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  1. Keep Your Cat Cafes, I’m Shear Delighted By This New Korean Sheep Cafe

    Good for some sheep thrills.

    2015 is the Year of the Sheep, so it only makes sense that the world's first Sheep Cafe should be open for business. If ewe live in or near Seoul, South Korea (or are on the lamb), you can check out the Thanks Nature Cafe. Anyways, out of shear kindness, I won't ram anymore sheep puns down your throat.

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  2. Wifi Enabled Sheep, Reindeer Could Bring Internet Access to Rural Areas

    Real talk: I didn't realize that this picture was sad until I'd already embedded it, I'm so sorry.

    Get with the times Wallace. With that many sheep around you could be reading about Gromit's life sentence on a tablet. Much less palatable to hungry (and sad) sheep.

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  3. Today in Geek History: Dolly the Cloned Sheep’s Revealed

    Do you remember where you were when scientists in Scotland announced that they'd cloned a sheep? It happened today, in 1997. The poster girl who triggered our collective identity crises -- and turned science fiction into science fact -- was named Dolly. Find out how they did it and what else they've cloned.

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  4. This Sheep, You Guys [Video]

    It's Friday, the weekend is upon us, and this sheep, you guys. This sheep.

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  5. Sheep Could Soon Warn Their Shepherds of Attacks by Text

    Shepherding is a thing that still exists. Somebody's got to watch all those sheep. Sometimes, though, the flock is small enough to be a shepherd's entire livelihood while also not affording them the use of a dog to ward off predators. In order to curb this issue, scientists are working on a system of heart rate monitors for the woolly beasts that could eventually warn shepherds by text that their flock is in trouble. One of humanity's oldest professions, meet one of the most pervasive tech advancements of modern times.

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  6. The Size of Our Devices Was Determined By The Size of the Average Sheep

    That's right. Books, and everything that's been made to imitate them, owes its specific size to exactly how much skin you can get off a sheep. I know, this sounds like some weird expansion pack for Settlers of Catan, but allow us to explain.

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  7. Finally: Surfing Sheep

    If you have long dreamt of seeing a sheep on a surfboard, British apparel company Finisterre [no relation to 2007 sci-fi novel Finister) has answered your prayers.

    Video after the jump:

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