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  1. Rethinking the Progressiveness of Fargo‘s Molly Solverson

    One Strong Female Character doesn't cut it.

    The problem with Molly isn’t Molly. The problem with Molly is the way in which the show's writers have configured her as a Strong Female Character in a wasteland of women that we're intended to see as sluts, nags and doormats.

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  2. Carol Rossetti’s Empowering Illustrations on Womanhood Will Make You Cheer, Smile, Maybe Cry a Little


    This series of illustrations by Carol Rossetti highlight the difficulties faced by women in our society—but they also serve as empowering reminders that will have you pumping your fist in the air. She's also done other illustrations in different languages, which you can find her on her Facebook page. Now it's time to let the images speak for themselves.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Doctor Doom As an ’80s Pop Sensation

    Nice shades.

    Rocky Davies also did 80s album covers for the Joker, the Xenomoprh, and Shredder. "You know, like Doom tried to do some good PR and produce an upbeat pop album," says the artist. "It has hits like 'Latveria, Why Latveria?' and 'Doom Done Did It Again' and 'Four Coffins' and 'Chrome Dome.'"

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  4. We All Benefit From Better Representation

    C'mon, people, it's not rocket science.

    It's 2014, and I keep asking myself: Why aren't we farther than this? I don't just mean the lack of space colonization, sarcastic robots, and hoverboards that films promised me would be here by now. I mean representation in pop culture and storytelling. Seems we should be better about that, especially when the explanations for why we're not all sound pretty crap.

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  5. “Code Babes” Website: Women Strip, Men Learn, Everything Is Horrible

    Thank god! It's been a full half hour since I was objectified!

    The Internet is in a 100% justified uproar right now over a new website of dubious veracity. The premise behind Code Babes is basic (also disgusting): the site teaches male users to code by having a traditionally attractive woman remove enough clothing to keep "things interesting."

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  6. Study Proves Youtube Commenters Are The Worst

    If you don't have anything nice to say, say it on Youtube. Everyone else is.

    Youtube comment sections showcase humanity at its worst, and that's no longer just my personal (accurate) opinion, it's science. A study in PLOS One reveals that trolls on Youtube are more frequent and make more sexist, emotional, and irrelevant comments than on other parts of the Internet. Does that vindicate anyone? I hope so.

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  7. Politics Sexist? Hilary Clinton Discriminated Against Because She’s A Woman? You Don’t Say, The Daily Show!

    What Boys Think of Girls

    Jon Stewart (not to be confused with John Stewart) brought up a topic relevant to our interests on last night's The Daily Show. Particularly the reaction Hilary Clinton is getting in the political sphere after daughter Chelsea announced she was pregnant. Gasp! Clinton will be a grandmother! "How will this affect her run for office?" Stewart notes, is not something which as ever been asked about a male candidate. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. Neil deGrasse’s Statement on Race, Gender, Genetics, and Science Is Pretty Much Perfect [VIDEO]

    Okay You Primitive Screwheads

    Push through your wince at the fact that former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers suggested that there are so few women in scientific fields because of genetic differences between the sexes. Set aside the inner pain you feel at knowing that Summers used to be the President of Harvard University, too. Instead, bask in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s on point response, which starts with "I've never been female. But I have been black my whole life." (via Upworthy, thanks to tipster Travis) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. STEM Hiring Managers Often Favor Male Candidates, Says Yet Another Study

    Sigh. These findings aren't groundbreaking, but they shine more light on a very real problem: Hiring managers, both men and women, often perceive male candidates to be better qualified for science and tech jobs, even when their actual on-paper qualifications say otherwise. Fixing the STEM gender gap isn't just about encouraging interested students -- it's about making sure those students can get jobs one day.

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  10. Mystique Wants You To Know That Cheeseburgers Aren’t For Ladies In Bizarre Hardee’s Ad [VIDEO]

    As far as Jennifer Lawrence-related tie-ins go, this Carl's Jr./Hardee's commercial is about ten times worse than that time Subway created a special sandwich for Catching Fire, that movie about starving kids. (The video has been taken down; I guess Subway got embarrassed.) The Subway commercial was mostly just insensitive and weird. This commercial, in which a (non-Lawrence or Rebecca Romjin) Mystique has to transform into a dude before she can eat a Thickburger, manages to be insensitive, weird, and actively offensive. Also making the rounds: A commercial that implies the reason sexist, catcalling construction workers are sexist catcallers is that they haven't eaten their daily Snickers. You can find that one behind the cut.

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