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  1. Things We Saw Today: Cyberpunk Sailor Senshi

    If Usagi found herself in Ghost in the Shell.

    W. Scott Forbes took our favorite Sailor Senshi and cyberpunk'd them. We will now never rest until we get a run-down Crystal Tokyo dystopian cyberpunk Sailor Moon remake. (via Tumblr)

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  2. Things We Saw Today: A Beautiful Book Of Diverse Women In Sci-Fi And Fantasy That Needs Our Support

    Donate all the money!

    Artist Julie Dillon is running a Kickstarter campaign for this gorgeous book of fantasy art called Imagined Realms, a book of "positive and diverse illustrations of women in fantasy and science fiction," and we are definitely going to be donating. (via io9)

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  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Announced


    The track list for Guardians of the Galaxy's soundtrack was released today. It's just as epic as you'd imagine!

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  4. Sword & Sworcery EP Soundtrack Released on Vinyl, Casette Tape

    In the world of iOS games, disposable thrills are the norm. Games like Tiny Wings and Angry Birds are fun, but beyond killing some time, they don't really stick with you. The creative group Superbrothers sought to change that with their Sword & Sworcery EP, creating a game built upon haunting imagery and a strange, otherworldly soundtrack. Now, that soundtrack can be yours on handsome, sturdy 180 gram vinyl or on a far more portable cassette tape. Oh, and digital download as well -- but who still uses MP3s anymore.

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  5. Daft Punk: Latest TRON: Legacy “Leaks” Are Fake

    The Daft Punk camp has dismissed the latest YouTube uploads purporting to be their full, leaked TRON: Legacy soundtrack. As funky and Daft Punk-esque as some tracks may sound, the only real music from the film so far has been the six excerpts posted by Seattle radio station The End. They have since been taken down by Disney, but are still available in shorter form on the official TRON site. (via Pitchfork)

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  6. Rumor: Lucas Engineers Remix Star Wars Sound Again, But Why?

    Apparently, remastering Star Wars went so well the first two times, they decided to do it again! Well, the sound at least. Sound engineers Matt Wood and David Acord spoke in a podcast about how they've re-remixed the Star Wars soundtrack, focusing for the most part on the detail of Obi-Wan's epic bellow. But in addition to providing some great banter, the engineers revealed some pretty enticing snippets near the end of that episode of ForceCast:
    And, to be honest, that sound effect has been changed again. So at some point the audiences will be hearing that scene again with the new sound effect.
    WHAAAAT? What new presentation of the Star Wars films could this be for? Well, there are two main possibilities.

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  7. You Can Listen to the Entire Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack on YouTube

    A newly created YouTube account has been causing quite a stir this weekend. Someone, under the user name MahitoYokota, has uploaded the entire soundtrack of the just-released Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is unknown, at this point, whether this is the account of the real Mahito Yokota, a co-composer of the soundtrack.

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