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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Shane Black

Gender Bendery

Iron Man 3‘s Rebecca Hall Is Sort of Like a “Female Robert Downey Jr.” Go On…

“We needed a snappy and exciting actor to play the part, and not make it this ‘female scientist who takes off her glasses and suddenly she’s beautiful!’ There’s a certain element about her being the female Robert Downey Jr in a way.” —Director Shane Black on Rebecca Hall, who plays scientist Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3.

(via: ComicBookMovie)

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Looks Like Gwyneth Paltrow Will Wear Armor In Iron Man 3!

Marvel Entertainment International President Simon Philips recently gave a talk in São Paulo, Brazil and said something he probably shouldn’t have. Apparently Tony Stark isn’t the only wearing armor in Iron Man 3 – Pepper Potts is suiting up!



Iron Man 3 Casting News: Jessica Chastain and Guy Pearce Join This Behemoth Marvel Movie

We have some casting announcements for Iron Man 3, and yes, everyone is going to be in this movie. Yup. All of the actors are getting roles in Iron Man 3, and all of the actors who were in the second movie are back for the third one. It is shaping up to be the most partytime awesome crowd in a Marvel movie, ever: because now, Jessica Chastain and Guy Pearce have signed on. Surely there will also be room for Ben Stiller so he can meet his six-movies-per-year quota.


hold on to your butts

Shane Black Will Write and Direct Iron Man 3, Making It a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Reunion!

After a lackluster Part 2, the Iron Man franchise will be rejuvenated thanks to Hollywood wunderkind Shane Black, a guy who not only gets along great with his new star Robert Downey Jr., but a guy who can write successful blockbuster screenplays in six weeks time. The two first worked together on Black’s first directorial effort, 2005′s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which had a $15 million budget and was about a petty criminal who accidentally finds himself cast in a Hollywood film. Obviously, none of that will come into play for a Marvel movie, but it proves that the team of Black & Downey is a very, very fun one.