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  1. Sequel Is an Art Show About Those Follow-Up Films We’ll Never See

    No sign of Super Mario Bros. 2.

    My friends, we are never going to see Natalie Portman as a grown hitwoman taking bloody vengeance on the mafia that failed to protect her mentor and guardian the moment he talked about getting out of the game. We're never going to find out what might have happened if the Goblin King returned decades later. And yes, we're probably never going to see a Hellboy III.

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  2. Sweet Bulging Goblin Trousers, The Labyrinth Sequel Is Coming

    And so am I.

    Throw a baby in the air and give a big ol' F.U. to adulthood: Labyrinth II is really and truly happening.

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  3. Fox Is Doing a Female-Led Sequel to Minority Report

    We saw this coming. *whistles*

    What order will they air the episodes in this time?

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  4. There’s an Enchanted Sequel in the Works and It Already Has Writers

    I've been dreaming of a true love's reboot?

    Movie insiders have been praising the possible franchise power of Enchanted before it was even released back in 2007, but the long-believed-inevitable sequel has been stuck in development limbo ever since. Until now, that is.

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  5. Raze It To the Ground and Burn the Ashes: A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Is Happening

    what is this I don't even

    How dare you, Fox. How. Dare. You. I have never in my life yelled at a studio like this! OK. You've calmed down? I've calmed down. Let's talk about this Mrs. Doubtfire sequel and which castmember has spoken out against it with a resounding "Oh hell no."

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  6. Hellloooo! Mrs.Doubtfire Sequel In The Works

    Hopefully Mrs.Featherbottom won't be too threatened.

    Great news for '90s babies who were alternatingly charmed and horrified by Robin Williams' memorable role as a divorced Dad with an unconventional way of getting close to his kids. Talks of the long-awaited Mrs.Doubtfire II were never dead, just on hiatus...and a new movie may soon be bustling in to a theater near you.

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  7. New Mario Kart 8 Trailer Shows off Anti-Gravity Tracks, Is Basically the Same as Every Mario Kart

    Are George Clooney and Sandra Bullock playable, though?

    Yes, Mario Kart 8 looks very pretty. Does that really matter, though? Nintendo's entire business strategy for two generations now has been to push a graphically underpowered console that offers something new and different. No matter how many hang gliders, motorcycles, and anti-gravity tracks you throw in, Mario Kart's age is starting to show.

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  8. Rumor: Pixar May Be Making A Star Wars Movie

    This is not the money mill you're looking for.

    Since JJ Abrams confirmed on Monday that Episode VII is a real thing and not just some intricate smokescreen designed to lure grown men out of their mother's basements, we've had a lot of emotions to explore. We'd barely recovered when the rumor that we can expect a Pixar Star Wars in the future had us feeling a disturbance in the force again.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Her Universe Doctor Who Dresses

    Things We Saw Today

    When we put these Ten and Eleven dresses in our annual Holiday Gift Guide they weren't for sale yet, but now they are! Treat yo' self. (Fashionably Geek)

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  10. World War Z Sequel Isn’t Dead, Has a Director. Kill Me Now.

    Today in Depressing

    *zombie grrrroan*

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