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  1. Days of Future Past Roundup: Rogue’s Deleted Scene and Wolverine’s Lead Role Explained, Famke Janssen Talks Female X-Men

    Mutatis Mutandis

    We already heard from Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg on why he did that thing he did with the ending. Now, thanks to a piece in Empire, we have in his own words why Wolverine stars in the film, instead of Kitty Pryde or someone else, and why Rogue's scene was cut. But first: Famke Janssen, why do you love the X-Men's female characters so much? Spoilers for Days of Future Past!

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  2. What’s Going On With Rogue, Scarlet Witch, & Wolverine’s Claws In X-Men: Days of Future Past?


    Empire Magazine's X-Men: Days of Future Past issue is just a plethora of images and information about the upcoming film. The latest? Updates on the statue of Rogue's appearance, Wolverine's claws, and Scarlet Witch.

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  3. Superheroines Jump Into Action In This Delightful Fan Art

    Today in Awesome

    DeviantArt user Pryce14, AKA Jamal Campbell, has some awesome art in his gallery, including a ton of great art of superheroines!  His ladies are in proportion, sexy but not objectified, and generally look pretty badass (check out that Psylocke!). Plus, bonus points because they all look like individuals instead of a carbon-copy "woman" template.

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  4. Rogue’s Inability to Remember Not to Touch Anyone Gets Her Fired from the X-Men [Video]

    Feel free to console her, but be sure to steer clear of hugs.

    We love jokes about things that we enjoy, and Pete Holmes has capitalized on this by hilariously firing each of the X-Men as Professor X. Turns out Professor X really doesn't like dealing with high insurance premiums caused by Rogue repeatedly hurting everyone. It's wish time, and if your wish is to watch Rogue get fired, it's Christmas.

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  5. Marvel’s Rogue Was Almost In The Wolverine… Sorta.

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Apparently, there was an early version of the script where Rogue makes an appearance in The Wolverine! But wait, doesn't that movie take place in Japan? How does that work? Well, dear readers, hit the jump to find out!

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  6. Are You There God? It’s Me, Rogue.

    Our Adorable Past

    While we wait to read those She-Hulk and Rogue novels from Marvel and Hyperion, we'll imagine what this pretend book might involve. The image is from the latest installment of CBR's The Line It Is Drawn is "Rejected Children’s Books Starring Comic Book Characters," and was put together by Robert Rath. Want to take a stab at some dialogue in the comments? (via Comic Book Resources) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  7. Hanie Mohd’s Marvel Ballgowns Are Now Official Marvel Merch on WeLoveFine!

    Almost Totally Excellent

    I looked at all of these and tried to figure out which one to put at the top, and immediately realized it had to be She-Hulk, holding up the world. Obviously. I mean, not because she's my favorite, or anything. It should be obvious to anyone. Hanie Mohd's gorgeous superheroine gowns in the art nouveau style are now being offered as prints and shirts at WeLoveFine. The prints are beautiful, but I know many of you will be disappointed to know that the shirts are currently only being sold in men's sizes. However, we at The Mary Sue know from experience that if WeLoveFine sees enough folks asking for ladies sizes, they get made. So I'll just leave their contact info and Mohd's artist page here. Each individual t-shirt page has a comments section in it, and that seems like the perfect place to let WeLoveFine that there are women out there who want these too.

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  8. She-Hulk & Rogue Make The Jump From Marvel Comics To Marvel Novels This Summer

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    What's this? A new partnership between Hyperion Books and Marvel Entertainment?! Yes. She-Hulk and Rogue star in their own novels coming this June. 

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  9. There is a Beer That Tastes Like Bacon and Maple Syrup

    And here it is: The Bacon Maple Ale. The beer, now available in a 750ml Pept0-Bismal pink bottle, was the product of an unholy union between Rogue brewers and Portland's legendary Voodoo Doughnut. If you're bold enough to want to wrap your lips around this fatty, smokey brew, you'll have to drop $13 a bottle or $156 for a case. The pricing may be a bit brutal, but that's the cost of weird, small batch beers. Oh, and by all accounts, it's pretty terrible.

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