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  1. Review: Loitering With Intent Is A Slight But Appealing Indie Comedy

    Marisa Tomei’s Manic Pixie Dream Girl comes of age.

    Ten years after the term "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" was coined, we’ve seen many women begin to take back and criticize the trope. From Ruby Sparks to Francis Ha to the upcoming The Humbling, films are exposing that such a fantasy is limiting and requires female characters to remain static while encouraging their male counterpart of evolve and grow.

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  2. Review: A Most Violent Year Features Jessica Chastain’s Best Performance Ever

    There is a scene in A Most Violent Year which could arguably the defining moment that finally wins Jessica Chastain her Oscar. Chastain's Anna drops her Princess act, and gives state attorney Lawrence (David Oyelowo) a warped lesson on respect after her daughter's birthday party. She turns into a woman straight out of Goodfellas, the kind of woman no one (including her husband) wants to mess with.

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  3. Review: Tim Burton’s Big Eyes is a Welcome Return to Must See, Adult Filmmaking

    A vibrant look, great performances, and narrative makes Big Eyes essential viewing.

    This is the type of gutsy filmmaking we want to see from biopics.

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  4. Review: Into The Woods Delivers What Fans Want

    Sondheim’s beloved musical retains its dark charms.

    For many, bringing Into the Woods from stage to screen was something they never wanted to see attempted; and yet, the material just seemed too perfect for cinema to resist. When Into the Woods was announced, there was a sense of dread amongst fans, along with the excitement. Was it really a good idea to change Jack's age? Was Meryl Streep a good casting choice, after missing the mark with the music in Mamma Mia? Would a Disney movie actually keep the Wolf’s dark vibe?

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  5. Review: Annie Just Isn’t A Fresh Enough Take On The Classic

    Poor direction and uninspired musical numbers hurt this remake.

    The new musical adaptation of the classic comic strip-turned-Broadway musical-turned-movie is an interesting beast. It’s an attempt to modernize the story of a tenacious little orphan who experiences a Cinderella story when found by the wealthy Daddy Warbucks. And while there is certainly something to admire about this new approach, and to bringing movie musicals back for a younger generation, there are two problems which prevent this film from transcending the big shadow of its predecessor.

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  6. Review: Just Because You Can See The Interview Doesn’t Mean You Should

    I must admit, even before everything happened, I was pretty underwhelmed by what I was watching, and I can’t imagine how audiences who have gone through ups and downs of this release will feel about the actual film - or if they will even care about the quality of the film. It has, apparently, become a symbol for freedom.

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  7. Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Is the Phantom Menace Of Middle Earth

    Going by movie order, The Battle of the Five Armies is Revenge of the Sith, but if we're looking at quality, it's The Phantom Menace all the way. While not as bad as The Phantom Menace, it's still the runt of the Middle Earth family. The Faramir, if you will. Except Faramir is the greatest, and he treats women a helluva lot better than The Battle of the Five Armies does. This review contains major spoilers for how things go down in funkytown.

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  8. Wings Not Included: Our Review Of The Sideshow Collectibles Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

    Those tiny cheekbones could cut glass.

    Sideshow Collectibles provided The Mary Sue with a Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys for review and as it turns out, she's just as photographable as Angelina Jolie herself.

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  9. Review: You’re Invited to the Heart-Stopping Terror Party in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

    Leave the lights on and make sure that your stuffed animals have their fluffy limbs tied before you play Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2—we don’t want them squiggling around and creeping behind our backs.

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  10. Review: Chris Rock’s Top Five Is Fun But Unquestionably Problematic

    Rock has serious trouble writing women, but it's still the best new film of the week.

    It's somewhat odd that it took Chris Rock almost thirty years to do a project which isn’t only as personal as Top Five, but that incorporates his stand-up personality as much as this film does.

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