Splash Page