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  1. EA Snaps Up Domains Up to, So Rock, Paper, Shotgun Grabs

    If you love games where you pretend to kill your friends and strangers over the Internet, then you're probably down with EA's Battlefield series. Battlefield 4 is coming out this Fall, but EA has plans for even more sequels to the game. Kind of a lot of them, in fact.  They recently registered Battlefield domains ending in numbers 13-20, so gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun did them exactly one better and registered

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  2. Hack Shows Offline SimCity Play’s Possible, Questions Always-Online Requirement

    Electronic Arts has done a terrible job with the launch of the newest SimCity, and things have just gotten worse since someone hacked the game to show that it can run offline, calling into question EA's claims that forcing players to be online in order to play is required for the game to run properly, and not just sneaky digital rights management.

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  3. Report: Minecraft Will be Updated With Beds to Sleep Through the Night, Moveable Spawn Points

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun is exclusively reporting that a coming Minecraft update will include beds that players can sleep in and bypass the night. I know what you're thinking, and no, there's no mention if this will work in a multiplayer server. Also, potentially amazingly, RPS is reporting that beds will eventually be updated to become a personalized, moving spawn point, where the last bed the player sleeps in becomes their current spawn point. We'll update with any information when it becomes available. Notch also leaked the next update via Twitter, which is supposed to update with a new launcher for the game. Unless you have some technical prowess, I'd suggest just waiting for the automatic update.

    And yes, that's a picture of the heart-shaped wool bed in the honeymoon suite within the apartment building in our server.

    (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

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  4. Plants Vs. Zombies In World of Warcraft

    Yo dawg, Blizzard heard you like timesinks. So they put a timesink in your timesink so you can timesink while you timesink. Seriously. The latest dose of beta content to hit the Cataclysm servers has included some things long awaited, and some surprises. To the surprises, add that in the updated Hillsbrad foothills area of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, there are a series of quests that walk you through several games of Plants vs. Zombies Peacebloom vs. Ghouls.

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  5. Minecraft for Free All Weekend

    Do you have something that you have to get done? Anything? Then stop reading right now. Go on. Scroll down. There's a funny Cthulhu video down there. Just leave this post alone. Go on, get. Okay. If you're still here, we are now absolved of all responsibility for telling you that Notch, the developer of Minecraft, the latest incredibly addictive game sweeping the internets, is offering the game free until he gets some new servers set up, probably on Monday.

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  6. Geekolinks: 9/9

    Real Dragon*Con Missed Connections (Creative Loafing) Film Industry Hiring Software Firms to DDoS Filesharers? (Sydney Morning Herald) A Dozen Facts About Lost In Space (Neatorama) Blizzard Accedentally Implements Draconian StarCraft 2 DRM, Promises Patch (Rock, Paper, Shotgun) Best Unfounded Rumor We've Heard All Week: Dr. Strange by Pixar (ScreenRant) PlayStation Fans Infographic(Joystiq) Robo Copolean On A Unicorn (You Heard Me!) (Fashionably Geek) (pic by avid, via Geeks Are Sexy)

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  7. GameInformer’s Bioshock Infinite Themed Covers

    During a panel at PAX this weekend, GameInformer revealed the three variant covers that will grace their next issue. They are all beautifully done period pieces focused on Bioshock Infinite characters and elements like the Murder of Crows, The Handyman, skyhooks, the heroine Elizabeth, and the creature known only as Him.

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  8. Telltale Games Crossover Tease Revealed: It’s a Poker Game

    Last weekend Telltale Games released an inexplicable teaser trailer for an upcoming project, that primarily featured the above image, calculated to create one specific response in the viewer: What the heck kind of game is going to have Tycho from Penny Arcade, Max from Sam & Max, Strongbad, and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 in it? Today, we have an answer: A poker game.

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  9. The Daily Star Apologizes to Makers of Grand Theft Auto

    Earlier this week The Daily Star made the obviously false (to anyone acquainted with the games industry, photoshop mock-ups, or basic fact checking skills) claim that Rockstar Games would be basing their next Grand Theft Auto game on a recent real life British man who "shot three people, killing one, and was on the run from the police for six days before a standoff with the police in which [he] shot and killed himself." Based simply on a obviously photoshopped image (above) that they claimed was appearing on game sites, they even went so far as to interview the grandmother of one of the victims on her response to Rockstar's non-decision. Well, Rockstar's lawyers been more than earning their keep, as today The Daily Star has issued an incredibly complete and humble apology to the game maker.

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  10. Geekolinks: 7/23

    LitteBigPlanet 2 Gets Release Date, Cool Extras (El33t Online) 5 Sci-Fi Actors Who Were War Heroes in Real Life (NeatoGeek) The Anatomy of a Sarlacc (forgetfoo) DS Dating Game, Now Has Arcade Version (Kotaku) Bizzare Taiwanese News CGI Thing About Sarah Palin (NMANews) Risk on the iPhone (Joystiq) Blizzard Puts the Kibosh on SC2 Reviews Before Launch Day (Rock, Paper, Shotgun) (image via Comic Book Resources.)

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  11. Ubisoft Claims Server Downtime Was Due to External Attack

    Yesterday, Ubisoft's Digital Rights Management servers for Assassin's Creed II were down for over 10 hours, preventing many players from accessing the game at all.

    Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that the downtime actually only affected 5% of their player base and was caused by attacks on their server from an external source.

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