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  1. The Navy’s Newest Drone Is A Literal Robot Shark; SharkNATO Is Imminent

    Jawsome or not jawsome?

    Oh, it's not a "shark robot," you say? It's called the "GhostSwimmer?" Well, consider me reassured.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Phyllis Latour Doyle, A Real Life Agent Carter


    Phillys Latour Doyle parachuted into Normandy, where she "posed as a poor French girl, riding her bicycle across the countryside to sell soap to German soldiers in order to give away their positions to the Allies." She did some literal avenging. She's a badass. (via Moviepilot)

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Congrats on Making the Gamergate SJW Blocklist!

    High five team!

    You'll be happy to know that every single one of The Mary Sue's editors have wound up on GamerGate's SJW autoblock list, and we can now proudly wear this badge designed by Kate Leth. Well, that's not quite true - all of us except our one male editor made the list. Funny, that. (via Twitter)

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  4. 22 Poorly Made Robots Trying to Fight Each Other Is the Best Video of the Day

    The robot contest where "crappiness trumps strategy."

    You should watch this video because it looks like it was an incredibly good time. But you will watch this video because ineffectual robots are hilarious.

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  5. HBO Starts Teasing Their Westworld TV Series For 2015

    Today the HBO Twitter account posted a mysterious image of a water tower. And hey, The Mary Sue figured out what it all meant!

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  6. A Robot Getting in Touch With Its Feelings Puts Us in Touch With Ours in the Chappie Trailer


    But what if the robots didn't kill us all, though? That's the basic premise of Chappie, which looks like Short Circuit for a new generation, so YES PLEASE. Gimme gimme gimme.

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  7. Monday Cute: Robo Baby Penguin Snuggles Up to Real Penguins, Gives Us the Warm Fuzzies

    With its cold robot heart.

    Emperor penguins basically have "white coat syndrome," which makes it a bit difficult for biologists to properly monitor their vital signs, since they're scared out of their wits whenever researchers come near. That's where ROBO PENGUIN comes in: His adorable visage sets the penguins at ease while he takes important scientific measurements/melts our hearts.

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  8. AMC Picks Up Humans, Syfy Goes For Dark Matter

    All sci-fi, all the time.

    2015 is stacking up to be a pretty great year for sci-fi programming, if recent acquisitions are any indication. Both AMC and Syfy have picked up shows with high sci-fi themes, including robots and lost spaceships.

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  9. Wanna Name a Space Droid? In SPACE? Then Enter This NASA Contest!

    But try to think of something more creative than "Space Droid."

    NASA has a new "free-flying robot" they'll be sending up to help out the International Space Station crew in 2017. But let's be honest: "free-flying robot" is kind of a mouthful. That's why the space agency wants help creating a name for the little guy, as well as a new mission patch design!

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  10. Become One With the Machines Using New Robotic Fabric That Augments the Human Body

    If you can't beat them, join them.

    Researchers have created a new robot "skin" in the form of robotic fabric that can be worn to improve the function of the human body. This new material uses sensors and fibers that can expand and contract to move like muscle and help humans do things like heal injuries or withstand g forces—as long as someone's checked with the robots that they're cool with us wearing their skin.

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