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  1. [UPDATE] Need Help Hiding a Body? Siri Is Not the Answer.

    Silly Florida Man!

    A Floridian is accused of killing his college roommate back in 2012 and apparently used Siri to help dispose of the body. Don't do that! UPDATE: Apparently not.

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  2. Siri Tells Us What The Fox Says, Changes Her Tune On Her

    Now we can finally put this stupid meme to rest.

    Asking Siri weird questions about pop culture and seeing what she comes up with is one of our favorite past times, so when we found out she'll sing along to Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say" if you ask her about it, we had to try it.

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  3. Siri Gets Ornery When You Ask Her About… Well, Her

    Don't even get her started on Hal 9000.

    It's hard to remember that Siri isn't a conscious entity who lives in your phone, and the recent release of Spike Jonze's Her is going to make that much tougher for a lot of iPhone users. Since when has not being real kept anybody from getting pissed off about an unfair film representation, though? It hasn't stopped Siri, that's for sure.

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  4. Siri Tries Her Hand At Dungeon Mastering Again in A Game Of Dungeons and Dragons [Video]

    You don't get to say if they chuckle.

    It's been a couple of months since Nick Douglas introduced Siri to the world of Dungeons &Dragons, and since then she's gotten a lot better at understanding the whole "fictional power fantasy" thing that makes D&D so great. Too bad this time around, Nick isn't taking the game very seriously. Well, too bad for Siri. For us, it's great.

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  5. We Asked Siri To Search Wolfram Alpha For A Bunch Of Pokémon And It Did Not Go Well

    Siri < Dexter. Calling it now.

    After learning that Wolfram Alpha had added 649 Pokémon to its Siri-accessible database, we were pretty stoked. Now you can use your iPhone just like an actual Pokédex, right? Well, in theory yes. In execution, not so much just yet. We tested the new feature out and here's what we have to report.

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  6. Have We Finally Found The Real Voice Of Apple’s Siri?

    Educated Guess

    Just a little while ago we thought the voice of Apple's Siri had finally been revealed, only to be told by the voice actor in question that was false. Now a new contender has entered the ring saying yes, she is Siri. Experts have weighed in to help confirm. 

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  7. Siri’s Original Voice Actress Has Been Discovered

    We asked Siri about it, but she was pretty dodgy.

    Apple has never officially come forward with the name of the person who provided the voice that now comes standard with any iPhone 5, but now we're all pretty sure we know exactly who it is -- Susan Bennett, an actress living in Georgia.

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  8. [Updated] How Siri Got Her Voice [VIDEO]

    The Human Machine

    Here's an interesting feature on "machine language," put together by The Verge. They touch on a lot of interesting things (and there's a small clip of Ricardo Montalban) but if you'd like to jump straight to Siri, aka Allison Dufty, go to 3:34 in the video. Update: We heard from Dufty, who clarified that she is not the voice of Siri, rather an actress used by the video to illustrate how Siri's voice was created. Apologies for the error. (via The FW) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. Siri Does Some Jobs Well, Dungeon Master Isn’t One of Them [Video]

    You die of the plague.

    The latest video from Slacktory puts Siri in the role of Dungeon Master as Nick Douglas tries to play the saddest game of Dungeons & Dragons we've ever seen. What happens when Siri applies her cold, calculating computer brain to a rather imagination-heavy task like guiding a player through a fantasy quest? It goes about as well as you'd expect a game of D&D with one player and a phone robot to go.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Beetlejuice and Lydia Taking In Some Summer Sun

    Things We Saw Today

    These two Beetlejuice cosplayers chronicle their exploits at Cosplay for the Recent Deceased. (via Fashionably Geek, photo by Tascha Dearing)

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