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  1. Review: One-Time Oscar Hopeful Grace of Monaco Was Relegated to Lifetime for a Reason

    That time Nicole Kidman was in a Lifetime movie, and it was as bad as we all thought it would be.

    Don’t expect any awards for last night’s Grace of Monaco, because this former Oscar hopeful is bad. Really, really, really bad.

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  2. Review: Tomorrowland is a Disneyfied Take on The Disaster Film

    A Little Too Preachy and With Questionable Performances, but Great Visuals and Worthy Message

    One of the interesting things about Disney's Live Action Films, is the fact that they usually mirror the current trends in Hollywood, and take a family friendly approach to the genre and spin it with a Disney philosophy. Sometimes this leads to good movies (I'll defend Condorman to my death) and sometimes the results are a bit more questionable (anyone remember that Star Wars rip-off Black Hole).

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  3. Review: Güeros and Slow West Are Wonderful Blockbuster Alternatives This Weekend

    Youths hit the road in passionate search of... something.

    The road trip as a narrative device works so well in cinema because it provides the one thing so many small films lack: direction.

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  4. Why You Should Be Watching Sound! Euphonium: Trumpet Staccato and Geek Bravado

    Sound! Euphonium is nothing if not an absolute medley of love and winks towards its target audience of old and new band geeks, and it’s all too obvious that these experiences and characters come from a very real, special place in the director’s heart.

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  5. Review: Pitch Perfect 2 is Funny, Catchy, and Aca-Uncomfortable

    I just want an internal-conflict-free acapella movie for once.

    It's easier to turn off the critical part of your brain and give yourself permission to enjoy a movie despite its problematic elements when you're not going in with the intent to review it, so there's a fair chance you're going to like Pitch Perfect 2 more than I did.

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  6. Review: Mad Max: Fury Road Is a Lovely Orgasm for Your Eyes

    And you'll want to go for multiples.

    You've watched the trailers. You've heard the feminist buzz and the anti-feminist cries. Now let us tell you what we thought about George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road.

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  7. Review: Far From The Madding Crowd Is One Of The Best Lady-Led Films Of The Year

    And a wonderful Victorian-era film, too.

    This summer’s first refreshing alternative to the summer popcorn films is the refreshingly entertaining Far from the Madding Crowd, a movie of stunning beauty, surprising humor, and one of the best female leads of the year.

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  8. Review: Playing It Cool Will Actually Make You Dislike Chris Evans

    Dear Captain America: you really let me down.

    Playing it Cool is not good, and it did something I never expected: it made me dislike Chris Evans.

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  9. I Can’t Believe I Watched a Whole Season of Gotham

    Or, Why Batman Can't Get Rid of a Bomb

    I, Jill Pantozzi, am going to tell you why I did not like the first season of Gotham. You've been warned.

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  10. Penny Dreadful Review: “Fresh Hell”

    In which Helen McCrory comes for Eva Green['s Acting Queen title].

    After a fittingly long and drawn-out hiatus over the course of a dark winter, Penny Dreadful has crept back onto our television screens, scorpions, Satan, and all. Oh, and some witches this time, too.

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  11. Review: Gene Ha’s Fantastical, Female-Led MAE

    What if Dorothy had just stayed in Oz?

    Gene Ha's record in comics is pretty damn impressive. Since winning a the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award in 1994, he's won four Eisner awards, become a New York Times best seller, and worked on such comics as Batman: Fortunate Son, Global Frequency, The Shade, Superman, Top 10 and others. Now, assisted by artists Rose McLain and Anette Nam, he has put together an original graphic novel with a Kickstarter campaign behind it.

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  12. Review: Sorry To Disappoint, But I Actually Really Loved Avengers: Age of Ultron

    I know, I know.

    Maybe it makes me a capitalist sheep. Or maybe I'm a weird feminist, or a Joss apologist, or an easily-brainwashable hype-bot. But regardless, I thought Avengers: Age of Ultron was awesome, and I'm not even going to apologize.

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  13. Review: Marvel’s Black Vortex Crossover Event Is Over, And That’s A Very Good Thing

    ”The most amazing discovery … is each other.” Did I really just read that?

    To borrow from Honest Trailers' The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, the final third of The Black Vortex is the best installment of the event “because it finally, finally means it’s over.” Seriously, the Guardians of the Galaxy only got to spend one issue on Venom’s home planet, but their squabble with the X-Men over a vaguely powerful mirror stretched out into a 13-issue “event?” Truly, there is no justice.

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  14. Etrian Mystery Dungeon Is Fun and Less Scary Than You Think

    I’m a noob to the Etrian Odyssey role-playing games, aka Super Hardcore Dungeon Mode, but I’ve played Mystery Dungeon before. I didn’t know what could be cuter than little Pokémon running around colorful dungeons until I saw Etrian Mystery Dungeon—miniature landsknechts, protectors, and runemasters brandishing tiny daggers and wands.

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  15. Review: Marvel Comics’ Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #2-5

    Ah, quality, how I’ve missed thee!

    With five issues under its belt and its first arc nearly complete, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin continues to be a standout comic book series on every level in terms of artwork, character, and story.

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  16. Review: Ex Machina is a Really, Really Weird and Wild Look at Machines

    Welcome to Dr. Frankenstein’s Disco Inferno!

    Just because you can do something, should you? For Oscar Isaac's genius and all-around superior specimen (according to himself) Nathan Bateman, the answer is always going to be yes. After all, science is about advancement, and that requires making big leaps forward.

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  17. Re-View: Spring Break Begins With Where The Boys Are (1960)

    Let's talk about sex.

    A few years ago a friend and I were watching some classic movies and we decided to put Where the Boys Are in the DVD player. I tried to warn her that this movie is pretty weird, but even my warnings didn’t prepare her for a movie she later told me might be one the weirdest movies she'd ever seen - and she had just shown me Dark Crystal.

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  18. Review: Ryan Gosling’s Anti-Misogyny Directorial Debut Lost River Deserves A Look

    By Hollywood's feminist poster boy.

    Lost River may or may not be called a feminist film, but it is certainly a film which wants to make pretty strong statement about a culture of misogyny, which is a strong and important comment which needs to be made - and made by a male filmmaker.

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  19. Reconsidering Revenge: How Revenge Of The Nerds‘ Misogyny Is Evident In Current Nerd Culture

    And how guys can be better to geeky ladies.

    I think, sometimes, we mistakenly assume that the guy wearing a Green Lantern T-shirt who can recite Monty Python and the Holy Grail in its entirety is harmless. He’s scared to talk to women, we reason, so he can’t possibly have the frat boy’s sense of entitlement or privilege. But recent events, I think, should cause us to call that conventional wisdom into question.

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  20. Review: Marvel’s Black Vortex Crossover Event Is Slowly Letting Us Down

    Credit where credit’s due: they made me feel sorry for Ronan the Accuser.

    So, remember in my last review how I called The Black Vortex event “refreshing,” “engrossing” and “engaging?” Yeah… I take that back now.

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