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Robin Hood

  1. Robin Hood: Origins Will Apparently Be A Gritty Reboot Produced By Leonardo DiCaprio


    We previously explored the rumor that Hollywood was looking to make Robin Hood its next major reboot case with multiple separate projects in development at different studios. Now we know more about one of these: Robin Hood: Origins, which /Film calls a "gritty reinvention," to be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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  2. An Abundance Of Robin Hoods: Get Ready For Hollywood’s Next Trend Character

    But how many will be foxes?

    Remember a few years back when you couldn't go to the movie theater without bumping into a Snow White movie? Or how last year it seemed like Hollywood was gonna get really into witches on TV again? Well, Hollywood might just have found its next type of character to hone in on with uncomfortable intensity and lots of repetition, and that character is Robin Hood.

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  3. Syfy’s Newest Series Has The Most Ridiculous/Wonderful Premise I’ve Ever Heard

    Nuts to moderation.

    Syfy knows that today's intelligent TV viewer has diverse interests (the paranormal, swords, men who look good in a deerstalker). But why should modern consumers need to watch more than one show to satisfy all of our passions? Are we animals?

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  4. Merry Rumor: Sony May Spend Millions On Pitch For Shared-Universe Robin Hood Franchise

    Oooh! I'm so scared!- The Avengers, citation needed

    According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, Sony is about to bank seven figures on the enduring popularity of men in tights.

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  5. Doctor Who Recap: “Robot of Sherwood”

    Robin Hood: Men in TARDISes

    Ok, well if Robin Hood is real, can we get Batman on Doctor Who next?

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  6. Doctor Who Episode “Robot of Sherwood” Still Won’t Be Called “Men In TARDISES,” Looks Awesome Nonetheless

    Want to see some exciting preview pics? I know I...sher wood.

    "Robot of Sherwood" won't touch down on your TV until this Saturday, but here to wet your Whovian whistle are a series of intriguing pics from the upcoming third episode.

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  7. The BBC Is Doing A New Robin Hood Show, And It Looks Effing Bonkers

    Olden Lore

    Not Robin Hood: Men In Tights bonkers, but more bonkers than the Kevin Costner Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. To give you an idea of the level of bonk we can expect here, it'll center on the Sheriff of Nottingham, evil sneering government lackey by day, crime fighter by night.

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  8. Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood: Badass Cate Blanchett

    If there's one thing this poster has a weakness for, its ladies who are just as comfortable in armor as ballgowns, and so we were not a little intrigued by the Superbowl spot for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. The best part, in our opinion? Cate Blanchett, who will be playing the role of a widowed, warrior Lady Marion, a departure from passive, foxy Marions. (We couldn't find a suffciently awesome shot of Blanchett from Robin Hood, so we offer you this picture of her in a similarly armored situation, from the movie Elizabeth. Yes, this was just an excuse to remind you how awesome Queen Elizabeth was, so sue us. We'll be over here, watching our ornate costume porn.) Robin Hood trailer after the jump.

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