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  1. Gmail Doesn’t Want Outlook Stealing Its Thunder, So It Redesigned Your Inbox

    Is inbox management that big of a problem? No, but Gmail is trying to solve it anyway. They just launched a redesign.

    Is inbox management really as much of a problem as email providers seem to make it out to be? I get between 50 and 100 daily emails on the reg, and I don't find myself struggling for a better way to manage them. Outlook just relaunched with a promise of a cleaner, easier to care for inbox, so naturally Gmail announced yesterday an inbox redesign with similar goals.

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  2. Redesigned Pinterest Heard You Like Pins, So They Got Some Pins For Your Pins

    Pinterest is all about pinning things to other things, so with their newly launched redesign, they wanted to make it easier for users to find more pins to pin. The redesign was tested out on a handful of users in a closed beta, and will now begin rolling out to users via invite as early as today. So what can you expect from the new Pinterest? Pins. So. Many. Pins.

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  3. Facebook Shows Off Redesign as World Braces for Friends’ Complaints About Redesign

    Facebook just wrapped up their event showing off the site's new look and functionality. Here's what you can expect from Facebook after the redesign: Bigger photos, separated news feeds, and more focus on visual content. Here's what you can expect from your Facebook friends after the redesign: Whining. Can we all please, just this once, let a Facebook redesign go by without crying about how much better it used to be?

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  4. Time To Update That Bathroom Mirror Self Portrait: Rebooted MySpace Is Open To The Public

    Hey, everyone, remember MySpace? No? That's OK, neither do we really. Kidding, kidding -- it was like a bus service or something, right? You know what? It doesn't matter, because everything you thought you knew about MySpace is about to change. The long-lost social networking platform released its redesigned site into the wild this week, buoyed (we guess?) by the new single from former teen heartthrob and current MySpace stockholder Justin Timberlake, seen above doing the best Morrissey impression he can muster. Because if there is one thing that is going to get us to offer up all of our personal data again to a social network we haven't thought about in years, it is a Justin Timberlake single.

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  5. Should You Bury Betaworks’ New Digg v1?

    Digg, the news aggregation site that took the Internet by storm back in 2004, is back once more. The site has been given a complete makeover by Betaworks, a news media site that bought Digg for $500,000 back in July. There's no question that this isn't the Digg we've seen before, for better or for worse. Is it worth your time, though? After all, there are a number of similar websites out there now that didn't exist when Digg first popped up.

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  6. Rumor: Newest Sony PlayStation 3 Model Outed by Brazil

    Recent filings with the Federal Communications Commission alerted hawk-eyed watchers to the existence of a new model of PlayStation 3: The "CECH-4001X." Up until now, however, it wasn't known exactly what kind of changes Sony would include in this new model. That's where Anatel, which is effectively the Brazilian version of the FCC, comes into play. Their own documents apparently included a series of images purported to be of this fantastical new design.

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  7. Nintendo Wii U Tablet Redesign Revealed by Accident

    And so, it was that the latest redesign for Nintendo's Wii U tablet comes courtesy of Twitter user MATTYB00SH -- who no longer exists; likely as an attempt to escape pointing fingers -- via a picture they snapped in the QA department of TT Games. Given that the redesign seems pretty different from what we'd previously seen, ditching the handle was probably a good idea. The games industry hasn't historically been kind to those that leak major console news.

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  8. Facebook’s Big Announcement: Live Video Stream

    >>>Update: Check out our roundup of changes to Facebook that were announced today.

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  9. Disney Stores Relaunched … Brought to You By Your Friendly Apple Store Designers!

    The Walt Disney Co. opened the first of its 300 planned revamped Disney Stores this week at The Shops at Montebello complex in Montebello, California. As first announced in October of last year, Disney planned to overhaul its retail chain with the help of Steve Jobs and his team behind the Apple store. The company sought to turn their stores into interactive community playgrounds, even considering re-branding the Disney Store as "Imagination Park." What did Steve do? According to the NYT, he provided Disney execs with "access to proprietary information" about the Apple stores' development and operation and an up-close tour of Apple’s research operation in Cupertino, California? Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney Consumer Products, said: "Dream bigger — that was Steve’s message." So how was that reflected in the newly opened 4,800-plus square foot Montebello store?

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  10. Illegal Character Remake/Remodel: Batgirl

    Comic writer supreme Warren Ellis issued a challenge to the forum denizens of his webcomic Freakangels:

    Here's what you know. Female. Vigilante. A bit obsessed with bats. Access to exotic weapons. Urban combat training. Only comes out at night. Wears dark colours. Red hair. Makes a lot of stuff herself. Likes motorbikes. That's all you know. Extrapolate and design from that. You have one week.
    Well, the week is up. Our favorites are below:

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