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  1. NASA Has a Free Pack of Official Mission Sound Clip Ringtones to Make Your Phone Less Boring

    Your phone is go for liftoff.

    I was a firm believer that my phone should never ever make any sounds in favor of vibration-only right up until the very second I discovered that NASA has a repository of short sound clips from their space missions in both mp3 and iPhone ringtone formats. Hey, maybe the short reminders of humanity's proudest achievements will put me in a good enough mood to actually answer my phone.

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  2. Ringtones Still a $2 Billion Dollar Business, Seriously

    When Nokia introduced their new dubstep ringtone, I talked a lot of smack about the ringtone business and now it seems that I stand (moderately) corrected: The ringtone business is still worth a cool $2 billion. Somehow. Peter Kafka of AllThingsD seems to be one the one who dug up the interesting tidbit while looking over Gartner's newest numbers. The ringtone industry, oddly listed as "Personalization Services," actually makes up a pretty big part of online music revenue worldwide. They make roughly 4x more money than subscription services like Spotify and Rhapsody. How are those numbers going to change if streaming services really start gaining traction? Well, hopefully in a way that involves less ringtones.

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  3. Nokia Has A New Dubstep Ringtone and That's Terrible

    Nokia's standard ringtone is a classic. Not satisfied with having a classic, however, it seems that Nokia is determined to get with the times, market to the hip young kiddos, and be fresh and relevant in the not-at-all-diminishingly-important world of ringtones. How? That's easy. Dubstep, bro. Kids love the dubsteps. Right? RIGHT?! Apparently they do, because the 24 second dubstep-tastic ringtone by Valerio Alessandro Sizzi won the Nokia Tune competition with 1000 likes on Facebook, winning against 6,200 other entries. In addition to having his ringtone pre-loaded on over 100 million Nokia phones (every musician's dream), he also gets paid (actually every musician's dream) a cool $10,000 for his efforts. Coincidentally enough, that appears to be exactly how much Nokia's remaining dignity is worth, and judging by their comments on the winner, they seem to be glad to be rid of the pesky stuff.

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  4. NASA Releases Free Ringtone Sound Bites From Historic Spaceflights and Current Missions

    NASA has released a bunch of sound files of historic sound bites, for use as ringtones for phones that need to be a little more historical. The site categorizes the batch of ringtones in four categories: Shuttle and Station, Apollo and Mercury, Current Missions, and Beeps and Bytes. One guess as to which section contains the largest amount of ringtones that work best as phone alerts. The collection seems pretty robust, containing the obvious sound bites, such as Apollo 11's "We have lift-off" and "That's one small step for man," to more obscure stuff, like Sputnik's beep noise and Saturn radio emissions. NASA offers the ringtones in both an MP3 format and iPhone's M4R format, so everyone will be able to have their phone call them "Houston" and proceed to tell them we have a problem whenever the ex calls. Head on over to NASA's site to begin loading up your phone with history. Space history. (NASA via Mac Rumors)

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  5. This Ringtone Made Almost Half a Billion Dollars

    Remember the Crazy Frog ringtone fad from the mid '00s, which consisted of motorcycle noises made by an animated frog? (On a related note: Remember ringtones?) Well, not only did a remix of that ringtone top music charts across Europe in 2005, but that annoying ringtone generated worldwide sales in excess of $400 million. So how much did you say your iPhone app made again?

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  6. Latest Japanese Craze: Therapeutic Ringtones to Cure Hay Fever, Help Weight Loss


    Today in Japan-anchored trend pieces: ringtones! Specifically, "therapeutic ringtones" which, the BBC reports, are becoming increasingly popular among Japanese consumers despite the lack of  scientific evidence to back up their efficacy.

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