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  1. Brave New Sharknado? Syfy To Adapt Aldous Huxley’s Classic, Brave New World

    Skeptical literary nerd is skeptical.

    I'm more of a George Orwell/1984 girl myself, but there's no denying that Aldous Huxley's dystopian view of the future in Brave New World has given generations tons to think about with regard to consumerism, hedonism, and an "on demand" culture way before On Demand was even a thing. And now, it's going to be adapted into a TV show. By Syfy. The network that brought us Sharknado and started prioritizing wrestling even though the network isn't called WrestFy.

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  2. Archie Vs. Sharknado Crossover Event Proves There’s No Limit to How Ridiculous the World Can Get

    It's a "shark-tacular." No, really. That's what Syfy and Archie Comics are calling it. The puns, THEY BURN.

    I'll admit it. I went to a Sharknado viewing party, complete with shark cupcakes and a drinking game. But the Sharknado franchise has just hit maximum ridiculousness. Dare I's jumped the shark?

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  3. Bad Photoshop Theater Presents: 10 Movies Benedict Cumberbatch Hasn’t Been Rumored For


    Benedict. Cumberbatch. Is. Everywhere. Sherlock. Star Trek. The Hobbit. That Oscarbait biopic that's going to make you cry. And if he's not there, he at one point was rumored to be there, as in the cases of Star Wars, Doctor Strange, and Batman v Superman. But there are still some movies that he hasn't been linked to, because even Mr. Working-On-10-Different-Projects-At-a-Time can't do everything. Here are ten of them.

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  4. Ripping Apart the Science Behind Weather Movies

    "Sharks in a tornado. Sharknado. Simply stunning."

    There are a rather large amount of meteorology movies out there, and it always seems that none of them manage to get the science behind the weather quite right. Liz takes a deeper look into five of the worst offenders for weather movies.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Marvel Gave James Gunn An Infinity Stone For His Birthday

    With a special guest appearance by Anthony Head!

    "Director of a Marvel film" is a pretty easy gig to land, right? (via Blastr)

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  6. Twitter Reacts to Sharknado 2: The Second One, The Greatest Cinematic Achievement Of Our Age

    "We are talking about shark falling rates of two inches an hour."

    If you didn't watch Sharknado 2: The Second One last night, it's either because you didn't have cable or because you're a heathen. There is no third explanation. Luckily, Twitter's on hand to show you the bonktastical craziness you missed. Cameos! Tara Reid with a saw for a hand! Both literal and figurative shark jumping!

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  7. Discovery’s Shark Week Will Kick Off With Another Bullshit “Documentary” Instead of Real Science

    Discovery Channel, stahp.

    Remember last year when the Discovery Channel lied about their Shark Week megalodon movie being a documentary? Looks like they're trying to one-up themselves this year with another "documentary," and they just owned up to being behind the above video as a marketing ploy with Nissan.

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  8. Sharknado 2 Has a Trailer, You’re Gonna Need a Bigger City

    More chainsaws! I suddenly want Evil Dead vs. Sharknado.

    Can't get enough Sharknado? Like so many hungry, flying sharks, you'll get your fill soon enough when Sharknado 2: The Second One hits the Syfy channel. Here's the trailer that demonstrates a strange mathematical proof of sharks plus tornadoes divided by chainsaws equals entertainment. Also, if you missed Rifftrax Live Sharknado last night, there's still time to get in on the July 15 encore!

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  9. Sharknado Fans: Want A Chance To Show Off Your Artwork At This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con?

    Enough said.

    As fans of the original Sharknado surely know, the world's strangest weather phenomenon will be blowing onto the SyFy channel for a second time July 31st. And in honor of Sharknado 2: The Second One, The Asylum is offering artists an opportunity to showcase their work at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

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  10. So We Know What’s Been Eating Those Great White Sharks, And Yes, It’s Worthy Of The Syfy Channel

    It's not Sharknado - but it's close.

    Yesterday we told you about a terrifying sea monster that's been rampaging along the coast of Australia, eating great white sharks to death. We (and the the internet's hive mind) speculated that the shark-eating monster could really have been anything from Godzilla to an underwater Sharknado. Now, we think we have some answers.

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  11. Something in the Ocean Is Eating Great White Sharks, Perhaps a Tornado of Other Sharks?

    Or, wait, would that technically be a shark-waterspout, then?

    Tagging ocean animals and tracking their movements can teach us a lot about the great unknown right here on our very own planet. It can also help us understand marine animal populations, their migration habits, and when they're being attacked by giant, untold horrors from the murky depths. This falls under that last category.

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  12. The First Teaser Trailer For Sharknado 2: The Second One Is Here and Full of Chainsaws

    Hey, we survived Hurricane Sandy. How bad are sharks gonna be?

    While we'll still be forever upset that they did not take our suggestion of Sharknados as the title for the upcoming SyFy movie sequel, there's no denying that this teaser trailer looks excitingly stupid, just like the last flick did. And just like Die Hard 2, this time they're going from L.A. to New York City.

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  13. The Geekosystem Podcast Episode 30 “Snakes and Dongs” Is Here

    This episode is 100% like Batman—aside from all the dongs.

    This week, Team Geekosystem set out to talk about the important issues of the Internet: snakes and dongs. We also talked about Showtime's new series, Penny Dreadful, and had a pretty rare circumstance where Glen, Victoria, and Sam (though not present) all agreed on something.

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  14. Things We Saw Today: This Lemongrab Woodblock Art Is Acceptable

    Things We Saw Today

    Artist Brian Reedy sells prints of this and other nerdy woodcuts in his Etsy shop. (Nerd Approved)

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  15. RiffTrax Live Brings Riffing Home to MST3K’s Birthplace in Minneapolis for Sharknado, Tickets on Sale Soon

    If Minneapolis doesn't like it, will it shoot them into space?

    RiffTrax is bringing the riffing back to where it all began with the Sharknado edition of RiffTrax live. They're bringing the show to the State Theater in Minneapolis where Mystery Science Theater 3,000 was born 25 years ago. If you can't make it to the theater, you can still see it in theaters throughout the US and Canada.

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  16. All Hands On Deck, People: Funko POP! Is Making a Sharknado Toy

    Tiny vinyl chainsaw not included.

    If there's one criticism we have of the Funko POP! line of vinyl figurines, it's that they're too friggin' adorable and we have to own all of them. Case in point? They managed to turn Sharknado cute. Like, real cute. Remind me why Sharknados are a bad thing to happen to your hometown?

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  17. Review: AIRPLANE VS.VOLCANO, From the People Who Brought You Sharknado

    But seriously, where are the sharks?

    I don't know much about airplanes or volcanoes, but I did watch AIRPLANE VS VOLCANO, the movie so nice they named it in all caps. My knowledge of aviation and geological phenomena are still basically nil, but I learned a lot from Asylum's latest mockbuster about sexual tension, explosions, and true love.

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  18. RiffTrax Just Announced a Live Sharknado Event!

    This is the most excited we've ever been for something that involves Tara Reid.

    Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy just announced their next RiffTrax Live! event and it's a big one: Sharknado! You'll be able to catch it simulcast live on screens across the country on Thursday July 10 and Tuesday July 15th. They also dropped some details of their upcoming Nat Geo takeover!

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  19. SyFy Wants To Distance Itself From Bad Monster Movies And Return to Its Genre Roots

    About frakkin' time, dudes.

    Good news for geeks, but bad news for horrible B-movie fans: SyFy is officially tired of being the butt of everybody's hilarious Sharknado jokes (Sharnajokes?). They're going to go back that thing they used to do when they were actually called the Sci Fi channel: make good science fiction content.

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  20. First Ever Catnado Hits UK, Felines Fly In Purrfect Storm

    Global warming can be so funny sometimes!

    Severe weather struck the UK last Sunday, causing severe flooding, leaving 13,000 customers without power, and lifting cats off the ground in a phenomenon that can only be called a "catnado."

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