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Robin Williams

  1. Simon Pegg Can Do Absolutely Anything in the Trailer for… Absolutely Anything

    Apt title is apt.

    If this and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy have taught me anything, it's that aliens have kind of a thing for weird British dudes. And yes, that really is Robin Williams' voice as Dennis the talking dog, in case "Simon Pegg alien comedy" wasn't enough of a draw for you.

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  2. No Holograms, Please! Robin Williams Trust Limits Use of His Likeness for 25 Years

    And no CG-ing Robin Williams into commercials or other movies, either!

    In a world where Tupac Shakur can be "resurrected" as a hologram to perform at a concert, or Audrey Hepburn can be inserted into a commercial, celebrities' images can continue being exploited long after their deaths. Well, not if Robin Williams had anything to say about it.

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  3. These Delightful People Are Now Recording Good Omens In A Secret London Location


    Last Friday we reported that BBC Radio would be collaborating with Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman on an audio drama adaptation of Good Omens, and as proof we now present the first official cast photo!

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  4. First Robin Williams In-Game World of Warcraft Memorial Spotted in “Warlords of Draenor” Beta

    Phenomenal cosmic powers...

    Impatient World of Warcraft players have been mining for evidence of Robin Williams' tribute in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion "Warlords of Draenor." They've found several NPC character models under the name of Robin that appear to pay homage to Williams' characters (including a Genie model present in a previous expansion), and now players of the expansion's beta demo have come upon a definite Genie tribute in-game.

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  5. David Letterman Devotes 10 Minutes to His Friendship With Robin Williams

    "It was just a pleasure to know the guy, and he was a gentleman and delightful."

    The death of Robin Williams hit a lot of us pretty hard, but it no doubt affected those close to him even more. David Letterman knew Williams for 38 years, and last night on The Late Show he devoted a full ten minutes to recounting their friendship. It's a beautiful, moving dedication from one friend to another. You may cry watching this.

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  6. Robin Williams Wife Releases Statement Revealing The Comedian’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis

    Susan Schneider, wife of the late Robin Williams, has release an official statement on his passing.

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  7. Broadway’s Aladdin Leads Audience In “Friend Like Me” Singalong In Honor of Robin Williams

    All together: AWWWWWWWWW.

    Help. My heart doesn't know whether to be happy or sad about this. Human emotions are so complex. Some days I would rather be a robot.

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  8. Twitter Vows to Improve Anti-Harassment Policies After Trolls Go After Zelda Williams


    A lot of us got disgusted with the state of humanity yesterday after it came out that Robin Williams' daughter was bullied off social media in the wake of her father's death, in part by two scum-of-the-Earth trolls who sent her photoshopped pictures of her father's body. In the wake of such epic shitbaggery, Twitter has vowed to improve their anti-harassment policies, which have needed an overhaul for, well, years. I'm going to try real hard not to be cynical about this, you guys.

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  9. Robin Williams’ Daughter Quits Social Media After Trolls Harass Her About Her Father’s Death

    A world of WTF.

    Faith in humanity: destroyed.

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  10. Fan Petition to Memorialize Robin Williams With World of Warcraft NPC Succeeds

    *Standing on desk.*

    We've all been dealing with the passing of Robin Williams in our own way, and for World of Warcraft players, that way was to create a petition to have him honored in the video game he loved. Only a short while later, they've already gotten an answer.

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  11. Someone Made a Real-Life Jumanji Board, And Nope. Nuh-Uh. Absolutely Not.

    A world of no.

    Logically I know that playing Gemma Wright's replica Jumanji board won't cause the floor to turn to quicksand or jungle animals to stampede through my apartment building. But the fear. The fear is still there. Thanks, Robin Williams. (No, really and unironically: Thank you.)

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  12. The Mary Sue Remembers Robin Williams With Some of Our Favorite Scenes

    O captain, my captain.

    Let's all laugh and be sad together.

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  13. [UPDATED] Tragic News: Robin Williams Has Passed Away At 63

    Williams was found dead at his home this morning in California.

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  14. Hellloooo! Mrs.Doubtfire Sequel In The Works

    Hopefully Mrs.Featherbottom won't be too threatened.

    Great news for '90s babies who were alternatingly charmed and horrified by Robin Williams' memorable role as a divorced Dad with an unconventional way of getting close to his kids. Talks of the long-awaited Mrs.Doubtfire II were never dead, just on hiatus...and a new movie may soon be bustling in to a theater near you.

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  15. Little Girl Saves Mom From Choking Because of Mrs. Doubtfire


    Well, okay, it was also some stuff her grandfather taught her, but I'm not sure what's more remarkable in this story, that a seven year old girl managed to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her mother, or that Mrs. Doubtfire is still relevant to seven year olds.

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  16. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams Team up To Kill Vampires – I Mean, Make a Sitcom

    Once More With Feeling

    If Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar were to engage in a successful television phenomenon it would be a significant to return to television for both of them. Williams hasn't been a television regular since Mork & Mindy, and while Gellar recently graced screens in Ringer, the show was short lived. And that's what, according to Deadline, is happening.

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  17. Gérard Depardieu Might Be Russia’s Newest Citizen

    It's not unusual to hear people claim they'll leave the country if a candidate they don't like gets elected, or a policy they disagree with gets passed. Usually that's just talk though, but when Gérard Depardieu said he would leave France because he thought he was being taxed too highly, he meant it. He fled to Belgium last month, and has today been granted Russian citizenship. I wonder if this will affect the chances of a sequel to 1994's My Father the Hero.

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  18. Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in What is Kinda-Sorta a New Monty Python Film

    i'll just leave this here

    Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to play the lead role in Absolutely Anything, about a school teacher who develops magical powers after being visited by aliens voiced by four of the members of Monty Python. I… am not sure what to make of this.

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  19. Sony Pictures Planning Jumanji Reboot

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Before we dreamt of joining the intricate, hyper-realistic worlds depicted upon our gaming machines of choice, we dreamt of owning a copy of Jumanji. What, you mean you didn't? Despite that board game being horrifying and potentially deadly, I always thought how fun it would be to summon an entire jungle with the roll of a dice, especially if I were playing with Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst. And now, thanks to rumors of a Jumanji reboot mentioned by Doug Belgrad, President of Columbia Pictures, supernatural board game films may no longer be a genre of the past.

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  20. Shut Up And Take My Money: Monty Python and Robin Williams Are Making Sci-Fi

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    Absolutely Anything, based on a script that Terry Jones has been developing with Gavin Scott for two decades, may actually see production this spring. It tells the story of a few aliens and one human and, according to Variety, all those aliens are going to be voiced by the remaining living members of Monty Python, in a group venture the likes of which hasn't been seen since 1998. Also Robin Williams.

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