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Seth Meyers

  1. That Time Chris Pratt Flashed the Parks and Rec Cast for Art

    Andy Dwyer would be so proud.

    Chris Pratt flashed people!? OH, it was for art. Whew. That explains it. "Strip unexpectedly nude," might not be great general advice to get the reaction you're looking for in life, but it sure worked for an episode of Parks and Rec, whether NBC was happy about it or not.

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  2. Don’t Take Selfies With Our Friend Bill Nye While He’s Defusing Bombs, Please

    It's in everyone's best interests really.

    Our Friend Bill Nye recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. During the interview they talked about Nye's presidential selfie, talking about women with Neil deGrasse Tyson, why he chose to debate Ken Ham (and would do it again), and his repeated attempts to become an astronaut.

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  3. Someone Give Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart a Late Night Talk Show

    Make It So

    Last week Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart appeared together not merely in a number of adorable photographs, but in actual moving recorded film on Late Night with Seth Meyers. McKellen and Stewart confided that they'd always wanted to be a talk show host and band leader, and, well, watch the video. Where's their show, television? And where's my fan art of the two doing Aang and Zukko's dragon dance, internet? Previously in Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

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  4. World’s Best Besties Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Took Over Late Night, Remain The Best

    Their show can be called Late Night with Gandalf and Picard and it will be brilliant.

    Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen have a bromance for the ages. They've been gallivanting around NYC together for a while now, hanging at the Empire State Building and at Knicks games, making sci-fi/fantasy fans the world over shriek with AU crossover joy. Last night, we were treated to the Sirs' adorableness on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  5. The Upcoming Shows That Make Me Glad I Have a Hulu Account

    As I was scrolling through shows on my Hulu account the other day, I noticed that they posted trailers for all their upcoming shows. I took some time to watch them all, and while some were better than others, overall I'm actually pretty pumped about most of them. Here's a quick rundown of the Hulu shows that have me excited.

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  6. Jimmy Fallon Officially Taking Over The Tonight Show If Jay Leno Ever Steps Down

    It's as official as it's going to get: Jay Leno is stepping down from The Tonight Show again and Jimmy Fallon will be replacing him, though we've all been here before. The switch is expected to happen during NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics next year, and will bring The Tonight Show back to New York City under Lorne Michaels as Executive Producer. Will it all go down smoothly, or are we in for another round of late night wars?

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  7. Kristen Wiig Leaves Saturday Night Live In an Emotional Goodbye

    Officially Official

    What's been rumor for a while now has finally been confirmed -- after seven seasons on NBC's Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig is moving on. Last year, the superstar comedian proved she could draw an audience beyond the late-night institution with her script for and performance in Bridesmaids, the former of which got her an Oscar nomination. So, yes -- it will be sad to see Wiig's brand of demented but lovable characters gone from Saturday nights. But she's going to be just fine. That doesn't mean that some of us, including Wiig, didn't cry about it, though.

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  8. Seth and Amy Say What We’ve Been Thinking All Week: REALLY??? [Video]

    A Series of Fallopian Tubes

    Thank you, Amy Poehler, for coming back to Saturday Night Live to visit your old castmate and this week's host, Maya Rudolph, so you could join your old Weekend Update co-anchor Seth Meyers in a segment we like to call: OMG THANK YOU WE'VE BEEN UPSET ABOUT THE BIRTH CONTROL DEBATE ALL WEEK AND YOU SAID EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. Thank you, also, Saturday Night Live writers. "Don't tell me what to do!" (via Saturday Night Live)

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  9. Kristen Wiig Defends Lana Del Rey — As Lana Del Rey [Video]

    I Guess I Can't Argue With That

    If you were anywhere near the internet a few weeks ago when Lana Del Rey performed on Saturday Night Live and then people talked about it, or again this past Tuesday when the singer's debut album Born to Die came out (and people talked about her performance on SNL again), you might have read things like "worst singer ever," "worst SNL performance ever," or a variety of incredibly disparaging things about the newcomer. Many came to her defense, most heartwarmingly, Whitney Cummings, but also Daniel Radcliffe, who was the host of that SNL episode, and SNL head writer/Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers. But now, Kristen Wiig has stepped into the supportive hug by actually playing the singer, poking a little fun at her persona, but pointing out some things that turn all those rude criticisms on their respective heads. Like how she must have "clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem" instead of just nervously singing in front of millions of people for the first time. (via Saturday Night Live)

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  10. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Return to Weekend Update for a Joke-Off [Video]


    Last night, Jimmy Fallon returned to his old stomping grounds on the stage of Studio 8H at Rockefeller Center to host Saturday Night Live. And basically everyone that Fallon has ever breathed on showed up for the last show of 2011 and the season's semi-official holiday show, and it was pretty wonderful. Rachel Dratch was in the cold open to reprise the "Sully and Denise" sketch, along with Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, and a svelte Horatio Sanz, who showed up to perform their classic Christmas song. (That's after the jump. Because how could I not, really?) But the most epic of reunions took place during Weekend Update, when first Amy Poehler and then Tina Fey re-teamed with their former co-anchors, Jimmy and current anchor Seth Meyers. This was an amazing show, you guys. There was even a sketch for the dorkestra and band geeks!

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  11. Yes, the Muppets Were on SNL Last Night, But Watch Jason Segel’s Andre the Giant Impression First [Video]

    Aaaaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiish

    Star and writer of The Muppets Jason Segel hosted Saturday Night Live last night. We are spoiling nothing by saying that yes, the Muppets did show up, and yes, those sketches are after the jump. But since we've been inundating you with posts about The Muppets, here is a reprieve from that. Either Segel was merely a child of the 1980s who loved wrestling -- or he loves The Princess Bride sooooo much that he figured out how to impersonate the man who played Fezzik, Andre the Giant. We choose to believe the latter. And after the jump: Muppets.

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