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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Red Riding Hood

eye candy

Fiction, a Gallery Show of Wonderfully Subtle and Strange Portraits of Literary Characters

Modern Eden is showcasing the work of a number of artists all working off of the same idea: painted portraits of fictional characters old and new, from all genres. The portraits are lovely, but since they’re original art, you’ll be reaching deep to get one for yourself. Better to just gaze at them through the internet and sigh longingly. We’ve posted a few here, but there are more than two dozen at Modern Eden’s site.


eye candy

Cheong-ah Hwang’s Incredible Paper Illustrations of Storybooks

There’s something about Cheong-ah Hwang’s paper sculptures that makes it difficult to see them as what they are: mostly flat arrangements of cut-out shapes. In particular I’m going a little nuts over the shadow that candlestick throws. It’s… it’s painted on there, right? Check out some more of her illustrations in the rest of the post, and if you’d like to buy prints of them, go no further than her Etsy shop.


And All Was Right With the World

Daughter Wants to Dress as Wolf? Dad Dresses as Red Riding Hood

Paper_liger’s daughter announced she wanted to be a wolf for Halloween, and when he saw the plus-sized, skimpy, women’s Red Riding Hood costume right next to the wolf costume at the store, he knew what had to happen.

Just keep her away from any Russian grandmothers.

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