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Rubik’s cube

  1. The Rubik’s Cube is 40! Celebrate by Playing With One on Google All Day

    When 40 years old you reach, receive a Google Doodle you will not, hmmm?

    Looking for a great way to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Rubik's Cube? Google's got you covered. Their Doodle today on the Google search page is an interactive Rubik's cube that you can solve on your computer or smartphone instead of doing whatever else it is you're supposed to be doing today. Nothing important happens on Monday anyway, right?

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  2. How to Look Like You Can Solve a Rubik’s Cube [Video]

    Not everyone can solve a Rubik's Cube, and that's okay. I know I can't. That isn't to say a number of people aren't capable of learning how to solve one, but it sounds like a frustrating process. I'd much rather just not know. Sometimes, though, it's nice to look like you're smarter than you really are, and thankfully Matt Parker has us covered. By following the steps in his video, you can look like you're solving a Rubik's Cube without actually doing so. Granted, you'll need a completed one to start with, so someone might have to help out at first.

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  3. 6 Clever Rubik’s Cubes for the Blind

    There are a lot of fun things to do with Rubik's Cubes, but the cubes as the majority of the public knows them are composed of flat faces, and the puzzle is solved by way of using colors. Though the puzzle of the cubes are supposed to be based on sight, a few modders out there have made the cubes something people without sight can enjoy. Head on past the break, and check out six of our favorite Rubik's Cubes for the blind.

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  4. Wash Yourself With Soda Pop Scented Video Game Soaps, Because Why Not

    You have to hand it to Etsy seller Chrystal Doucette, she really knows her audience. She understands that the right mix of nostalgia, quirkiness, and fine craftsmanship is the key to the heart (and wallet) of any (credit) card carrying geek. That's probably why her store specializes in soap cast into the shape of video game paraphernalia. Consoles, controllers, cartridges, companion cubes, Rubik's Cubes; they've all been cast in soap. That's not all: Many of the soaps come in such appetizing flavors as Mountain Dew and grape soda. She even has a collection of caffeinated, pop-scented shower gels. If her work has one flaw, it's that much of it relies on stickers -- making them prettier to look at than to use. That said, it's a pretty amazing collection. See more pictures, after the break.

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  5. Just Juggling Two Rubik's Cubes While Solving a Third, Nothing Much [Video]

    David Calvo is something of a Rubik's Cube master. From solving two cubes simultaneously, one in each hand, to solving a cube blindfolded, he's done it all. Well, most of it. That being the case, it looks like he's started to work juggling into his repitoire, giving him the most impressively useless "other skills" section of any résumé in history. Of course, knowing the guy's background, it was probably harder for him to get a hang of the one-handed juggling than anything else, but it is still impossible not to be impressed. What's next? Who knows, but I am excited to find out.

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  6. CubeStormer II LEGO Robot Holds Rubik's Cube World Record

    When it comes to speed solving Rubik's cubes, I feel like we must be coming up on the physical limits of speed. Records are being eroded constantly and it just has to stop somewhere, right? Just this May, the record was set at 6.24 seconds, only to be beaten in June with a 5.66 second run, and now, the CubeStormer II is upping the ante with a 5.35 second run. Seriously, how much faster can it possibly get?

    The CubeStormer II, as you might be able to guess, is a LEGO Mindstorms project and utilizes the tried-and-true smartphone-operated robotic solver format. The really impressive part of the CubeStormer II is how fast it goes. Seriously, I could watch that thing solve cubes all day long. If a human can beat this record, they very well may be the last superhuman to have that honor.

    Video after the jump.

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  7. This Girl Just Won the Nerd Olympics

    what is this I don't even

    Did you need a new goal to strive for? The greatest parlor trick in the world? A reason to feel inadequate? (via Geek Feminism.)

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  8. This Is a Radical Cake Inspired by the Rubik’s Cube

    Olden Lore

    Vicky McDonald of Stasty is a brilliant woman. You know those almond-flavored rainbow cakes you see at parties, and you say, "I love those! I'm gonna have some of that later!" But then you can't because they're all gone? Because I ate them all? That is what this cake is made of, and McDonald had the even more wonderful idea to make it into a Rubik's Cube as a tribute to Ernö Rubik himself. And guess what? He approves. What more could a hungry '80s child ask for?

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  9. Rubik’s Cube World Record: 6.24 Seconds

    At yesterday's Kubaroo Open in Melbourne, Australia, Rubik's Cube prodigy Feliks Zemdegs set a new world record for speed, solving a 3x3x3 cube in 6.24 seconds. Zemdegs -- who is 15 years old -- had set the past three world records. (via BoYT)

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  10. Watch an HTC Desire and LEGOs Solve a 12-Sided Rubik’s Cube [Video]

    A Megaminx is essentially a dodecahedral Rubik's Cube--that's 12 faces and 50 total moveable pieces. For comparison, the regular Rubik's Cube has 6 faces and 20 moveable pieces. If having 6 more faces and 30 more moveable pieces than a regular Rubik's Cube weren't enough, on top of a less scary 6 color format, the Megaminx also comes in a 12 color format. So, what does one do when faced with solving the terrifying 12-faced, 12-colored, 50-pieced dodecahedron? Make a computer do it. Uploaded to YouTube by user ARMFlix, the above video shows a LEGO Mindstorms NXT construction called the "Megaminxer," which when coupled with an HTC Desire running a custom Android app, solves the Rubik's monstrosity. The HTC Desire takes a picture of each face of the Megaminx, processes the scrambled colors, works out the solution, then tells the Megaminxer's controller via Bluetooth how to manipulate the dodecahedron in order to solve the puzzle. Basically, fancy computer magic.

    (ARMFlix via Engadget)

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