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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: OK, Which One of You Put Up This White Walker Sign

Even HBO isn’t claiming responsibility for this sign found in Stockholm. (via Nerd Approved)


TK-421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?

What Would You Offer Jabba For These Star Wars Rings?

J.A.P. Studio shows off some prototypes of fantastically detailed Star Wars rings they created for the 20th anniversary. Apparently they only had the license for them from 1997-99 though so you can’t pay them for one now. However, you could try to pay someone on Ebay for a few. Though you may not like the price…


Great Hera!

This Wonder Woman Tiara Ring Is Fit For An Amazon Princess

Paul Bierker of Paul Michael Design is at it again. You remember his Adventure Time engagement ring or Princess Leia engagement ring we’ve featured on the site. This new Wonder Woman-inspired design, as well as some other nerdy bling, are for sale in his Etsy shop. The tiara ring will set you back $595.

Previously in Wonder Woman


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Nerdy Rings For All Your Nerdy Fingers

For the suit-wearers among our readers, Graeme Ross (The 17th Bit on Etsy) also makes cufflinks. I’m all about that Stargate ring, though. It’s so classy. Like me. *hairflip*

(via: Fashionably Geek)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Wreath of Khan

Christmaaaaaaaaas! (by Annie Shapiro, via Nerd Approved)


eye candy

Beautiful Rings For Every Bending Style and One More

Steelcandy is a Tumblr run by an Australian design student, so I’d take a good guess that these designs are not available for sale: they’re just very convincing 3D mockups of what inlaid rings for each of Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s four nations and the mysterious White Lotus Society might look like. You’ll just have to enjoy them with your eyeballs, for they don’t actually exist. Just like Lion Turtles.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Wrap Boba Fett Around Your Little Finger With This Ring

By Paul Michael, creator of the Han Solo in carbonite ring design (now an actual ring!), here’s Boba Fett in jewelry form. (For sale on Etsy, via Geeks Are Sexy)


My Precious!

Museum Successfully Buys Back Jane Austen’s Ring From Kelly Clarkson, Can Destroy Sauron Now

Well, no, Jane Austen did not carry the One Ring for much of her days, only relinquishing it in death after an unnaturally extended life. But Kelly Clarkson did buy it in auction, and the UK wasn’t too comfortable with that, so various folks and one anonymous donor have managed to raise the funds and buy it back. This makes the author’s old jewelry one of the national treasures of the United Kingdom.


May The Force Be With You

An Engagement Ring Fit For A Kick-Ass Space Princess

Victoria, aka ScruffyRebel, from Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay got a fantastic moment captured on film during the finale. Her boyfriend Jinyo proposed while in Star Wars cosplay, with a Leia-inspired ring, and with an assist from the one and only Peter Mayhew. Just one thing, Victoria was wearing a Star Trek uniform. Awkward! Not really, but I had to say it. Because of the show, they couple had to keep the news under wraps for six months. I can’t even imagine. The ring was created by Paul Michael Design, who you may remember from their past geek-related work on the Adventure Time and R2-D2 engagement rings.

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Not all that glitters is gold

‘Tis the Season to Put Vincent Price’s Face on Your Finger

If there’s one thing that Tumblr is saying to me loud and clear right now, it’s that if it’s past Labor Day and not November yet, that means it must be Halloween. And what’s a better Halloween accessory than the sterling silver head of your favorite B-movies star? Unfortunately, apparently there are only three of these out there.