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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Stan Lee Trying to Separate Thor and the Hulk

Elsewhere on the internet

It’s Shark Week – Here’s A Cat, In A Shark Costume, Riding A Roomba.

It’s Shark Week, and even the cats are celebrating! Max-Arthur, the cat dressed in a shark costume who rode a Roomba chasing after a duckling, is back! This time he is taking his steed around the kitchen floor. You’d think after thousands of cat videos we’d start getting immune to the silly-adorable charms of our felines. Yet here we are, still guffawing at a shark-cat on a Roomba.

How does this never get old? Only the internet knows.

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this exists

I Found the Ruby Slippers for the Sharknado/Wizard of Oz Crossover

Just click your heels together and repeat: We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Click on for one more pic.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: You Can Buy Matt Smith’s Car on eBay

On one hand, I’m pretty sure Matt Smith‘s first car can’t travel through time, but on the other, you can’t buy the TARDIS on eBay. Not the real one, anyway. (Nerd Approved)


Consider the Following

Happy U.S. Independence Day, Sharknado Has a Trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, with Sharknado, a Syfy original movie about a tornado full of sharks, I think we have reached the pinnacle of our advancement as a country. And it isn’t even Shark Week. Wait, is it? Okay, no, Shark Week isn’t for a month. I checked.

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Cardboard David Tennant Has Some Explaining To Do

Cardboard David Tennant has been getting up to some hijinks while we weren’t looking. (Tumblr)


Clever Girl

Today In Ridiculous Drinking: Velociraptor vs. Shark Whisky

I’m not a whiskey drinker but if I were, this is the kind I would drink. Says Ben of of the creation, “Now, for [distillery] Aultmore, I searched high and low, asked all and sundry for interesting stories, facts or legends surrounding the distillery and turned up precisely nothing. So you’ve got this. A Velociraptor fighting a shark.” Apparently the design is part of a series of limited edition whiskies with comic book style label art. As for the artist he said, “She’s a comic book artist based in Glasgow.” If anyone knows her name, let us know, she deserves a high-five. Edit: Success! The artist is Emily Chappell. Her work can be found here.

(via Geek Alerts)

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Offered Without Comment

To Celebrate The End of Shark Week, Here’s The Best/Worst Hollywood Shark Attacks

Because you need more sharks in your life.

(via The High Definite)

i'll just leave this here

A Song About Discovery Channel’s Shark Week By Marian Call

Shark Week is almost upon us! This song, written by Marian Call and Patrick Race, should be playing every hour on the hour until then.

Don't Try This At Home

Penny Palfrey Cuts Her Swim in Shark-Infested Waters Short, Is Still Pretty Amazing For Trying

Penny Palfrey, a 49-year-old endurance swimmer, had set out to complete a record-breaking 107-mile swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys. But what set this feat apart from your typical 107-mile swim is that this one was taking place in shark-infested waters. And Palfrey was going to accomplish this without the protection of a shark cage. Around midnight, she cut her swim short with about 26 miles to go, but seriously, can we really call this woman a slouch? Really? Yeah, I didn’t think so.