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  1. Ay Caramba! Every Episode Of The Simpsons To Air In 12 Day Marathon

    I will not sit in front of the TV for two weeks/I will not sit in front of the TV for two weeks/I will not

    Have a gap in your Simpsons lexicon? You'll be able to fill it this August, when every episode from the show's quarter century of satire and shorts-eating will air in a 12 day span. Book your time off now and prepare to participate in Springfield's history. If you have cable, that is.

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  2. Oh Geez, The New Series of Simpsons-themed LEGO Minifigs Are Too Perfect

    To borrow a line from a different show, we want to go to there.

    So far we've been doing a good job of not buying the amazing(ly expensive) Simpsons house replica from LEGO, and our wallets have appreciated the effort. But now they're releasing special minifigs at $4 each, and y'all, I don't know that we can hold out much longer. Just look at their little mostly yellow faces. It's too much.

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  3. Motorsports Team Builds the Worst Car in Cartoon History: The Homer

    This monstrosity costs...well, you can't actually buy it. This reporter would totally pay $82,000 for it, though.

    File under BUY ME THIS NOW: The team at Porcubimmer Motors has lovingly crafted a mostly accurate recreation of The Homer -- a car designed by Homer Simpson that single-handedly brought the empire of his half-brother, the Danny Devito-voiced Herb, crashing down around him. The bright green monstrosity boasted an $82,000 price tag, which, if you ask us, is actually rather low for a car billed as being "powerful like a gorilla, but soft and yielding like a Nerf ball."

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  4. Hunker Down: The Best Apocalypse Shelters In All Of Geekdom

    As windows are boarded up and down the eastern seaboard, we're taking shelter, too. A triple batch of mac and cheese is on the stove, the bathtub is full of water, and we're playing with the idea of one more run to the store for ALL OF THE CANNED TUNA!!! As we prepare for the fall of Western civilization as we know it, please join us in recalling some of our favorite shelters for waiting out the end of days.

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  5. Alan Turing Has an Official Monopoly Board. Here are Some of Our Other Favorites

    Godfather of the computer age, Alan Turing, will be getting his face on some currency -- just not, y'know, real money. Turing's face will grace each and every bank note in the newly announced Monopoly: Alan Turing Edition. Based on a design that Turing played with friend Max Newman, the game, released by Bletchley Park Code Centre, where Turing did the codebreaking work that was instrumental to an Allied victory in WWII, is designed to teach players facts about Turing's life. Believe it or not, this Google-funded endeavor is just the latest of hundreds of bizarrely branded takes on Monopoly that are things that exist in the real world. You can get a look at some of out other favorites after the jump.

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  6. Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Live-Action Simpsons Puppets

    This past weekend's episode of The Simpsons took a brief break from animated hi-jinks in the form of a live-action dream sequence, complete with Simpsons puppets. Oh, and Katy Perry was in it. (Our sister site Mediaite was offended about a joke involving her and Moe.) Swazzle, the studio behind the puppets and puppetry, posted some cool photos of Simpsons puppets from construction to completion on their Facebook page. More pics below:

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  7. The Simpsons Renewed for a 23rd Season

    At this point, it'd be a much bigger surprise if The Simpsons wasn't renewed than that it was, but here we go: The Simpsons has been renewed for a 23rd season, meaning that at the end of the 2011-2012 season, it will have aired a dizzying 515 episodes. Insert mandatory comment about how the quality of the series has declined since Season 11/Season 6/"The Principal and the Pauper"/it left the Tracey Ullman Show.

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  8. Old and New Simpsons Checkout Gags Compared: Which Is Better?

    The checkout gag in current Simpsons title sequence may boast smoother animation, better-defined ceiling tiles, shading that exists where it didn't previously, and that random baby with the unibrow who scowls at Maggie, but golddurn if the old title sequence didn't wear it better, with actual emotion displayed by the characters, particularly Marge, who looks like a robot as her child is snatched away and scanned by a supermarket employee in the new checkout gag. GIF comparison and purported explanation from the animator after the cut:

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  9. Fox Allows Banksy’s Simpsons Intro Back onto YouTube Following Takedown

    International viewers rejoice! A lot of people were upset yesterday when Banksy's dark, scathing Simpsons intro was pulled from YouTube, forcing viewers to watch it on the U.S. only-Hulu. While Fox has been widely blamed for this takedown and may or may not have had a hand in it, it's possible that this was one of YouTube's infamous automated video takedowns. In any event, the video is back up on YouTube now, where Canadians and The Simpsons' own South Korean animators (who showrunner Al Jean insists aren't exploited like the animators in Banksy's video) will be free to watch it. >>>Watch the video. (h/t Marc D. Schiller via Peter Kafka)

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  10. Banksy’s Jaw-Dropping Simpsons Intro [Update]

    Street artist and activist Banksy storyboarded and directed the opening to last night's Simpsons, and ... wow. Fox actually let this run. The opening bit is decent enough, but wait until you get to the couch gag (at about the 0:35 mark), which consists of a brutal, unrelenting tour of the Banksy-imagined Asian sweatshop where frames of Simpsons animation are inked and merchandise is made, a horrifying gray cave filled with vats of toxic waste and human bones. Though a panda and a unicorn each make an appearance, there are no laughs to be had in this bleak tour. Update, 4:37pm: The original video has been taken down from YouTube despite the fact that it was posted by Banksy himself. Some pretty irate comments on his YouTube page: "Sucks that they took the video down, considering Banksy DIRECTED the damn thing! Copyright lawyers need to research before blindly hitting the "report copyright infringement" button." "Banksy and copyright, dear God... Sue the bastards! Who are they to take you away your very own piece of work? That's against absolutely everything you've been fighting for." Update2, 10/12, 3:31pm ET: Fox has lifted the ban! The video is back on YouTube. (h/t Peter Kafka) (via Wooster Collective)

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  11. Simpsons x Inception

    Last night's Simpsons season premiere opened with an Inception-themed blackboard.

    Side note: (h/t Susana) Will this be the season that we start seeing Inception plots of multi-leveled dream entry and intrigue on TV sitcoms? It could be awesome on shows like Futurama and South Park if it was done well; Two and a Half Men, not so much.


    (via TDW)

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  12. Acclaim Circling the Drain

    As of August 26th, 2010, anyone who visited Acclaim's website was greeted with a fairly solemn message stating all of their games will no longer be in service.

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