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Settlers of Catan

  1. Settlers of Catan Is Going to Be a Movie, a TV Show, or Both

    Probably depends on how many resource cards they've got.

    Settlers of Catan is getting some kind of narrative video adaptation! It has to be better than Battleship, right?

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  2. Mayfair Games Is Kickstarting Cones of Dunshire From Parks and Rec, But Only Eagletonians Can Afford It

    Are the cones a metaphor? Well, yes and no.

    Mayfair Games: home of the Architect.

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  3. The Kitchen Overlord Has a Settlers of Catan Cookbook Called Wood for Sheep

    So many tasty little hexes!

    Chris-Rachael Oseland, also known as The Kitchen Overlord, loves to make geeky food. We've covered a few of her recipes, as well as her unofficial Doctor Who cookbook. Her latest effort, Wood for Sheep, is a cookbook inspired by the board game Settlers of Catan. Take a look, and you'll earn some delicious victory points.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Peter Venkman Crashed Someone’s Kickball Game

    Things We Saw Today

    Bill Murray crashed someone's kickball game over the weekend. Because of course. (The FW)

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  5. A Settlers of Catan Wedding Cake, Complete With Dapper Sheep

    Today in Awesome

    This cake, everyone. This cake. Note the use of the road and settlement pieces, the inclusion of both hexes and resource cards, the two dice, and, yes, the crafty robber hiding out where it hopes no one will evict it from the wedding. Previously in Cake

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  6. LEGO Settlers of Catan is the Best Thing This Morning

    It's pretty early on a Monday morning, but this Settlers of Catan board made entirely out of LEGO is probably the best thing I'll see all day. Completely functional and shown off by creator Ryan H. at this year's Brickworld convention, the set features interlocking tiles and some really ingenious use of pieces to create the different resources. Be still my heart. See more images, after the break.

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  7. There is a Star Trek Version of Settlers of Catan

    You love popular board game Settlers of Catan. You're also an enormous Trekkie. If these two statements are true, it's very likely that the above image of the forthcoming Star Trek Catan set your heart atwitter. The game is expected to come out in March of this year, but so far seems to only be slated for a German release. However, fans hoping for a complete re-imagining of the game may be left wanting.

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  8. Oil and Environmental Disasters Come to Settlers of Catan

    The classic board game of settlement and domination Settlers of Catan is sliding closer to the modern era with a new expansion which adds oil springs, 3 victory point settlements called metropolises, and cataclysmic natural disasters. The new version of the game called Catan: Oil Springs will be hitting shelves soon, but existing players can download the rules and print out the new gamepieces right now for free. Here's how it all works: a new resource, oil, is now available on the island of Catan. There are only three oil wells across the map, making it a limited commodity. Once harvested, oil can be exchanged for two of any other resource. Moreover, it can be used to upgrade cities to the new, higher-level metropolises. In practical terms, it means that players can advance more quickly through the game, or possibly allow other players to catch up. However, using oil comes at a cost.

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  9. Elegant Birch Settlers of Catan Board

    Anyone who has played Settlers of Catan on the actual board, rather than a digital or portable version, knows that the unstable game board is a gateway to unending madness. SJ Brown sought to pretty up Settlers, which happens to also change the game board in such a way that the only kind of madness will be due to owning a settlement in the middle of three high frequency numbers, but rarely getting the dice rolls for any of them.

    The board is made of birch, rather than flimsy cardboard that is (never) held in place by some more flimsy cardboard, and is designed to fit the Mayfair 4th edition tiles. The board is sanded, as well as clear-coat varnished for protection from moisture. The board, backed with thick leather, takes on varying levels of sheen depending on the angle of the board, viewer, and light hitting the board. The set includes hexagonal tiles, pips, and ports, and the board measures 21in x 19in and is 6mm deep. Check out SJ Brown's project over on Kickstarter, and head on past the jump for some more pretty photos of the board.

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  10. LEGO Settlers of Catan

    Flickr user suparMacho makes neat things with LEGOs. He is trying to make a detailed Settlers of Catan in LEGO. To help, he used the SR 3D Builder and POVray and created a render of what his LEGO Catan would look like. Interestingly, the render looks pretty darn real, and judging by how pretty the render is, hopefully suparMacho will now be able to complete this German LEGO Catansterpiece.

    (via The Brothers Brick)

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  11. Real-Life Settlers of Catan

    Settlers players with big backyards can take inspiration in the work of Matt Bell and friends:  As a project for Burning Man a few years ago, Bell constructed a life-sized Settlers of Catan board. Bell says that the size actually changed the way the game was played:

    An interesting game dynamic emerged. Unlike in the board game version, people were spread far enough apart that you could have a private conversation with another player. We also had too many people wanting to play, so we ended up with 2-3 players on a "team". As a result, a diplomatic wheeler-dealer atmosphere emerged, where players would huddle and discuss trades, periodically sending emissaries to speak with other players.
    (Matt Bell via MAKE)

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  12. Settlers of Catan Looks Awesome On the Microsoft Surface

    We personally got a look at 4th edition D&D on the Microsoft Surface at this year's PAX East, and even though purchasing one is just a leeetle bit outside our price range for gaming accessories ($10,000) we still get super excited to see what new features get rolled out for the product. Why? Because it reminds us that we live in the future now.

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  13. The Size of Our Devices Was Determined By The Size of the Average Sheep

    That's right. Books, and everything that's been made to imitate them, owes its specific size to exactly how much skin you can get off a sheep. I know, this sounds like some weird expansion pack for Settlers of Catan, but allow us to explain.

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  14. Geekolinks: 8/3

    The iOS PDF flaw that makes iPhone jailbreak work could let bad people hack your phone (Ars Technica)

    50 neat facts from mental_floss (mental_floss)

    How to make meme cutouts (Urlesque)

    Nine minutes of hot Catan-on-Microsoft-Surface action (Topless Robot)

    In defense of anonymous commenting (Salon)

    Breakup 2.0 (Newsweek)

    Facilitate audience conversations and drive engagement with social currency
    (wtf is my social media strategy)

    (title screaming watermelon via BuzzFeed)

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  15. Ten Edible Board Games

    We thought you'd never ask!

    For some reason, the rectangular shapes and smooth detailing of hobby board games -- especially those slightly abstract yet adorably representative Eurogames -- makes gamers long for the sweet, sweet taste of cake. Delicious cake.

    And sometimes, those gamers happen to actually be good at baking! And to produce edible versions of the board games that, while not so arcane and complex as to be unplayable, are still obscure enough that playing them doesn't evoke memories of family Monopoly sessions.

    So! Behold! Ten board games, presented in cake form!

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