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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Preteen Sisters Build Robot Modeled After Mars Rover For New York Hall of Science

Sisters Camille and Genevieve Beatty have been working with their father to build robots since Camille was only 11, so by now the pair can build a better robot than most adults. 13 year old Camille and 11 year old Genevieve have built several working, controllable robots, and they’ve recently unveiled another, very impressive feat of engineering based on the Mars rover Spirit.


What It Says On the Tin

There Is A Real WALL-E Traversing Our Planet Right Now [VIDEO]

It’s been a while since Pixar’s WALL-E hit theaters but we haven’t forgotten how much we love that little robot. Apparently neither has Mike Senna. He’d previously built a working R2-D2 and took him to City of Hope pediatric cancer charity events but decided to take on another challenge. He worked 25 hours a week on WALL-E, outside his normal work hours, for over two years to complete the project. Check out the video above but also check out Senna’s blog for some more info, pictures, and fun! I have never wanted a robot to be my best friend more than right now.

(via Blastr)

And Now For Something Completely Different

This Mechanical Engineer Had A Bomb Disposal Robot As Ring Bearer At Her Wedding

Most people choose adorable/annoying relatives to act as ring bearer or flower girl at their nuptials but not Laura Cressman. Oh no, this particular bride-to-be settled for nothing less than a bomb disposal robot. Yup. 


what is this I don't even

Oh Good, Just What We Needed: Pole-Dancing Robots

If only this were just a plot to an upcoming episode of Futurama. It’s not. Some new technology made its debut at this year’s CeBIT computer expo. Not one but two pole-dancing robots. I’m really not making this up. 


Clever Girl

Girl Scouts Represent Robot-Building Girls in the First Lego League

They might be in the minority — for now — but the Girl Scouts participating in the First Lego League, an international kids’ organization that promotes interest in science and technology, aren’t going to let being outnumbered stop them from becoming fierce competitors in the robotics field. And these fourth-graders will tell you straight up: “Legos aren’t just for building cute little brick houses anymore, skippy — we’re building some frikkin’ robots.” And then, those fourth-grade girls conquered the world.


The Future Is Now!

Academics Are Getting Ready to Discuss the Legal Status of Robots

The future is upon us, space travelers! The University of Miami School of Law has announced an upcoming conference to discuss the impending issue of the legal status of robots. Entitled “We Robot: Inaugural Conference on Legal and Policy Issues Relating to Robotics,” scholars of varying backgrounds and expertise will come together this upcoming April to discuss how we will be regulating robots in our everyday lives. But which of these scholars will volunteer to be the stereotypical prejudiced professor to claim that “those bucketheads have no rights — we made them“?


We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

Girls Scouts Help Develop Prosthetic Hand

Remember Girl Scouts? Learning basic skills, some survival skills, chatting with the elderly, making s’mores? How about building prosthetics for toddlers so they can write? The Flying Monkeys, a Girl Scout troop in Iowa, have developed (with assistance) a working prosthetic hand for three-year old Danielle (pictured to the left), who was born without fingers on her right hand. She can now write better than she could with human fingers.

The project was inspired by one of the Flying Monkeys (who are aged 11 to 13) who has a limb difference. And along with a prosthetics maker and an occupational therapist, the Scouts’ robotics team came up with the BOB-1 tool, “a design that has a platform strapped to the arm as well as a cylindrical holder for writing implements or other tools.” In other news, the Boy Scouts still think their new robotics badge is “ehhh, pretty cool, I guess.”