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  1. Woman Discovers Husband, Father of Her Unborn Child, Is A Disgusting Internet Troll

    I need to go take a scalding hot shower now.

    OOF. Awful. And any and all words connoting soul-crushing despair. In a post on Reddit, a woman who goes by the handle whatanasssss recounts how she found out her husband of six years is a "really fucking nasty" troll who preys on people on Reddit and Tumblr. And that's just the start. Warning for some foul (troll-like) language below.

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  2. Sean Bean Talks Dragonriders of Pern, Ned Stark, Burying A Bear With Nicolas Cage

    That is not a euphemism.

    Earlier this afternoon Sean Bean got on the Horn of Gondor took to Reddit for his first-ever Ask Me Anything to discuss past roles, his new show Legends, and what happens when Nicolas Cage gets inebriated around bear skulls. Onto that last item first.

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  3. Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal Did An AMA, Talks About Tonight’s Big Fight (Spoiler Free)

    It is known

    ARE YOU READY TO RUMMMMMBLLLLLLE?! It's been a long week, but huzzah, Game of Thrones night is upon us once more. As one might expect, actor Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) has been busy answering questions about tonight's hotly anticipated episode. We've got some choice quotes from an interview with Today Online, as well as from Pascal's recent Reddit AMA. Did you know that one of his first gigs was an episode of Buffy? Because I did not.

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  4. New Study Explores the Nature of Altruism Using Random Acts of Pizza

    Protip: be poor and sad.

    Want a pizza but don't feel like doing that thing where you pay for it? You can always ask the Internet to send you one. If you're on the right part of Reddit, they actually might, which has some Stanford University researchers curious about why.

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  5. UPS Delivers Government’s $400,000 Drone Instead of Dude’s Weights

    Inability to deliver drones disqualifies UPS from having drones, right?

    Reddit user Seventy_Seven ordered weights for his gym, but UPS delivered hardware of an entirely different kind: a pricey PUMA Unmanned Aircraft System.

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  6. “Freshest Donuts” Employee Pays Tribute To Mitch Hedberg

    Just file it under "D," guy.

    With great power comes great responsibility--so when a Freshest Donut employee was given the ability to decide what was printed on the store's receipts, he used it to honor a routine from the late, great Mitch Hedberg.

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  7. Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage Does An AMA, George R.R. Martin Shows Us Aegon & His Dragon

    Hear Me Roar

    Peter Dinklage (who doesn't have a twitter account, thank you very much) recently did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, revealing a few fun Game of Thrones tidbits. And the man who started it all, George R.R. Martin, is talking about how it all started. He's posted a new excerpt on his site from his guide to Westeros book, included an image of Aegon Targaryan riding atop Balerion, the Black Dread. Click ahead for the full, glorious view. 

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  8. Harrison Ford, Galaxy’s Most Lovable Grump, Addresses the “Who Shot First” Debate

    Sorry about the mess.

    If you feel strongly about one of the most oft-debated issues in the nerd universe, Harrison Ford probably has a Han Solo- esque eye roll for you, princess. At a Reddit AMA on Saturday Ford was asked what reallyhappened in that Mos Eisley cantina, and surprisingly he doesn't think Greedo's to blame.

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  9. Harrison Ford Did a Reddit AMA, Was An Amazing Curmudgeonly Bastard

    And All Was Right With the World

    To be fair, a lot of the responses Harrison Ford gave during his Reddit AMA—specifically what he says about that Blade Runner sequel—are not at all grumpy old man-like. But his answer to the question "Who shot first, Han or Greedo?" is so curmudgeonly that it pushes the whole thing over the edge. Harrison, we love you. Never change.

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  10. The Guys From RiffTrax and MST3K Just Did an AMA on Reddit, So Here’s What You Missed

    In case you couldn't tell, we're pretty excited about RiffTrax lately.

    Hey, did you know that RiffTrax, formerly the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3,000, is going to return to TV on National Geographic tonight? Because we've certainly been talking about it a lot. They've been talking about it, too, and they took to Reddit this afternoon to answer fan questions in an AMA, so we got some highlights together for you.

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