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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Ridley Scott

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Octopus Chandelier With Light-Up Arms


Check out this amazingly detailed octopus chandelier which includes detachable, light-up tentacles. The original from Mason’s Creations has already sold but if you’ve got $18,000 to spare you can order one for yourself.  Or for The Mary Sue offices.


Oh Hollywood

The Naked Gun, Murder on the Orient Express Are Getting Remakes

It might be because my brain’s in Friday mode, but I’m having a tough time imagining two films that are more polar opposites than The Naked Gun and Murder on the Orient Express. One is a classic film veritably filled with cinematic legends bringing their Oscar-worthy talents to the table. And the other is based on an Agatha Christie novel. But today the two very different films have something in common: They’re being run through Hollywood’s remake machine.



Ridley Scott Says Prometheus 2 Is Written, Updates Us On Blade Runner 2

Speaking with Empire Magazine, director Ridley Scott dropped a few bombs concerning some of his most anticipated projects – the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels. 


Pros and Cons

Sigourney Weaver Joins Ridley Scott’s Exodus, the Christian Bale Is Moses Movie

Ridley Scott and the Old Testament aren’t really two things that you would expect to come together in a creative project, but at the very least you can assume this about Exodus: it’ll be really interesting.


thanks but no thanks

The Person Responsible For The Green Lantern Movie Is Probably Writing The Blade Runner Sequel

Looks like Michael Green has been hired to write the Blade Runner sequel. Oh. Hadn’t heard about the Blade Runner sequel yet? Sorry about that…


Pros and Cons

Sean Young Spills on Whether We’ll Be Seeing Rachael in the Blade Runner Sequel

Like it or not, a sequel to Blade Runner is in the works. It’s still in the very early stages—to my knowledge all we know about it at this point is that Ridley Scott plans to do it. But the very prospect of a Blade Runner sequel has a lot of people curious, including Crave Online, which during an interview with Sean Young took the opportunity to ask the actress whether her original Blade Runner character Rachael might show up in the sequel.

Her answer?


she blinded me with science

Popular Science Picks the 2012 Movie With the Sloppiest Science

Science in sci-fi movies is rarely all that accurate. We get that. It’s OK. Space battles wouldn’t be nearly so visually interesting if there weren’t any impossible explosions taking place in a vacuum. But some movies take their disregard for the basic principles of science to the next level. And according to Popular Science, the worst perpetrator from 2012 is…


It Came From Outer Space

Damon Lindelof Won’t Be Back to Spread Confusion in the Prometheus Sequel

Ridley Scott‘s going to have to find himself a new writer to (hopefully) explain all those crazy plotholes in the Prometheus sequel, because Damon Lindelof has officially taken himself out of the running.

Lindelof, who rewrote Jon Spaiht‘s original Prometheus script (which had facehuggers galore and a chestburster sex scene), told Scott that he’d be unable to commit to writing the Prometheus sequel because he has so many other projects in the works.


And That's Terrible

Awwww, Man. That Prometheus/Blade Runner Connection Was Just a False Alarm

You hear that? That’s the sound of my Prometheus-related hopes and dreams falling to the floor and breaking into dozens of pieces. In an interview with, Prometheus Blu-ray producer Charles de Lauzirika explained that the Blu-ray special feature linking Prometheus to Blade Runner is nothing more than a funny Easter egg, a nod to the fans who have long speculated as to a possible connection between Alien and Blade Runner universes.


Curiouser and curiouser!

Why Prometheus Got More Interesting After It Left Theaters…

Prometheus comes out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, which means we’ve been seeing a lot of interesting tidbits about the either genius or confusing and muddled (depending on who you ask) film. And while we already knew there will be a good 35 minutes of deleted and alternate scenes on the Blu-ray set, we now also know that they’re forever going to be confined to the “special features” submenu, as director Ridley Scott is refusing to do a Director’s Cut.