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Science Channel

  1. Here’s What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like on Helium

    Hey! Listen!

    In case you're unaware, Through the Wormhole is a Science Channel show hosted by Morgan Freeman since 2010, performing such important and groundbreaking experiments as: What does Morgan Freeman sound like when he's breathing helium? Previously in Science!

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  2. Morgan Freeman Wants To Talk To You Tonight About God And Aliens

    Obviously there is a God, because our prayers were just answered.

    If you're at all interested in extraterrestrials, the Science Channel's week long series "Are We Alone?" is the shameless UFO-fest for you. If you haven't tuned in to the alien version of Shark Week yet, tonight at 10 pm Morgan Freeman will be asking some pretty provocative questions.

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  3. The Secret World of Punkin Chunkin, Science Channel’s Thanksgiving Special

    Smuggling! Cloning! Pumpkin theft! Chunkin' is a lot weirder than we thought.

    Science Channel is airing their annual Punkin Chunkin special Thanksgiving night at 8:00PM ET. If you're not familiar with it, it's a show about people who build machines that hurl pumpkins as far as possible -- some nearly a mile. It's a fun look at physics and engineering, but we went to event this year and found it was actually a whole lot more.

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  4. Hey Browncoats, That Comic-Con Firefly Reunion Panel Will be Televised


    We mentioned earlier some of the awesome things all us sad not-at-Comic-Con folks will be missing. Well, now you can be marginally less sad! Because it turns out that that Firefly reunion? It's being filmed. And not just on some grainy flip-cam with sub=par quality so you can half-watch it on youtube later (although we're sure that's happening, too). Nope, it's gonna be on real television, with some more good stuff alongside it.

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  5. Netflix Will Start Streaming Discovery Channel Shows, Mythbusters Too? Pretty Please?

    and let it be known

    Right in the middle of this, shall we say, turbulent week for Netflix, the soon-to-be "exclusively streaming" video company has announced that it has made a deal with Discovery Communications to stream shows from several of its satellite channels, such as TLC, Science, and Animal Planet. That includes shows such as Man Vs. Wild, Say Yes to the Dress, and, we really, really hope Mythbusters. Seriously, does this mean we'll be able to stream Mythbusters? Because that would be the really good news.

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  6. Firefly to Air (In Syndication) on The Science Channel

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    No, Firefly isn't coming back with new episodes.  But it is coming back to television.  The Science Channel (yes, the Science Channel) has grabbed the rights to play the show in syndication, beginning on March 6th.  It will be the first time the show has been television since 2008, when it was broadcast on Universal HD. In a time when the Sci-Fi, wait, sorry, Syfy channel is collecting reality shows like candy and expanding its coverage of WWE wrestling, it obviously falls to the History Channel spinoff to safeguard the original science fiction of the modern era.  Well, of almost ten years ago, anyway.  And so the Science Channel quietly announced as much in a press release a few days ago, which also included a... quaint synopsis of the show's characters.

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