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  1. There’s a Salmonella Outbreak Being Reported and The CDC Is Still Shut Down

    First Salmonella, then the Zombie virus.

    Good news for people who hate knowing how a foodborne illness travels across state borders! Last night the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture announced a reported 278 cases of illness in 18 states caused by Salmonella Heidelberg in chicken, and there's nothing the CDC can do about it because it's closed.

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  2. Better, Faster, Stronger: Evolution of New Genes Seen in Lab for First Time

    An international team of scientists has achieved one of the holy grails of evolutionary biology, documenting the creation of new genes in a living organism for the first time. After introducing a gene engineered to be beneficial to protein synthesis into the DNA of salmonella bacteria in their labs, researchers from the University of California Davis and Sweden's Upsalla University have shown that strength in numbers may be the secret to success for mutant genes that stick around and become evolved traits of an organism.

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  3. Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella Epidemic Is Up To 45% Fatal, May Spread From Human To Human

    Researchers following the spread of salmonella in Africa, which has reached epidemic levels, have found that the spread of the disease may be linked to the emergence of HIV on the continent, implying that the blood-borne disease may have followed in the wake of HIV, finding good hosts in people with compromised immune systems and becoming more prevalent as it did so. The same study has also identified some of the genes for antibiotic resistance that are partly to blame for the disease's increased virulence and mortality in Africa.

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  4. Antibiotics in Pizza Meat Kill Off Helpful Bacteria, Can’t Touch Salmonella

    Okay, look: No one thought pizza meat was a thing that was good for us. (If you've been laboring under that delusion, we apologize, but yeah, it's not.) Up until this morning though, most of us were able to suspend our disbelief on that front, for the sake of,  "Come on, you guys, it's a slice of pizza. I quit smoking, what do you WANT out of me?"  We calmly reassure ourselves -- usually somewhere around the 3rd of 4th slice -- that pepperoni is probably not actively bad for us. Wrong. According to a study published today in the online journal mBio, yes, Virginia, pepperoni is totally helping bacteria murder you every time you eat it.

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