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  1. Facebook Creates “Couples Pages” For Its Paired-Up Users and There Ain’t Nothin’ You Can Do About It

    Meddling Kids

    Are you in a relationship? Does Facebook know about it? If so, you and your significant other now have your very own couples page! Er… just what you've always wanted?

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  2. Myspace & Justin Timberlake Try To Become Relevant Again With Social Network Relaunch

    In Which We Don't Make An Obvious Pun

    Have you thought about Myspace lately? If I were a betting kind of gal, I'd say probably just as much as you've though Justin Timberlake's music career. Did you know, the musician/actor who starred in a film based on the creation of Facebook is trying to make Myspace popular again? This should be fun to watch. 

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  3. That Time Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart & William Shatner Tweeted About Horrible Time Warner Cable Service

    Dammit Jim!

    Last week, I was delighted to find out Star Trek: The Next Generation's Sir Patrick Stewart was not only on Twitter, but his username was @SirPatStew. I marveled at him having the same problem many Brooklyn, New York residents have (he recently moved there) - horrible service from cable companies. In this particular instance, Stewart was complaining about Time Warner Cable and it just so happens William Shatner has been shaking his fist at the same company from the West Coast. 

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  4. New Breast Cancer Social Network Launches For Women

    Today in Boobs

    There doesn't seem to be much press for social networking sites that aren't Facebook these days but that doesn't mean they're the only game in town. MyBCTeam is a new site aimed at women who are dealing with breast cancer. 

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  5. 101-Year-Old Florence Detlor Is Facebook’s Oldest User

    Today in Awesome

    My mom isn't on Facebook, and for that I'm grateful, but boy do I think it's cool that this other lady is a registered user. Florence Detlor is 101-years-old and recently got the VIP treatment at Facebook headquarters. She also met with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: There’s Going to Be A Sequel to Finding Nemo

    Things We Saw Today

    Monster's Inc prequel, the possibility of a Hocus Pocus sequel; we've already been struck by how hard the film industry has been working recently to hit twenty-s0methings in the nostalgia spot. Now we're even more convinced. Why? Because they're making a sequel to the 2003 Pixar sea-romp Finding Nemo. Director Andrew Stanton has already signed on. But considering Nemo was *SPOILER ALERT* found at the end of the first film, we're wondering how they're gonna play this one. Is he gonna "find" himself emotionally as a teenager fish? Finding Emo? (via MTV)

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  7. Washington State Is The First To Offer Voter Registration On Facebook


    Facebook can be annoying sometimes. Ok...a lot of the time. While some people avoid the social networking site like the plague, others get a lot of use out of it. Pretty soon it will serve a very important function - allowing users to register to vote. At least if you live in Washington State. Read on for details.

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  8. WikiLeaks Launching Its Own Encrypted Social Network That Actually Sounds Kind Of Neat

    Everybody has a social network nowadays, and if Anonymous has one and there's one that helps you find people with similar intestinal bacteria, it should come as no surprise that WikiLeaks is announcing its own encrypted social network called FoWL for "Friends of WikiLeaks." What might come as a surprise is that parts of it actually sound really neat.

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  9. Color Us Surprised: 60% of Facebook Users Don’t Trust That Their Info Will Be Kept Private

    Elsewhere on the internet

    If Facebook's has a reputation for not exactly being discrete with its users information, it's got nobody to blame but itself. Automatic opt-in privacy changes that are difficult to edit and its CEO's public stance that everybody should just wise up, step into the 21st century, and make all their data public and online do not exactly inspire confidence. And as Facebook prepares to go public in a somewhat different way, that is, with its initial public offering just a few days from now, it's no wonder people are focusing on its sometimes contentious relationship with its userbase. The Associated Press and CNBC got together to administer a poll to more than one thousand American Facebook users (who make up the largest national majority of the userbase) and Americans, and found that 59% of the users polled had little or no trust in Facebook to keep their information private.

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  10. Legislation Banning Employer Requests For Facebook Passwords Reaches the House of Representatives

    Meddling Kids

    At the end of March, we learned that members of the United States Congress -- meaning the House of Representatives and the Senate -- were officially looking into drafting a bill that would disallow employers from asking potential hires for private login information for their Facebook accounts. States had been instituting laws on their own, but after more and more stories came out about people feeling pressured to hand over their private information by someone in the position of giving them a job, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal said that enough was enough -- this is something that needs to be dealt with on a national level. And now, the Social Networking Online Protection Act has made it to the House of Representatives while the Senate continues to work on their own version. Important question: Do we get to call it SNOPA? I'm going to call it SNOPA.

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  11. DeadSocial Lets Your Zombified Social Networking Accounts Soldier On After You Die

    Let's say you like social networking a lot. Like, a lot. You wouldn't want anything to impede your ability to post Photo Booth pictures to your timeline or tweet out pictures of your breakfast, right? Thanks to DeadSocial, not even death will stand in your way. The new startup will allow users to connect their Google+, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to a calender where they can schedule updates that will issue from beyond the grave, because who doesn't want their zombified social media accounts going around posting stuff on their own, right?

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  12. Pinterest is Now the Third Most Popular Social Network, Trailing Facebook and Twitter

  13. The Facebook Privacy Issue Is Heading to Capitol Hill


    The cherry blossoms are a-blooming, and that means it's time for a Washington, D.C.-related post, following the inner workings of the sausage factory we call the government. And in this case, it finally doesn't involve transvaginal probing! No, this is an update to a story we brought you yesterday, concerning the issue of employers asking potential hires for their Facebook usernames and passwords. We briefly mentioned that one U.S. senator was introducing federal legislation to stop that, and now another has joined him. Which leads us to ask: "So, what do you think Chuck Schumer is really trying to hide on his Facebook profile, you guys?"

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  14. Dear Employers Asking For Facebook Passwords: Not Cool. Love, Facebook

    Assuming Direct Control

    Something that is actually happening in the world today is the act of employers asking the people they might employ for their Facebook passwords for the purpose of seeing what a person does in their private time when the company is not responsible for them. If that sounds like a blatant privacy violation to you, then you are not alone. Apparently, just looking for someone's profile to see if they were apt to spend their off-hours drinking alcoholic beverages and other unbecoming things was not enough -- they wanted to actually log in and read everything a person was doing, writing, and posting on Facebook. And now, Facebook is announcing that they are not okay with that and might file lawsuits against a company who did this to a potential hire. And now, this is one of those rare times I'm on Facebook's side.

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  15. Twitter Rallies to Help a Couple Plan Their Wedding When Their Planner’s Business Folds

    And All Was Right With the World

    Imagine, for a moment, that you're about to get married to your beloved. The wedding is six weeks away and as far as you know, the company planning your wedding has everything ready to roll by the special date. But instead of being as enthused and ready as you are, they go out of business instead. And keep all that money to paid them, despite not providing the services they promised. What does one do? Well, if you have a Twitter account, you tell your followers about it on Twitter (while also probably bawling in private). And if you have amazing followers on Twitter, they will pitch in to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, even get it some celebrity attention. This is what happened to Lauren and Dan Welch. Get ready for your feel-good story of the day!

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  16. More Grandmotherly Advice On Social Media, Because We Need It

    Wise Words

    Good news, everyone! Artist Chacho Puebla and his great-aunt are back with more social media advice! We posted the first installment of Puebla's photo project back in November, and we are happy to bring you even more internet wisdom from a woman who probably doesn't use it, but certainly knows the meaning of etiquette. And, perhaps, wry humor.

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  17. Why Are Women More Likely to Delete Friends on Social Networks Than Men?

    Elsewhere on the internet

    A new study by the Pew Research Centre's internet and American Life Project reveals some interesting numbers about how we all express ourselves on social networking sites. For example, a majority of us -- 58 percent -- choose to set our profiles to private on sites like Facebook. But where it diverges a little bit between men and women is who is more likely to make their profiles private -- 67 percent of women make their profiles private, but less than half of men (48 percent) do the same. As for who deletes more of their "friends"? Again, 67 percent of women -- about two thirds -- have reported deleting friends while just 58 percent of men have done the same. Are women simply more guarded on the internet these days? Or do men care that much less?

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  18. U.K. High Court Has Allowed Court Summons To Be Served Via Facebook

    Whether you like it or not, social networks are weaseling their way further into the very fabric of our everyday life. That being the case, you might not be surprised that they're working their way further into the legal system. For instance, a High Court judge in the U.K. has recently ruled that you can totally serve court summons via Facebook since some people out there seem to be impossible to reach any other way. Yes, we've come to that.

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  19. Hey, Look! There Is a Man on Pinterest, and His Name Is Mark Zuckerberg!

    Elsewhere on the internet

    Well, well, well, look at this! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to take a little peek at the internet's fastest growing social network by joining it himself! Zuckerberg has created a profile on Pinterest, the site that has been called such things as "lady-centric" and "catnip for women" because 70 percent of its users are female. Is Zuck really into collectibles? Or is he taking a look at the competition?

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  20. Twitter Has Something Against Verifying Ana Gasteyer [UPDATED]

    Elsewhere on the internet

    Ana Gasteyer, one of the most talented women ever to come from Saturday Night Live, a musical wonder, a devoted wife and mother, and one of the current stars of the ABC show Suburgatory, cannot get verified on Twitter. No matter how many pictures she posts of herself from her account, no matter how many pleas she makes -- it has still (as of this writing) not happened. Gawker took a closer look at this and spoke to Gasteyer, and the mystery only continues to grow. Update: Since first publishing this post, Gasteyer has been verified!

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