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SETI Institute

  1. Slow Down, SETI: Frank Drake Thinks Calling Up Aliens Would Be “Silly”

    Sure, I guess "silly" is one way to describe the apocalypse.

    The Drake Equation, crafted by Frank Drake, estimates the probable number of other intelligent civilizations living in our own galaxy. The SETI Institute has recently begun discussing plans to actively attempt to make contact with any of these civilizations, but Drake himself thinks they're wasting their time.

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  2. Scientists Say It’s Time for Earth to Try Phoning Aliens’ Homes

    "Oooooh, you're in troublllllle." -Alien siblings.

    At the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Jose, scientists have said that it's time we stopped just listening to outer space and actively tried to make contact. Speaking of which, hopefully the aliens will be more interesting than the ones in Contact.

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  3. Despite Public Support, One of Pluto’s Moons Will Not Be Called Vulcan

    Dammit Jim!

    The polls set up by the SETI Institute to name the two moons of Pluto have been closed, and, unfortunately, neither moon will be called Vulcan.  When the SETI institute wrapped up the polls back in February to name the two moons that had been discovered in 2011 and 2012, the name Vulcan had 175,000 votes, with Cerberus, or Kerberos, in second place with 99,432, and Styx in third.  Unfortunately, despite the fact that William Shatner convinced so many people to vote for the trekkie title for one of the moons, SETI overruled the poll.

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  4. Watch Live as SETI Institute Announces Official Names of Pluto’s Smallest Known Moons

    The public voted and decided the names should be "Vulcan" and "Kerberos", but it won't be official until SETI says it is.

    Today at 12:00 PM EDT you can jump on a Google Hangout with SETI to hear the official naming of Pluto's two smallest known moons. SETI held a vote a few months ago, and the winning names were "Vulcan" and "Cerberus." Cerberus is already the name of an asteroid, so to avoid any confusion they're expected to use the alternate Greek spelling "Kerberos." We've got the live video right here.

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  5. PayPal, SETI, and Buzz Aldrin Team Up to Launch Interplanetary Payment Service

    Paying it really, really, really far forward.

    Ever tried to buy something, only to realize your wallet is sitting on your kitchen counter a billion miles away on another planet? No need to worry. PayPal has decided now is the perfect time to address that very serious problem. The online payment service is joining forces with the SETI Institute, a leader in the search for alien life in the universe, to create PayPal Galactic, a money transfer system that boldly goes where no money transfer system has gone before.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Have an Out of this World Night’s Sleep Under this Astronaut Duvet Cover

    Things We Saw Today

    Tony Stark expresses my feelings on this astronaut duvet cover by Dutch company Snurk ("For Horizontal Living") rather nicely. (Boing Boing)

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  7. SETI Asks the Internet to Name Pluto’s Smallest Moons, Is Probably Already Inundated With Meme-Related Write-Ins

    It Came From Outer Space

    …But the names have to be related to Greek mythology, specifically to Hades (or, as the Romans knew him, Pluto) and the underworld. And no, the fact that listening to NyanCat for too long makes one want to die doesn't count.

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  8. Former Head of SETI Says Aliens Totally Don’t Want To Eat Us. Well, In That Case…

    Oh Really?

    Former SETI director Jill Tarter (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has felt the need to go on the record and let the public know aliens don't really want to eat us. That's all well and good but how could this be when most overdramatized science-fiction tells us different? Is Tarter in league with an alien race?? Is she an alien??? All of these answers, as well as the real story, after the jump. 

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  9. SETI Wants Your Brainpower, For Aliens

    Audience Participation

    The SETI's no stranger to crowd sourced solutions. For years, their SETI@home initiative has harnessed the downtime of millions of computers to sift through the data collected by Arecibo Observatory, searching for anomalous patterns in the radio waves from deep space to see if any of them look organized enough to have to have been created by a form of intelligence. But their newest initiative, SETI Live, is too much for even the 769 teraFLOPS (as of 2009) combined processing power of SETI@home. Nope, SETI is asking you to lend your own cutting-edge-of-billions-of-years-of-evolutionary-honing pattern recognizer to their cause. You know, the one you keep between your ears and slightly behind your eyes.

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  10. SETI is Back Online With a Little Help From its Friends

    Back in April, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute was forced to switch off the 42 radio telescopes it uses to listen for transmissions from other worlds. After losing funding from UC Berkely, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) was just too costly to operate. Thankfully, more than 2,400 people chipped in and raised over $214,000 to be get the program back online and searching the skies by September. The list of donors is impressive. In addition to thousands of everyday folks the list includes the Ringworld author Larry Niven, Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, and actress Jodie Foster who portrayed a SETI researcher in the film Contact. With one day left in this round of fundraising, the SETI Institute has raised nearly $15,000 more than they originally planned.

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  11. SETI Suspends Search for Alien Life Due to Lack of Funding

    The SETI Institute, that nifty organization that searches for extra-terrestrial life, claims that due to government cutbacks, it does not have the funds to sustain the search for alien life anymore, dooming Earthlings to find out about an alien invasion once we're already enslaved.

    On top of this suspension of SETI's search for alien life, the large field of radio dishes that SETI used to search for signals will be going into hibernation. Sad day for people who were hoping intelligent alien life would be discovered in their lifetime, at least, the kind of discovery that doesn't involve us being invaded.

    (via ReadWriteWeb)

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