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  1. Humanoid Robot Helps Customers in Tokyo Department Store

    Uncanny valley, anyone?

    Toshiba Corp. has unveiled their humanoid robot in an upscale department store in Tokyo to provide audio guidance to customers.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Jurassic World‘s Mosasaurus Doesn’t Like Shark Week

    Da na naaaa naa naa na na naaaaaaa.

    Universal Studios just released a brand new Jurassic World poster, and it is the COOLEST. Also super adorable, let's be honest. I mean... aww, just look at the lil buddy with its lil flippers and oh no it's coming this way RUN.

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  3. Sci-Fi Science: Age of Ultron and Robots That Learn

    The down-low from an IRL science communicator.

    Age of Ultron, Terminator: Genisys, Ex Machina, Chappie—if 2014 was the year of space movies, then 2015 is absolutely the year for robots and artificial intelligence to take over our screens. And it makes sense. We haven’t had much of a trend for robot movies since around the time people were worried about Y2K, and technologies have made advancements in leaps and bounds since then.

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  4. Review: Ex Machina is a Really, Really Weird and Wild Look at Machines

    Welcome to Dr. Frankenstein’s Disco Inferno!

    Just because you can do something, should you? For Oscar Isaac's genius and all-around superior specimen (according to himself) Nathan Bateman, the answer is always going to be yes. After all, science is about advancement, and that requires making big leaps forward.

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  5. Robot-On-Robot Action: Which Movies, Games, and Shows Pass The Botdel Test?

    The Bechdel test has helped raise awareness about the dearth of strong, autonomous women in movies, and while the Bechdel test is monumentally important, there is another group often neglected in discussions of social equality: ROBOTS.

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  6. Obama Hung With Supergirl Scouts at This Year’s White House Science Fair

    Everything's coming up Supergirl.

    Look at that tiny Supergirl's face, America! We can never do anything to disappoint her, ever!

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  7. Praying Mantises Jump Like Tiny Avengers, May Help Develop Tiny Robots

    One impressive leap for bugkind

    Fun fact: Praying Mantiss leaps are hella impressive — hella being the scientific term — their jumps usually only taking a tenth of a second. Such impressiveness was recently captured in this 1000-frames-per-second bug-leap video, which may prove useful in the future of robotics.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Girls Can Be Firefighters Too In Empowering New Clothing Line

    Because girls like dinosaurs, space, and other awesome things.

    The bad news: This clothing line is still a not-yet-funded Kickstarter. The good news: You can go fund it, because girls should be able to get clothing that reflects their interests, no matter what those interests may be.

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  9. Domhnall Gleeson is About to Make a Scary, Lady Robot Friend in the Ex Machina Trailer

    And make everyone super uncomfortable.

    Yesterday we showed you the iffy poster, now watch the trailer for Ex Machina starring Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, and Oscar Isaac. And we were just discussing how certain forms of artificial intelligence make us feel about the direction the world is heading. This movie will not comfort you if you're among the fearful.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: William Shatner Celebrates Leonard Nimoy’s Life On Twitter

    To honor Nimoy's life today, Shatner took to Twitter to answer fan questions about Nimoy and their friendship.

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  11. Never Examine Your Zipper Again With The Help of Sartorial Robots

    Okay, unless you are a giant with a monster fly, this little guy from MIT's Personal Robot Group won't be taking care of your jeans any time soon. But sleeves, jackets, and surface zippers? The sartorial robot has got those suckers down.

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  12. Boston Dynamics Unleashes Smaller, More Agile Robotic Terror Called “Spot”

    See Spot. See Spot menace. Menace, Spot. Menace.

    Come on. We've all played at least one sci-fi shooting game. Boston Dynamics had to create a smaller, more cannon-foddery version of Big Dog to go along with the full size, standard enemy units they'd already built, right?

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  13. Today In “Duh, Of Course”: Canadian Scientists Taught a Tiny Robot To Ski

    But did they teach her how to package milk in bags? That's the test of a true Canadian.

    Great, now if we have to flee to the mountains to escape the inevitable robot uprising they'll be that much better at tracking us dow—WAIT, OH NO, WHY IS THIS ROBOT SO CUTE. I'm trying to hate you on principle, robot, stop wearing TINY HOCKEY JERSEYS AHH LOOK AT ~YOU~.

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  14. Oh My Gosh You Guys, ABC Is Bringing Back BattleBots

    Training ground for their eventual societal takeover.

    Yes, good. Let them destroy each other instead of coming for their human overlords.

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  15. Fire Department Saves Woman From Robot Vacuum Attack. It Begins.

    Et tu, DJ Roomba?

    No one knows the exact date or time, but February, 2015 was when the machines drew first blood.

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  16. I, Reservations? Futuristic Japanese Hotel to Have 90% Robotic Staff

    We welcome our new concierge overlords.

    If there's anything I've learned from Fawlty Towers, it's that the human element of customer service has disastrous consequences more often than not. Given that, imminent robot takeover doesn't seem like such a bad price to pay for a timely wake-up call or impeccable check-out system, does it?

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  17. Tiny Octopus Robot Is The Fastest Underwater Vehicle Ever Made

    Using mechanics based on everyone's favorite cephalopods (no, not cuttlefish, you weirdo), scientists from the University of Southampton, MIT, and the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology have developed what I am now dubbing the Hella Fast OctoBot, because why the heck not.

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  18. The AP’s Robot Journalism Is Working; AP Claims Robots Aren’t Coming for Journalists’ Jobs

    But who will everyone harass about ethics now?

    The AP's proposed robot journalism program has hit its stride and is working flawlessly—or closer to flawlessly than human journalists, at least. I'm not going to start worrying until they perfect their Back to the Future reference algorithm, though. Then we're going to see some serious shit.

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  19. Remember That Time Japan Invented The Most Adorable Robot Snowplow Ever?

    More like Yuki-T'awww, AM I RIGHT GUYS

    Meet Yuki-Taro. He's a little robot who was developed by the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, and unveiled to the world at the Aichi Expo in 2005. He also poops ice bricks like a little snow WALL-E. He's my new best friend. We're going to be very happy together.

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  20. Amazing Bat Robot Can Fly, Crawl, and Strike Fear in the Hearts of Evil-Doers

    "01101001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01110110 01100101 01101110 01100111 01100101 01100001 01101110 01100011 01100101 !"

    This isn't the first crawling robot we've ever seen, but it's the first that can also fly—not to mention the most adorable. And like other famous bat-themed heroes, this little robot will one day save people, albeit from natural disasters and not super villains.

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