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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Marzipan Smaug

“Atop a treasure of golden sprinkles and rich chocolate souffle, according to CaracalFeathers. Makes it incredibly hard not to steal from him. 


There And Back Again

Peter Jackson Says Smaug Fans Will Not Walk Away from Desolation Disappointed

There’s one thing we all know about modern monster movies, and that is that you can never really know whether they’re going to let you get a good look at the monster. Are they going to tease it in the trailers and then reveal it early on? Or just keep teasing you with it the whole movie? Are you going to get one quick reveal before it slides back into the shadows, or will you actually be able to appreciate the design work that went into it without pausing the film?

The way Peter Jackson is talking about Smaug these days, it sounds like we’ll be getting a nice eyefull of Smaug the Terrible this weekend.


There And Back Again

This Is Goodbye to the Hobbit Video Blogs. For a Little While, Anyway. [VIDEO]

And that’s a wrap on the Hobbit video blogs! Until they start coming in for the second movie, The Desolation of Smaug*, that is. This final video focuses on a few last-minute finishing touches to the film, the preparation for the Wellington, New Zealand world premiere, and the premiere itself. It kind of makes me feel like I was there in spirit. Except not. Because my life is not that awesome.

*Apparently I’ve been pronouncing “Smaug” incorrectly for years. I thought it was “Smog,” but in the movie it’s “SmOWg.” Please tell me I’m not the only one to whom this is a revelation.

(via: Bleeding Cool)

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Not all that glitters is gold

Who Knew Dwarves Could Rap? Plus, A Really Brief, Blurry Look At The Hobbit’s Smaug. [VIDEO]

A new TV spot for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been floating around today. Technically, it includes Smaug but it’s so lacking in actual substance we felt it would be dishonest to give a post to you that presented this as our first look at the famous dragon (though we reserve the right to toy with your geek emotions at a later date). Plus, there’s a chance it could not be Smaug. So we decided to post this incredibly high-production music video from The Hillywood Show called “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody,” (because it’s awesome) and place the TV spot after the jump if you want to give it a watch (which you probably will because, Hobbit). It also gives me an excuse to post this gif:


Not all that glitters is gold

Rumor of the Day: Is This What Smaug Looks Like?

Welcome to the week after April 1st, where a portion of the stories are made up and the points don’t matter. It began in many ways, but not least among our interests with a claim by tabloid The Daily Express that a “mole” in the production of Doctor Who had told them they could confirm that the Doctor would regenerate into a female body for his 50th anniversary episode in 2013 and that she would be played by Lara Pulver (famously of Moffat’s Sherlock).

Now, even if you set aside the fact that that’s over a year away, and that folks in the production keep maintaining that Matt Smith has no intentions to leave the show any time soon (despite persistent rumors), there’s still the fact the gap between when we heard the Doctor was going to have a new companion, and when we heard that Jenna-Louis Coleman was cast was months and months.

So you could forgive me for looking at the claim that the design of Smaug has been revealed by a sweatshirt patch from a months old The Hobbit production video with a ton of skepticism and even out right non-belief.

But upon closer look I think it’s actually… reasonable.


Not all that glitters is gold

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Today marks the first day of the new year, according to the Chinese calendar, and, since it’s 2012, January 23rd also kicks off another Year of the Dragon. And there’s at least one dragon that we can thing of off the top of our heads, whose going to have a very interesting year indeed, and that’s Smaug, The Hobbit‘s self-styled King under the Mountain himself.

Where movies like How to Train Your Dragon, Eragon, and even as far back as Dragonheart have enjoyed playing dragons as no more good or evil than your average person or wild animal, Peter Jackson and Co. are going back to dragon roots, so to speak, to craft a true monster. (Okay yes, there was Reign of Fire, but one movie that can only be enjoyed via Rifftrax can hardly be considered part of a trend.) And they started with Benedict Cumberbatch.


Here Be Dragons

The Hobbit’s Benedict Cumberbatch On The “Devilish” Smaug

He’s an exceptionally beautiful, vain, devilish and also, in a weird way, slightly innocent character. He’s fooled by an invisible midget, I mean, it’s quite frustrating. There’s something quite exceptional about the power he has over people and the imagination of that world that is unlocked in this story and I can’t wait to get involved with it.”Benedict Cumberbatch on his role of the dragon Smaug in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

The actor mentioned he hasn’t started work on the two-part film yet as he’s been busy with a few other projects, namely a second season of the BBC’s Sherlock with fellow Hobbit star Martin Freeman. Cumberbatch will be filmed using motion capture for Smaug but he’ll only be doing voiceover work for his other role in the film, the Necromancer. He said he’ll probably do research on lizards and other reptiles to prepare for dragon-acting.