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  1. Crowdfunded ARKYD Space Telescope Lets You Put Your Face in Space, Take Space Selfies

    I'm probably not ever going to space, but for $25 I can make a space telescope take my picture? You've got yourself a deal.

    Asteroid mining company Planetary Resources has a new venture on their hands, and they've turned to Kickstarter to fund it. They want to launch the ARKYD, a space telescope that's not only crowdfunded, but actually crowd controlled. They've already hit their goal, but there's still time to fund it for some sweet rewards like time controlling the telescope, and a very affordable option to have a photo of you displayed on the ARKYD while it takes a space selfie with your picture and the Earth as the background.

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  2. Too Beautiful for This Universe: Herschel Space Telescope Shuts Down for Good

    It's with great sadness today that we bring you news of the passing of the Herschel Space Observatory. After more than three years of dutiful service to astronomers and appreciators of the beauty of space, the telescope's supply of liquid helium coolant has run dry, and it is officially out of commission.

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  3. We Hardly Knew Ye: ESA’s Herschel Space Telescope Powering Down for Good

    Since it's launch in 2009, the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Telescope has treated us to some truly amazing images of space. All good things must come to an end, though, and the ESA's shiniest toy is just about out of time. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, the liquid helium tanks that provide coolant for the telescope's impressive instrumentation will run dry, marking the close of a good run for one of the most powerful instruments ever used to capture images of space.

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  4. NASA Now Accepting Proposals on What to Do With Their Spiffy New Telescopes

    Back in June, it was revealed that the National Reconnaissance Office would be gifting NASA with two high-end secret space telescopes. Why an intelligence agency would just unload two expensive telescopes like that remains a mystery, but NASA's perfectly happy to take their leftovers considering the budget they operate under. The agency's now accepting proposals from the community on what to do with their newfound plethora of scopes. Please, nobody suggest a thorough study of Uranus.

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  5. NASA WISE Mission Finds Millions of New Black Holes, 1,000 Superhot Galaxies For Good Measure

    NASA was teasing some big news about black holes yesterday, and this afternoon, we know what that is. The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope has found millions of black holes dotting the universe, as well as more than 1,000 of the brightest galaxies ever observed, which have gone unobserved until now because they are shrouded with dust that has hidden them from view. This despite the galaxies in question being as much as 100 trillion times brighter than our Sun.

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  6. NASA Given Two Secret Space Telescopes U.S. Intelligence Agency Just Had Lying Around

    NASA budgets are famously quite tight, and the space agency's science programs have been under particular strain as of late. At issue is the James Webb Space Telescope, which has been plagued by delays and cost overruns, and has generally made it hard for NASA to do science under budget. Thankfully, the National Reconnaissance Office just happened to have two high-end secret space telescopes sitting around in Rochester, New York, and now they're giving them to NASA.

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