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  1. “Braingate” Allows Paralyzed Woman to Control Robotic Arm With Her Mind

    No jokes. This is just really cool.

    This video from Business Insider series Game Changers is incredible. It shows "Braingate," a piece of technology that allows paralyzed patients to control a robotic arm using their brain, in action. It also gives an update on where the technology is at currently and where it could be going in the future.

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  2. NBD, Just a 17-Year-Old PhD Student Programming Robots to Learn From Humans

    Dear Tesca, Please use your robot army for good. All the best, Humanity.

    Google's Made With Codeinitiative is all about getting school-aged girls coding, and part of that is simply inspiring them to want to code. This video of 17-year-old Tesca, a Georgia Tech robotics PhD student -- did we mention she's 17? -- is certainly inspiring. You can watch more of these on the Made With Code YouTube channel.

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  3. A Man in a Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Opened the World Cup Yesterday, and Everyone Should Know About It

    Robots >Sports. Always.

    The World Cup opened yesterday with a kick off by Juliano Pinto, a 29-year-old paralyzed from the waist down. The magnitude of Pinto's appearance was largely overlooked in the excitement of other opening day festivities (thanks a lot, Pitbull's pants!) so if you managed to miss the triumph in robotics, we've got video and info right here.

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  4. Here’s A “Robotic Elephant Trunk” That’s Actually One Of Doc Ock’s Appendages

    Spider-Man better not be planning a trip to Germany any time soon.

    Three years ago, German engineering firm Festo provided proof-of-concept of a mobile robot elephant trunk they'd created, controlled by artificial muscles. Now, that robot trunk has been fully-realized - it can learn, it can crush you, and it's probably about to be purchased by one Doctor Otto Octavius.

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  5. The Cubli Is a Real Life Companion Cube That Balances, Jumps, and Spins on Its Corners

    We are required to remind you that the Cubli cannot talk. In the event that it does talk, we ask you to ignore its advice.

    We're not saying they're evil, but ETH Zurich's Institute for Dynamic System is basically Aperture Science. They've built the "Cubli," which is essentially a Companion Cube that can walk, jump, and balance on its edges and corners. We already love it and want to help it get through test chambers.

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  6. Anki DRIVE Remote Control AI Race Cars Are on Sale Today and They Are Amazing

    This is the least terrifying and most adorable—and fun—AI we've ever seen.

    Anki's vision of bringing video games into the real world using sophisticated AI is realized today with the release of Anki DRIVE. The adorable little cars are controlled by AI or remote control from your iOS device and are now available at Apple stores in a 2 car bundle for $199. Additional cars are $69.

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  7. Preteen Sisters Build Robot Modeled After Mars Rover For New York Hall of Science

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Sisters Camille and Genevieve Beatty have been working with their father to build robots since Camille was only 11, so by now the pair can build a better robot than most adults. 13 year old Camille and 11 year old Genevieve have built several working, controllable robots, and they've recently unveiled another, very impressive feat of engineering based on the Mars rover Spirit.

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  8. DARPA’s Warrior Web Suit Aims To Lighten Loads For Soldiers In The Field

    The strength-enhancing suit could be worn beneath uniforms to reduce fatigue and help improve performance.

    It's not Iron Man armor quite yet, but the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has released video of the latest tests of their Warrior Web undersuit, which they hope will one day be worn under soldiers' uniforms and serve to improve their performance. The project is still in its early stages, but DARPA is working to develop solutions that will make soldiers lives easier by more intelligently distibuting the weight of their heavy packs and capturing wasted energy to help cushion footfalls and carry heavy gear.

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  9. New Robot Jelly Fish Is No Less Creepy Than Real Thing, Much More Helpful

    Scientists have been hitting the pool lately. First they were building hive-minded, water-floating robots on behalf of DARPA, but now Virginia Tech's College of Engineering has created a giant, autonomous robot jelly fish. They're even jumping into the pool with that thing. Read on to see what they're doing with these gelatinous monster!

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  10. Be Afraid: Robots Are Studying Us, Learning to Mimic Our Movements

    While you surf the web, go about your job, or just generally live your life, scientists are working hard to usher humanity swiftly to its inevitable decline. I realize there are many ways to do this and many fine men and women are on the job, but researchers at Cornell University have been teaching robots how to learn by watching our behavior. That's right. Robots are studying our every move, and they're learning.

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