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Social Network

  1. Lessons Learned From a Week With No Facebook Friends

    Late last Wednesday night I unfriended everyone on my Facebook account to see what life on the Social Network would be like without being social. I've used Facebook exclusively through interactions with Pages for a full week now, and it's cut out all the things I didn't like about Facebook, but it turns out that it's cut out a few of the things I did like about Facebook as well. Let's look at some of the drawbacks.

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  2. Untappd Offers Premium Version to Track All Your Beer Drinking Stats

    Do you like beer? Do you like letting the Internet know every time you have a beer? Then you're probably already familiar with Untappd, an app that is "a social discovery and check-in network for anyone that enjoys beer," according to the description in the Google Play store. The app is free for Android and iOS, but they rolled out a premium version yesterday with some new features. Guess I'm hitting the liquor store on the way home tonight.

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  3. Seems Legit: Man Arrested in U.K. for Posting Picture of Burning Poppy

    The United Kingdom has some odd rules when it comes to what's considered offensive. Libel laws and the like in the U.K. tend to receive a lot of flak from the Internet, and perhaps there's a perfectly legitimate reason for this. These laws have wacky consequences and serve as another way to stifle free speech more often than not. For example, a man was "arrested on suspicion of malicious telecommunications" this past Sunday. His alleged crime? Posting a photo of a burning poppy to a social network.

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  4. Pinterest is Now the Third Most Popular Social Network, Trailing Facebook and Twitter

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  5. Anonymous Members Banned From Google+, Announce AnonPlus

    After reportedly being banned from Google+, a number of Anonymous members and affiliates have banded together to introduce Anonplus.com, a social network with a decidedly Anonymous spin. The site, inactive for the time being, consists of a splash page describing the site's intended purpose with that famous Anonymous flavored fanfare. It appears that the site, while presumably including more recent social networking features and technology, will also hearkenback to Anonymous' roots in the unregulated, largely anonymous 4chan image-board /b/. The site's tagline, "Social Networking Anonymously" certainly raises some questions we probably won't see answered until the site's actual launch, which is currently unscheduled. Take that as you will.

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  6. Social Network Wins Big at Golden Globes

    Last night, the Social Network won four of its six Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Having already done very well critically, currently sitting at a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, these Golden Globe wins put The Social Network in very strong position for taking home some Oscars as well. The success of the movie, which chronicles the birth of the Facebook social networking site, comes as a bit of a surprise since it is, after all, a movie about a website. Let's just say that again: it's a movie about a website. Despite that inauspicious concept, it has garnered much praise for the careful dissection of a modern cultural phenomena and the players behind it. The fact that this film took home so many top awards is just another sign that the world is getting more and more comfortable with living in an online world. With Oscar nominations coming out in late January, we'll see just how far that comfort goes. (Via Mashable, image via Wikipedia)

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  7. Ping: Apple’s New Social Network for Music

    Say hello to Ping, Apple's new social network for music built right into iTunes 10.

    Somewhat curiously placed under the Store category in iTunes 10, rather than having a category of its own, lies Ping, Apple's own hat thrown into the social network ring. Dubbed a "social network for music," Ping aims to take standard social networking features and combine them with iTunes purchases and a music-centric theme.

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  8. Second Social Network Trailer May Be a Fake

    This morning, the blogs were abuzz about what appeared to be the second trailer for The Social Network, the upcoming sensationalist thriller about the sensational and thrilling founding of Facebook, based on the Ben Mezrich novel of the same name. Well, it looks like the second Facebook movie trailer just might be (takes off sunglasses) a Fake-book.

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  9. “You Don’t Get to 500 Million Friends Unless You’re the Bear Jew”

    Yesterday, Columbia Pictures unveiled its poster for The Social Network, its film about Mark Zuckerberg and the origins of Facebook which is set for release in October. The film is based on Ben Mezrich's book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal, which, as the title suggests, doesn't shy away from sensationalism.

    Arielle Zuckerberg, former Mediaite intern and Mark Zuckerberg's younger sister, sends Geekosystem this poster she made in response, complete with Inglourious Basterds reference. Check it out fully sized after the jump:

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  10. William Shatner Has Launched His Own Social Network

    ...and it's called MyOuterSpace.com.

    Yesterday, William Shatner casually tweeted that he's created his own social network.

    Now, before we discuss the questionable logic behind naming a new social network service by using a pun on an old social network service that itself feels like an aging dinosaur from 2005, let me give you the basic rundown on what the Shat's new internet venture is all about:

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