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  1. Spurious Correlations Engine Generates Graphs for Bizarre Coincidences

    Correlation is not causation, unless by "causation," you mean "fun."

    If you like weird facts, time wasters and thinking critically, then get thee over to Spurious Correlations. Just because drownings from 1999-2009 correlate at a rate of 0.666004 with the number of films Nicolas Cage appeared in during those years doesn't mean the two are actually linked, but have fun trying to find a connection.

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  2. Attention Internet: Vote on Which GIFS Best Express Emotion

    Can we vote on how GIF is pronounced already?

    Don't post that pic of Oprah giving side eyes! There may be a more effective way to convey your views on Crimea. Two MIT students have created a "GIF sorting" game that tackles assumptions about the universal emotional or cultural significance of certain images, reminding users that our screaming Walter White is someone else's laughing Squidward.

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  3. Bing It On Again: People Chose Bing Results Nearly 2 to 1 Over Google

    Statistics are always somewhat questionable. The data gathered always depends on the size of the sample, what kind of conditions it was collected under, and all that. Bias is notoriously difficult to remove. That's why it's not surprising to find out that Microsoft's "Bing It On" challenge has now churned up the conclusion that users prefer Bing's search results at a ratio of "nearly" 2 to 1 compared to Google's. It's more complicated than that, though.

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  4. MC Hammer Is Working On His Own Search Engine, Seriously

    MC Hammer is working on a new search engine and u can't touch it, because it's not available to the public yet. Hammer made an appearance at theĀ Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco not as a washed up celebrity looking for attention, but actually as the brains behind the up-and-coming web search "WireDoo." Thankfully, unlike Hammer himself, his parachute pants seem to have been unable to escape the 1990s. I'm really sorry everyone, these jokes are pretty much obligatory. Hammer was quick to stress that "WireDoo" is not intended to compete with search giants like Google. Of course, this kind of goes without saying. Start-ups "compete" with Google much in the same way that someone "listens" to MC Hammer: You try it for about 3 seconds just to see if it's possible and then you give up forever. No, Hammer's new search is intended to provide a "deeper type of search" that provides "relationship" responses to queries.

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