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  1. Nathan Fillion Goes All Don Draper in New Online Short Film Man on the Moon


    This new Tyler Shields short for The Andrew Weiss Gallery is part of their new Historical Fiction display, and stars our fave, Nathan Fillion. Set the day of the moon landing (that's July 24, 1969), Fillion gets all Mad Men and comes way closer to the DB Cooper ending we wanted than Draper ever did.

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  2. Watch The OceanMaker, a Beautiful Short Animated Film About a Badass Pilot and Earth’s Last Source of Water: Clouds

    Feature-length version, please.

    This animated short is only ten minutes long and will make you feel all of the feelings. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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  3. Father/Daughter Team Expertly Recreates Jurassic Park in Stop Motion

    Hold onto your bricks.

    Paul Hollingsworth wanted to prove to his daughter that she could do anything with over $100,000 worth of LEGO—they spared no expense—and boy did he ever succeed. Their animated, abridged version of the original Jurassic Park nails the important moments from the original with all the personality and block jokes you'd expect from a LEGO production. Hailee Hollingsworth must be one clever girl.

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  4. Just Watch the Short Film Pixels Was Based on and You Can Skip the Movie

    In case you worried that concept couldn't carry a two-hour movie...

    There. Now you don't have to go see Pixels, which you probably weren't going to do anyway—unless you had a major urge to watch a couple hours of mullet!Dinklage, which I would totally understand.

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  5. Shoot for the Moon Is a Remarkably Poignant Short Film About Space Exploration

    Why not try a trampoline, Sal?

    People get so wrapped up in what's going on in the world around them that they often forget the rest of the Universe and how important it is for our future that we explore it. That's what Spaceman Sal faces in Shoot for the Moon, in which he tries to get to the Moon by any means necessary despite a lack of support from those around him.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Tiny Samwell Tarly Funko Pop Is Coming!

    I just want to squeeze him!

    Look! Look at his little feet! And Peter Baelish's little goatee! And new versions of Sansa and Daenerys and Jon Snow! Everything is wonderful and nothing hurt -- except waiting for the next book and season, of course.

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  7. Marcel the Shell Returns In Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Three

    Life's a party. Rock your body.

    By my count it's been nearly three years since Jenny Slate's Marcel last shared his teeny-tiny worldview with the good people of the Internet, but the shell has learned a lot during his hiatus. Did you know shrimp are the idiots of the sea? Or that some guys can eat an entire grape?

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  8. Check Out This Sneak Peek of Disney’s New Animated Sho—OMG A CUTE PUPPY EATING A FRENCH FRY!

    Cute puppies and junk food: Disney knows the way to my heart. You can see the entirety of their new short Feast when it premieres with Big Hero Six on November 7th—like Paperman did with Wreck-It Ralph, doncha know?

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  9. Take Two Minutes Out of Your Morning to Watch This Cute As Heck Animated Short Film

    We needed this.

    Let's take a break from Marvel/DC/Nintendo news to watch FOL'AMOR, a cute fantasy short by students at Paris' Gobelins art school. I'll wait... OK. You feeling a little better about the world now? A little rejuvenated? This week has been long, I know, and it's only Thursday. Stay hydrated. You can do it, little hero.

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  10. Three Short Films Fill in the Gap Between Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Get your hands off me, you—oh, just watch them.

    There's a 10-year gap between Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, so Fox has collaborated with Vice to produce short films telling what happened in between. You can watch them here (more below the jump), and they've also got a documentary called Island of the Apes, which will be out later today (trailer below the jump).

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  11. The Mary Sue Interview: George Lucas In Love Director Joe Nussbaum (Plus a Giveaway!)


    The year is 1999. Everyone's freaking out over Y2K and recovering from The Phantom Menace. Joe Nussbaum, graduate of George Lucas's alma mater USC, puts out a short film called George Lucas In Love. Maybe I'm just projecting, as someone who can remember getting some heavy use out of her VHS copy, but if you were a Star Wars fan back in the early, Wild West days of the Internet, chances are you saw it. A Shakespeare In Love parody about ol' Uncle George, George Lucas In Love was massively successful (see: It was the top-selling movie on ickle baby for nearly three months, outselling even The Phantom Menace, which is pretty impressive for a nine-minute short) and got Nussbaum a leg up into the film industry: He's since had a flourishing career on TV, most notably with MTV's Awkward.. 15 years (yes, it has been that long) after its initial, pre-YouTube debut, George Lucas In Love is finally entering the 21st century with an HD release on iTunes. Nussbaum took the time to chat with us about George Lucas In Love and offer his advice on how other creators of geeky shorts might replicate his success. And! We're also giving away a George Lucas In Love poster, done in the style of the legendary Drew Struzan and signed by Nussbaum. Scroll to the bottom to see how you can win.

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  12. Idris Elba’s Directorial Debut Is A Short Film About ’70s Funk, Soccer, and Nerd Love [VIDEO]

    Submitted For Your Approval

    I think my favorite part of Idris Elba’s short film Unstoppable, a collaboration with World Cup sponsor Pepsi, is that in the final scene, after Nerd Boy’s taken Nerd Girl’s glasses off and told her "Your eyes look beautiful"… her glasses are back on. I assume Elba cut the scene where Nerd Girl explains that she actually needs her glasses to see, plus the whole "female nerd takes off her glasses and suddenly OMG she’s pretty!" trope is both stupid and extremely tired. That's how the nerd girls I know behave. (via: Indiewire) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  13. Holy Amazingness, Batman! There’s A New Batman Beyond Short With Kevin Conroy

    I think I'm going to need a robo-Batman in my life.

    It's Bat Month over at DC Comics, in honor of Batman's 75th anniversary (he looks pretty good for his age, right?). Though they've been releasing all sorts of goodies in celebration, this new Batman Beyond short from the wonderful Darwyn Cooke is definitely the bat-best. It even features the one and only Batman forever, Kevin Conroy. Bat-swoon.

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  14. If You Don’t Stay In School In Australia, You Will End Up In A Horror Film And Die

    Which is actually one of the least terrifying ways to die in Australia.

    Educational ads usually say, "stay in school or else you'll be unemployed and sad all the time," though that's also applicable to most university grads I know. In Australia, though, they're not satisfied with vague threats about your career and your future; oh no, they want you to know that if you drop out of school, you will die a horrible death.

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  15. Here’s The Title Of The New Marvel One-Shot, Could be About Loki?

    Educated Guess

    Thor: The Dark World is coming out on Blu-Ray February 25th, and it's bringing us the newest Marvel one-shot as a nice, Asgardian bonus. Details are scarce, but we know the short will clock in at 16 minutes and 14 seconds, and is titled "All Hail The King." But who is this new one-shot going to feature?

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  16. This Blade Runner Watercolor Animation Will Blow Your Mind

    The Human Machine

    This 35-minute-long version of Blade Runner was constructed by artist Anders Ramsell from a whopping 12,597 watercolor paintings, each approximately 1.5x3 centimeters small. Something about Blade Runner's noirish feel really works with this medium in a way that I can't imagine a film like, say, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure would. Though I welcome Ramsell to try. (via: Kotaku) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  17. Watch the Short Film That Goes Along With Gravity [VIDEO]

    It Came From Outer Space

    In Gravity, Sandra Bullock's character takes a few minutes' break from talking to herself and/or George Clooney to chat with some random dog-loving stranger she's able to reach via radio. Here, in a short film by Gravity co-writer Jonás Cuarón, we get the other side of that conversation. As if Gravity wasn't gut-wrenching enough, now we add a dead dog to the equation. Geez. (via: /Film) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  18. Watch an Awesome Live Action Recreation of the Dead Island Trailer [Video]

    Most video game trailers would look silly recreated in real life, but this is a notable exception.

    The Dead Island trailer was pretty much the best video game trailer ever made, because it wasn't so much a trailer as it was a very short, computer generated zombie movie that was better than a lot of full-length zombie movies. Watch Machinima's amazing live action version, but be prepared to feel things, unless you are dead inside. Or a zombie.

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  19. Have Some Science In Your Art With This Wonderful Animated Short

    she blinded me with science

    Why Do I Study Physics? (2013) from Xiangjun Shi on Vimeo.

    In this short film animator/physics enthusiast Xiangjun Shi uses art to explain why she loves physics so much. Though visually amazing, my favorite thing about this video just might be its running time: 3:14. (via: io9) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  20. Short Film Depicts An All-Too Relatable Online Teen Break-Up Story [VIDEO]

    It makes us pretty stoked to not be in high school with tech like Facebook and Skype, as well.

    The brain-child of student filmmakers Patrick Cederberg and Walter Woodman, Noah is shot entirely from the perspective of one teen's MacBook, in the wake of his recent break-up. After premiering at TIFF's Student Film Showcase, Noah's been gaining some online buzz, probably from a bunch of people who have experienced break ups in this exact way.

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