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Ron Swanson

  1. The Senate Sort of Approved Internet Sales Tax

    People still love taxes, right? That's what the Senate seems to think, because they just voted 75-to-24 in favor of a non-binding resolution that says they would support a bill introducing an Internet sales tax. Even though the resolution is non-binding, its overwhelming support could help support the bill as it School House Rocks its way to becoming a law. The Senate finally decides to get something done, and it's Internet sales tax? Great job, Senate.

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  2. Awkward Movember ‘Stache? Nick Offerman Assures Us “It Gets Fuller”


    We're almost halfway into Movember, and if you're growing a sweet 'stache for charity, we salute you. If you're having doubts about your underdeveloped mustache, though, don't worry. America's moustache hero Nick Offerman is here with some more words of encouragement.

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  3. Ron Swanson Teaches You How to Grow a Mustache [Video]

    Next month is not only November, but Movember, the manliest awareness month around, in which people are encouraged to grow facial hair in order to raise awareness for men's health issues. If there's anyone who is qualified to discuss facial hair and raise awareness for men, it's pretty obviously Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation. There isn't a manlier man, even if he's fictional (even if Nick Offerman is basically just Ron Swanson in real life). So support Movember, listen to Nick Offerman, and get ready for the manliest journey of your life.

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  4. Ron Swanson Teaches Us How to Avoid a Bacon Shortage [Video]

    You might've heard there could be a bacon shortage in our near future, and you might've heard that, actually, there won't be one. Either way, the very slight possible chance that perhaps, just maybe, there'd be a shortage of bacon at any point in time worries Ron Swanson. Thankfully, in a The More You Know parody, he's here to teach us all how to prepare for the grim possibility.

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  5. Nick Offerman is Back and Reading More Tweets from Young Female Celebrities [Video]

    Nick Offerman, the manliest man who ever manned, and actor who portrays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, is at it again, reading tweets from young female celebrities as he performs manly tasks. In the second iteration of this Conan O'Brien segment, Offerman is featured in his workshop, doing what he does best, reading tweets from young female celebrities. Check out the original segment here and watch closely, you might learn a thing or two.

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  6. Nick Offerman, AKA Ron Swanson, Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities While Doing Manly, Outside Work

    If you weren't aware, Nick Offerman, who plays manliest of men Ron Swanson on the excellent Parks and Recreation, is actually the manliest of men in real life as well; Ron Swanson seems to be largely based on Nick Offerman himself. So, what's a funny thing that the manliest of men could do? Sternly recite tweets of young female celebrities while doing manly woodwork outdoors. I think Conan has a gem of a segment here.

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  7. Ron Swanson Has His Own Writer, Actor IMDb Page

    Television's favorite manly man with a secret heart of gold, as well as a secret lust for riddles and soft jazz, Ron Swanson, has his own page on the Internet Movie Database. No, not the listing of the character that Nick Offerman plays, but Ron Swanson himself, as if he were a real life person that contributed to the movie and television industry. Interestingly, Ron Swanson's IMDb credits end in 1996, one year before Nick Offerman's credits being in 1997. I mean, you've never seen both Ron Swanson and Nick Offerman in the same room, right?!

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  8. Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: Fried Turkey Leg Inside Grilled Hamburger

    Last week on Parks and Recreation, polar opposites Rob Lowe's Chris Traeger and Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson held a contest to see if a turkey or beef burger would taste better. Ron initially asked if by turkey burger, Chris meant a friend turkey leg stuffed inside a grilled hamburger. Chris didn't mean that. Suffice it to say, Chris bought a bunch of fancy ingredients from an organic food store and whipped up some fancy turkey burgers, plated them beautifully and described them in detail to the panel of judges (their coworkers). Ron Swanson bought generic beef from his favorite grocery store, Food and Stuff, where he gets most of his food and stuff, and handily won the contest with plain beef hamburgers.

    Of course, someone made Ron's idea of what a turkey burger is, and posted the recipe so everyone could give it a whirl. It is supposedly fairly delicious even though it contains the bone, though one could easily modify the recipe to fry boneless turkey leg meat and put that into separate beef patties. Check out the recipe over on Eater.

    (via Eater National)

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