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  1. Iron Age Medicine Tablets Among Treasures From Ancient Shipwreck

    Researchers sifting through the artifacts of a 2,000-year-old shipwreck have uncovered an unexpected treasure --  one not of gold or silver, but simple, unassuming zinc. A tin full of zinc tablets contained within the wreck may be one of the earliest examples of a modern, prepared medicinal compound, say researchers in a story published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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  2. 5 Billion Second Rule: Mint Condition Roman Shipwreck Could Hide Delicious, 2,000-Year-Old Leftovers

    An astonishingly well-preserved Roman shipwreck has been discovered just 18 miles off the coast of Italy, and like any decent cruise ship, it comes equipped with its own buffet. Researchers and divers have recovered several vessels that contained foodstuffs like grain, wine, and pickled fish. Because the ship has been so immaculately kept, researchers believe the wreck, which was found using a remote-operated vehicle, also contains intact amphorae. These Iron Age Tupperware containers have proven surprisingly durable in similar wrecks, leaving the dive team hopeful that containers pulled from the wreck will still house all the refreshment one needs for a well-rounded 2-millennia-old meal that would probably kill you.

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  3. There’s a Creepy Wrecked Cruise Ship on Google Maps

    There are many treasures to behold with Google Maps' satellite view, not the least of which is this wrecked cruise ship off Roderick Bay in the Solomon Islands. The now water-logged World Discoverer was a German built vessel from 1974 that had the misfortune of striking an uncharted rock outcropping during a cruise in 2000. She's been wrecked ever since, quietly rusting under the sun.

    Fortunately, the wreck is conveniently located next to the Roderick Bay Yacht Club, for all your boating needs. More photos, after the jump.

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  4. The World’s Oldest Known Beer Will Brew Again!

    Back in July, divers discovered a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, dated tothe early 1800s. But the most interesting discover was within the shipwreck -- more than 100 bottles of uncorked champagne. In November, they uncorked some of those bottles to give it a taste and found out that five of those bottles had beer in them. And now, they've commissioned scientists to find out the formula of that beer and brew it again. See, everyone? We can learn from history.

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