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Sophie Turner

  1. Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner and Rose Leslie Have Horror Movies Coming Out, And We Have Trailers

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    For Game of Thrones fans who aren't total wimps when it comes to horror films (no judgement), Sophie Turner's Another Me and Rose Leslie's Honeymoon belong on your to-watch list.

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  2. Another Day, Another Interview Where Sophie Turner Says Great Things About Game of Thrones‘ Sansa Stark

    Lemon cakes for everyone!

    Things I love about Game of Thrones: The theme song. The drama. Stannis Baratheon (come on, you saw that coming). The way Sophie Turner will go all mama bear on Sansa Stark at the drop of a hat. I like to think when baristas ask for her name at Starbucks, she says "Sophie. But I play a character named Sansa. And, you know, Sansa is awesome because..." And the barista just stands there, transfixed, because you know what? Sansa is awesome. And she does get too much hate.

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  3. Detail Shots of Sansa Stark’s New Game of Thrones Dress In All Its Sith-tastic Glory

    I will make it legal!

    Several commenters in our post on the best moments in "The Mountain and the Viper" pointed out that Sansa's new duds are reminiscent of those worn by Dark Lily—Mia Sara once she goes eeeevil—in Legend. It's a fair comparison, if Sansa's version has substantially less boobage than Lily's (thank you). Others have posited Petyr and Sansa as a Sith master and apprentice. Photoshop all the lightsabers! Regardless of the cultural reference, I want this dress. If the quick glimpse we got in the episode wasn't enough for you, we have several other pics behind the cut, courtesy of WinterIsComing.net on Tumblr.

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  4. Game of Thrones Roundup: George RR Martin Might Need to Write 8 Books, Sophie Turner Defends Sansa Stark, And More

    Winter Is Coming

    Of course he might. Gotta say, the Game of Thrones fandom is the only one where this news would be met by "Oh for f*ck's sake" rather than "Yaaaaay, more books!" Also in this post: Sophie Turner defending Sansa Stark to the haters and Emilia Clarke explaining Daenerys' emotions in her big "The Mountain and the Viper" scene.

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  5. A Frank Discussion of Game of Thrones‘s Rape Scene And Its Epidemic of Sexual Violence

    The Mary Sue

    Since last Sunday, the Internet has been abuzz with talk of Game of Thrones' controversial rape scene. We touched on it in our recap and shared with you the responses of the scene's director, co-writer, and one of its actors, plus A Song of Ice and Fire scribe George R.R. Martin. But we hadn't written a post specifically on our personal thoughts on scene, because...well, because we have a lot of them. There's much to unpack about rape culture, storytelling tropes, and the responsibility of fiction. So Jill Pantozzi and Rebecca Pahle, along with Geekosystem's Victoria McNally, sat down to hash it all out. Below you'll find our uncensored discussion on the scene and why, specifically, it made us boil with seething, all-encompassing rage.

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  6. Arya and Sansa Stark Will Be a Pair of Li’l Badasses In This Season of Game of Thrones

    Less than a week to go until it's time to log into our parents' HBO Go account turn on the TV and watch the season four premiere of Game of Thrones. Deep breaths, everyone. To whet your appetite, we have some miscellaneous bits and bobs from the many, many cast interviews that have been popping up. Specifically: Sophie Turner and Rory McCann talking about Sansa haters and what season four holds for the Stark daughters.

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  7. Game of Thrones Interview Roundup: Female Characters, Unlikely Jokesters, and Nudity

    We've a week and a half to go until season four of Game of Thrones premieres, and you know what that means: The press junket is in full force. We've combed through the bajillion cast interviews floating around to provide you with the tastiest morsels. Behind the jump: Gwendoline Christie on Brienne and femininity, Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones's female characters, Kit Harginton and Jon Snow chiming in on the show's nudity, and more.

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  8. Sophie Turner Joins Teenage Assassin Movie As An Undercover Agent

    It is known

    Stark. Sansa Stark.

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  9. The Game Of Thrones Cast In – National Lannister’s Summer Vacation

    Winter Is Coming

    Buzzfeed recently pulled pictures from the Instagram feeds of Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Pedro Pascal, Finn Jones and others that make it seem like the entire cast of Game of Thrones took one epic vacation together. In the words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there."

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  10. Your Daily Pick-Me-Up: Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner Adopted Her Character’s Pet Direwolf

    In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

    We just thought you should know. More from Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner how she came to own the coolest pet ever is behind the cut.

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