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Sailor Moon

  1. Sailor Moon Crystal Recap, Act 4: “Masquerade Dance Party”

    Hiiide your face so the wooorld will never... whoops, sorry, wrong masquerade.

    Sailor Moon Crystal's really been chugging along so far, huh? In this episode, Moon, Mars, and Mercury work together for the first time to find their princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. It's incredibly sweet and finally starts deviating from the original manga story, but there's one change they made that I kinda wish they'd kept true to the source. Which one? Read on to find out!

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Who Needs Hogsmeade, Oreo May Have A Butterbeer Flavor

    If these taste remotely like rootbeer I'm calling shenanigans.

    Someone alerted us to these cookies via e-mail, but there's no confirmation yet from Nabisco if this package is real or just photoshopped by someone with a Mirror of Erised.

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  3. Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: “The Flash of the Monster Camera” and “The Grieving Doll”

    And there's a creepy doll/that always follows you.

    Get your Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps in now, because after this week of creepy photographers and creepy dolls, the series will be going on a one week break!

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  4. Dear Sailor Moon Space Variant Cosplayers: Thank You For Being So Tremendously Awesome

    Not pictured: Tuxedo George Jetson.

    Everybody loves a good Sailor Moon redesign—shhhh EVERYONE, I SAY– and Abigail Cruz's collection of retro sci-fi senshi is one of my all-time favorite versions of my girls. You know what's even better than senshi redesigns? Cosplay of senshi redesigns. Awwwwww yeah. Now we're talkin'.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: The Guardians Prequel We All Want To See

    Someone call The CW and make this a show immediately.

    Amazing artist Maddie Chaffer captioned this adorable piece with, "Yes, Marvel? I would like a Guardians of the Galaxy prequel about teenage cyborg assassin sisters please." Couldn't have put it better ourselves. (via Tumblr)

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  6. Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: “Rei’s First Date” and “Usagi Becomes a Bride”

    One of these days this Mamoru is gonna walk all over you.

    This week in Sailor Moon: cursed hats, crazed animals, and one badass blushing bride.

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  7. Sailor Moon Crystal Recap, Act 3: “Rei — Sailor Mars”

    Akuryo Taisan!

    This weekend in Sailor Moon Crystal, we welcome the arrival of the beautiful Sailor Mars. She is just so, so beautiful, you guys. Like, the beautifulest. Speaking of which,  THEY KEPT IN MY FAVORITE MANGA THING OH BOY.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Cyberpunk Sailor Senshi

    If Usagi found herself in Ghost in the Shell.

    W. Scott Forbes took our favorite Sailor Senshi and cyberpunk'd them. We will now never rest until we get a run-down Crystal Tokyo dystopian cyberpunk Sailor Moon remake. (via Tumblr)

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  9. Asking the Tough Questions: What Even Is up With Tuxedo Mask, Guys?

    What's up, man? Who are you?

    Sometimes people who criticize the original Sailor Moon make the argument that Sailor Moon isn't an effective superhero because Tuxedo Mask usually swoops in to distract the enemy for her—or, as they usually put it, "is always saving her from everything." Guys. Have you really sat down and watched the show? Tuxedo Mask is fundamentally useless. Here, comedy sketch group Wilcats gets it. They get it so hard.

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  10. Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: Episodes 13 and 14

    Goodbye, Jadeite!

    Wait, you mean the villains of kids entertainment can actually fire their incompetent henchmen?

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