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  1. Things We Saw Today: The Cutest Baby Kiki Cosplayer You Ever Saw

    And she knows what is best in life: naps.

    Allowances will be made if you've seen a cuter baby Kiki cosplayer, but only if that cosplayer was related to you.

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  2. Feast on the Skulls of Your Candy Enemies With Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls

    "On a mountain of chocolate skulls in a castle of cotton candy, I sat on a throne of hot fudge." -- A tastier Vigo the Carpathian.

    Hungry for a snack, but also want to look like an real badass? Then consider these anatomically correct chocolate skulls. Handmade from Belgian chocolate, these chocolates are made in a mold crafted from the real skull of an actual dead human by the Black Chocolate Co, a UK-based confectioner probably run by secret vampires.

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  3. Police Discover Austrian Man’s Bone Collection of 56 Stolen Skulls

    The grave-robber was caught after trying to sell human remains at a flea market, which was probably like, the fourth or fifth creepiest thing on sale at that flea market.

    Austrian police raided a man's home to find a personal museum consisting of 56 skulls and dozens of other bones. He was charged for raiding a church cemetery, but I'm sure he has a good explanation for this. Maybe he was trying to put on 56 technically-accurate performances of Hamlet?

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  4. Welcome to the Future: 75% of Man’s Skull Replaced by 3D-Printed Implant

    If you needed any further indication that we are living in an age of great technological advancement, now you have it. 3D printing is one of those things that's currently being explored that has huge ramifications for the future of, well, everything. Case in point, it's been revealed that 75% of an unnamed United States man's skull was replaced with a 3D-printed replica in a surgical procedure earlier this week. Yeah. Let that sink in a bit.

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  5. Sounds From Google Glass Will Vibrate Your Skull

    Listening to traditional headphones is so completely 2012. That's why Google Glass wants to rattle your brain cage directly by sending vibrations straight through your skull instead of using normal speakers. The technology is called "bone conduction" and we saw a few examples of it at CES this year. It's not exactly new, but it hasn't caught on in the mainstream just yet. Looks like Google is going to cram as much technology people aren't used to using into Glass as they can.

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  6. Diablo Gingerbread Lord of Terror Skull

    Not only is the above a picture of a gingerbread Lord of Terror skull from Diablo, but it comes complete with a candy soulstone. The maker of the skull probably didn't have to click roughly one billion times to put it together, at least. I kid, Diablo fans, but not really.

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  7. Child's Skull With Baby and Permanent Teeth is Creepy

    On display at the Hunterian Museum in London, this child's skull has both its baby teeth and its permanent teeth, showing the extremely unsettling process by which humans gain their permanent teeth. Isn't it fun to know that we're all hideous freaks on the inside during our formative years?

    (Stefan Schäfer's Flickr via BuzzFeed)

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  8. Skull Made Out of Keyboard Keys Is Awesome, Not a Functional Keyboard

    South African artist Maurice Mbikayi fashioned this awesome looking yet eerie sculpture of a skull out of keyboard keys. He calls it "Anti-social Network." No points for figuring out how he must feels about Facebook. He is quoted by Laughing Squid as saying,
    This work symbolizes the internet addiction and consequences that occur nowadays. It also emphasizes negative effects of being reliant to the new technology and internet.Sadly the more we experience it the more we are reliant to it.
    It does not, apparently, commemorate the countless thousands pwned to death on the battlefields of Modern Warfare 2, as I initially assumed. Still, pretty haunting. Especially considering these times in which we live. Check out a side-view of a similar black skull after the jump.

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  9. This Titan Fluorite Skull is Gorgeous

    This titan fluorite skull is 16.9 inches long from front to back and weighs over 145 pounds. The massive skull was carved from a piece of fluorite, and when light beams on it, the light travels throughout the skull, illuminating a rainbow of pretty colors. Head on past the break to see a few more pictures of the skull.

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  10. Nomskull Cupcake Molds Will Turn Your Kids Into Adorable Zombies

    There may be a new candidate for "Most Adorable Thing With Nom In The Name," a title previously held, undoubtedly, by this Parry Gripp music video, which has the word in it's title not one but seven times! I humbly present to you: Nomskulls (ability to place frosting in a strikingly brain-esque manner not included, but hopefully easy to obtain through practice)!

    But what zany niche product would be complete without a product page full of wonderfully terrible puns?

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