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  1. Disney Characters as Warriors of Azeroth

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    LiberLibelula's redesign of Snow White as if she were a World of Warcraft character would explain why she hung out with all those dwarven men. But there are six other redesigns for you to check out in this gallery. For the rest of Liber's art, check out her DeviantArt page! ...okay, but also, Pocahontas is totally a Night Elf Druid, Stitch is a Goblin, the Beast is a Worgen Warrior, Merida is a Dwarf Hunter, and Ariel is a Human.

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  2. All Grown Up: the Redesign Art of Celeste Pille

    Meddling Kids

    Celeste Pille's really all grown up redesigns of Rugrats characters have been getting a lot of attention lately, but a quick dip into her Tumblr reveals examples of her work for a massive swath of 90's kid nostalgia, from Pepper Ann to Hey Arnold!, The Magic School Bus, Recess, Kiki's Delivery Service and more.

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  3. Artist Draws Superheroes Based on Little Girls Dressed as Superheroes; We Squeal


    Undergrad biology student Alex Law's new blog, Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You (or is a blog after our own hearts. Law finds photos online of proud little girls dressed as their favorite superheroes, which are sometimes necessarily modified from the original design, and then draws superheroines with uniforms based on their costumes. It's adorable. Law notes that this is something he can only do in his spare time in between other projects, so updates will be few and far between. But there's already more than enough to geek out over.

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  4. Come Drool Over Aaron Diaz’s Concept Art for a Hypothetical Zelda Game Where Zelda is the Player Character

    Here Be Dragons

    Webcomic artist Aaron Diaz has a talent for many things. Okay, like I guess primarily drawing, but also for making great comics about philosophy and science, and also for fun, really well informed redesigns of things like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. This week, inspired by Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, he tackled Zelda, which is to say, he's produced a number of character and item designs (as well as expository background) for a hypothetical and, frankly, likely very welcome installment of the Zelda franchise that features the titular character as the player character, rather than Link. I mean, we all like Link, but come on. Even Dixie Kong has starred in her own game.

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  5. Check Out These Fully Clothed Superheroine Redesigns

    Great Hera!

    Michael Lee gave himself a design challenge recently: redesign several popular comic book heroines (Vampirella is included, so I guess they're not all superheroes in the classic sense) but keep them covered from toe to neck and wrist to wrist, without resorting to costumes that could be reproduced solely by body paint, while keeping the bold look of their standard costume. He intended it as a design experiment, not a political statement, and if he'd done it with male superheroes probably most people would be taking those words at face value. And it also wouldn't have been much of a challenge since most male superheros are, actually, wearing clothing that covers them head to toe. The story isn't the same for female characters, though, and so naturally there's a healthy amount of internet response that's a little tone deaf, calling his designs frumpy, like men in drag, or prudish. All I know is that there are few things in the world that make me feel more badass than wearing a nice-fitting suit and a long coat.

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  6. More Twisted Disney Princesses

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    It's been a while since we looked in on Jeffery Thomas' Twisted Princess series, let's see what happened... oh, a half-dozen new character designs? Well, lets take a look. Thomas' has been redesigning the women of Disney canon since at least 2010 (when I was working at Geekosystem) with one theme in mind: what if villains won? What if out of tragedy, the lady leads, in some cases now ghostly or undead, became incredible badasses determined not to accept their fate simply because their first rescuers failed?

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  7. Rory Phillips Redesigns Wonder Woman in the Scythian Style

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    Says the artist behind this redesign: "I Have always thought Wonder Woman should look more like a warrior, and less like a pinup. The Amazons of Classical Greek lore were from the region of Scythia. I wanted her outfit to reflect that culture and be almost ceremonial," which is why he's equipped her with a ceremonial Death Mask for headbutting and a deadly meteor hammer in place of her lasso. Previously in Wonder Woman

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  8. The Uncanny Edo-Period X-Men


    I thought about making this a roundup of the craziest Hurricane Sandy pictures, but after a night spent listening to the pipes gurgle and the wind howl, punctuated by occasional flickers of the lights, I'm going for some cool X-Men redesigns. As many of you may have gathered, the editorial staff of The Mary Sue are New York City based. Jill and I are both fine, although I've evacuated out of the low-lying Zone A, and am not, at this point, sure when I'll be able to return to my apartment, as flooded subway tunnels, streets, and power outages stand in my way (Rebecca hasn't checked in, but as this is usually her day off, that is not unusual and I expect she is okay as well). Our backend site function is a bit spotty today, so we hope you'll excuse us if posts are late or less numerous than normal. And so without further ado, Alex Mitchell's Edo period X-Men redesigns, steeped in the history and folklore of post-feudal Japan.

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