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  1. MIT Won’t Wait for Sinister Six, Invented Their Own Doctor Octopus Arms

    Neat! Do Mysterio next!

    Supernumerary Robotic Limbs (SRLs) are robot limbs that give the wearer extra appendages instead of augmenting their existing ones. They can be used for important things like holding an object that a person needs two hands to interact with, opening doors when you're holding something in both hands, or making you Doc Ock—whatever you're into.

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  2. Japan Reveals New Joking Robot, Its Jokes Leave Something to Be Desired

    Take my Wi-Fi! Please!

    Everyone's a comedian--even robots! This Tuesday Japanese scientists revealed EMIEW2, a tiny robot programmed to organically produce jokes out of conversation and (supposedly) know when an act falls flat.

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  3. Super Fast Robot Arm Reacts Quickly Enough to Catch Thrown Objects, Lords Its Athletic Prowess Over Us

    It's OK that you can catch things, I'm probably smarte—oh, you also have a computer brain. Great.

    Some nerds taught a robot how to catch things! (I'm assuming they had outside help on this one.) Not only can this robotic arm react and catch objects very quickly, but it can watch and learn from humans how to catch things—or how to fail to catch things and get berated by its more athletic peers, I'm guessing, depending on who it's watching.

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  4. Boomer the Robot Baby T-Rex Looks Like the Best Toy and I Want One Right Now

    Just show me where to pay. Dollar amount is no issue.

    The two things I've seen in scifi that I want to be real the most and also fear the most are dinosaurs and robots. We may not have Jurassic Park yet (or ever, sadly), but we're clearly making up for that shortcoming in the robotics department. Meet Boomer, the most adorable robot dinosaur toy you'll ever see. I'll take 5,000 of them, please.

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  5. Festo’s Bionic Kangaroo Robot Can Probably Hop Forever… Into Your Nightmares

    Until the batteries run out of course.

    It's very possible that Dr. Robotnik works for Festo after seeing this fascinating bionic kangaroo robot. That's right, friends! Festo has just unveiled a bionic kangaroo, and with the use of kangaroo physics (and just physics in general), this robot is able to move around and jump like any real one.

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  6. A Mini Robot Surgeon Will Invade Astronauts’ Bodies Through Their Belly Buttons to Heal Them

    Just so you know what you're signing up for, Mars One contestants.

    Space is scary enough on its own, but if one of its many horrors causes astronauts to need medical attention, someone needs to step up, and that someone might just be a robot surgeon that crawls into their bodies through their belly buttons. Good luck trying to get to sleep tonight.

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  7. Study Examines Human Acceptance of Orders From Robots, Assume the Party Escort Submission Position

    It depends largely on how much cake they promise us.

    Would you take orders from a robot? With lasers and deadly neurotoxin, they've got plenty of ways to make you, but a research team examined whether or not people would do it willingly. Armed with incredibly boring tasks and adorable tininess, a robot pushed people to see just how long they'd take its GLaDOS-style nonsense.

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  8. MIT Built a Squishy Robot Fish That Swims Like the Real Thing, Let’s Make a Mega Piranha Sequel

    Called Mecha Piranha, of course.

    MIT's new robot fish is the latest in "soft robotics," which is like regular robotics but more huggable. It substitutes liquid flowing through cables for traditional means of robotic movement, which allows some of the soft robots to move in pretty lifelike ways. That's what enabled them to build the inevitable star of SyFy's next monster movie.

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  9. Meet Ninjabot, A Robot That Can Kill With The Striking Force Of A Mantis Shrimp

    Why do we insist on building robots that can kill us? Why?!

    Despite looking utterly ridiculous, the mantis shrimp is a terrifying creature that should be treated with incredible respect. The mantis has a punch so hard-core, Captain Falcon is jealous. So, naturally, science decided it would be a great idea to build a robot with those very same punching powers. What could possibly go wrong?

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  10. Someone Built a Goldfish a Robot Body. Great, One More Apocalypse to Worry About

    Guys, if you build them robot bodies, how will they ever evolve to walk on land?

    You know what's scary about a goldfish? Nothing. Then you put one in a swimming-controlled robot body, and soon we'll be calling them "Mr. Goldfish," or just sir, because they'll be our aqua-robotic overlords. For now, though, a fish driving a robot body around is adorably surreal. Let's just not scale this up to sharks, OK?

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